Gather 'Round with Rebecca Spooner
Gather 'Round with Rebecca Spooner
Rebecca Spooner
#3: True Discipleship
44 minutes Posted Sep 20, 2022 at 8:27 am.
Intro to the podcast
What is true discipleship?
Who can you trust to be a true spiritual mentor?
The disconnect with true discipleship in the church and community
The BIG problem
The early church vs today
Looking to those in the spotlight
Examples from the Bible
What discipleship is NOT
Rebecca shares a real life example from her childhood (discipleship isn t suppose to be exhausting)
Discipleship and community are interlinked
We are called to disciple our children but what happens as they get older? And what about parents with young children?
The game of life
God is not finished with you yet
How do we fix the lack of discipleship and community in our life?
What does this look like for me?
Join in prayer together for restoration, healing, and unity in the body of Christ
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Show notes
Are you hungry for true community and discipleship in your life or is God laying on your heart the desire to be that for someone else? Let s talk about it–what it can look like, what it definitely does not look like, and what she sees as some of the core problems. God is bringing healing and restoration to His body, and one of the ways He is doing this is through family and community. It is time for the older to teach the younger, for the mothers and fathers to rise up and speak life, and for us to lean on one another as the body of Christ.
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