Kenzie’s Kwickies
Kenzie’s Kwickies
Kenzie's Kwickies With Jack Harlow
7 minutes Posted Jul 23, 2020 at 8:21 am.
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Show notes

Kenzie K is sharing a kwickie with Jack Harlow!

The "What's Popping" artist sits down with Kenzie in an interview he describes as "messy." Probably because Kenzie K did a deep dive on dating apps, and his past relationships! And of course, all of the juicy gossip takes place in just a few minutes!

(Episode note: This podcast audio was adapted from a Zoom interview)

If you have any requests on who you'd like Kenzie to share a Kwickie with or a topic you'd like addressed on Kenzie's Kwickies, you can contact her on her socials: @KENZIEKONAIR

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