KeepOn Podcast
KeepOn Podcast
Kelsey Chittick and October Gonzalez
KeepOn Podcast
Kelsey Chittick and October Gonzalez
Hosted by October Gonzalez (NFL wife and lover of Chanel) and Kelsey Chittick (Comedian and lover of Target), KeepOn is a podcast by two very different women who have been through what some might call Hell and Back. What they have both realized is that through life’s hardest times, we all make a choice to either give up or KeepOn. Each week, Kelsey, October and special guests will discuss both the petty and the painful. No matter what you are facing, they will provide tools, insights and a good dose of laughter that will help you climb whatever mountain you may find. Follow us at @keeponpodcast on Instagram and Facebook
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