KeepOn Podcast
KeepOn Podcast
Kelsey Chittick and October Gonzalez
Hosted by October Gonzalez (NFL wife and lover of Chanel) and Kelsey Chittick (Comedian and lover of Target), KeepOn is a podcast by two very different women who have been through what some might call Hell and Back. What they have both realized is that through life’s hardest times, we all make a choice to either give up or KeepOn. Each week, Kelsey, October and special guests will discuss both the petty and the painful. No matter what you are facing, they will provide tools, insights and a good dose of laughter that will help you climb whatever mountain you may find. Follow us at @keeponpodcast on Instagram and Facebook
Why casseroles don’t help when you’re grieving
In this episode October and Kelsey revisit how best to be there for a friend when they are grieving. The Do’s and Don’ts of friendship and why casseroles are NEVER a good idea. 
Nov 3, 2021
41 min
Cancel culture needs to be cancelled
Kelsey and Tobie discuss their own experiences with cancel culture and why it’s important to give each other grace and forgiveness, even when we screw up. 
Sep 30, 2021
31 min
It's GOOO Time - The Launch of the book "Second Half- Surviving Loss and Finding Magic in the Missing “
To buy the book go to or visit Amazon, Barnes & Nobel, and Target   Almost four years after suddenly losing her husband, Kelsey has written and released a book:  Second Half - Surviving Loss and Finding Magic in the Missing!    In Second Half, Kelsey Chittick pays a heartfelt and hilarious tribute to Nate Hobgood-Chittick’s tremendous spirit, muses about marital life and co-parenting, and shares her own dark and inspiring journey through heartbreak and loss. Second Half is Kelsey’s story of turning his death into an affirmation of life as well as the power of love and the pursuit of peace and gratitude.   In this episode, Kelsey discusses the book and why it was such an important part of her family’s healing.  She and October dig in to what the book is about, why it can help so many people, and how humor, above all else, is many times exactly what we need during the darkest times.
Aug 30, 2021
21 min
Summer Essentials: Vaccines, Sex & Travel
Tobie & Kelsey discuss this Summer 2021 must haves..getting out of the country, getting vaccinated, and getting laid. 
Jul 29, 2021
32 min
Anxiety - The gift that keeps on giving
Kelsey and October share their personal experiences with anxiety, how it presents and what they have learned helps them overcome it.  They discuss their individual triggers, how it makes them feel, and what they do to find a way back to their breathe…and their sanity.
Jun 10, 2021
25 min
Bumble, Boyfriends, & Bases
In this episode, October and Kelsey discuss how to get over the Dating App air hump.  Along with this information, they share other important news you never knew you needed but really wanted…because real news is just too depressing. 
Jun 4, 2021
30 min
Vaxxed & Back!
October & Kelsey are back in full swing and have a LOT to unpack! In this new episode they discuss everything from why it’s important to buy extra small bikinis, this year’s epiphanies, and post Covid mid-life crisis goals. Buckle up for this one because it’s fast and fun!
May 7, 2021
29 min
Who is more Stable?
In this episode, Kelsey and October discuss reframing tough events and moving forward with hope and a whole lot of laughter (and hopefully great sex.) They argue with each other over who is more stable and resilient, and debate their perspectives on life in a hysterical way.
Nov 20, 2020
25 min
Living in Limbo - Election Update
In this episode October and kelsey discuss where we are in terms of electing our new president. They share their thoughts, brilliant yet uneducated ideas, and expose all the things they don’t understand about America but plan on learning in the future.
Nov 6, 2020
29 min
Can Everyone Please leave: The dream of 2020
Kelsey and October discuss the deep desire many parents have to see their kids go back to school.  They explore the yearning in their souls for time alone from all the humans that live in their house.  They share brilliant ideas, that may or may not work, but that give them hope.  
Oct 28, 2020
22 min
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