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Keep Bleeding Podcast
Mike Escamilla
All the greatest people of our time had to endure and overcome unimaginable circumstances, to make it to where they are now. Join BMX Legend, Skydiver, Stuntman, Host of Fuel TV's Strangers In Danger and Cast Member of LA INK, Mike "Rooftop" Escamilla as he shares the behind the scenes, untold stories of today's greatest athletes, entrepreneurs, comedians, rappers, and entertainers. On this podcast, you will hear stories from people such as Tony Hawk, Mat Hoffman, Xzibit, Jack Osbourne and many more. Tune in as they share the unbelievable challenges they had to overcome to keep their passion alive.
World War C
With the world in a Pandemic from the COVID-19 virus I couldn't help but feel disconnected from the rest of the world. The news was only reporting horror stories and I just felt like there was a more human story to be heard. In this podcast I talk to 11 people in different parts of the globe on what's been going on in their part of the world. I speak to a woman in China who's been in quarantine for 2 months without leaving her house. Another woman Mary Jo in Seattle and she recounts her experience with COVID-19. Johnny Lo in Taiwan explains why they are doing so well there.i also speak with people in Australia, Spain, San Francisco, New York, England, Chicago, and Germany. In this Episode - Mary Jo explains her struggle to get help. - Ian Morris talks about his concerns for small business recovery. - Mel shares things form the Flight attendant perspective - Lariz walks us through the symptoms she had after getting COVID-19 - Marcus explains the steps australia's leaders are taking - Raquel tells a perspective from inside the hospital in Chicago - Darryl talks of NY pride - Xiaocan describes the mental toughness to be locked down for 2 months - Sergio express concerns for the older generation in Madrid - Angie talk isolation in Milan - Johnny Lo talks SARS   Resources: Superwell Podcast -   Connect  Johnny Lo Instagram - @jitsslo Mel instagram - @comeflywithmel Lariz Banez instagram- @larieeriee Ian Morris instagram - @united_ian Raquel Redondo instagram - @raquellaellaella Darryl Nau instagram - @darrylnau Sergio Layos instagram - @sirlayos Angie Lanotte Instagram - @angie_time Marcus Yeo Instagram - @docyeo Superwell podcast - @livesuperwell Marcus Yeo twitter - @docyeo   Connect with Mike Escamilla: Instagram - Facebook - Twitter -
Mar 25, 2020
2 hr 5 min
Aden Stay
Any time you watch an action movie, you know that stuntmen are the reason your favorite scenes look ridiculously real. Some of those scenes are wild and fun, while others are seriously risky. Whether you get them on the first take or do them over and over, a stuntman is the one risking it all. Someone who knows what it means to risk it all is Aden Stay. Aden is a stuntman who has worked on a variety of projects, including hit dramas like Lost and Sons of Anarchy, and laugh-out-loud comedies like Workaholics. The list of his stunts seems never-ending and today he’s here to chat about his life in a dangerous line of work, the films he’s been a part of, and how he manages his job while being a father of two.    "In most cases to make the actor look better, the stunt man has to risk it all"- Aden Stay   In this episode:  Why Aden ditched being a typical surfer in Hawaii and joined a motorcycle club How he went from the motorcycle club in Hawaii to being a stuntman in Atlanta What is hustling for sets? Why Aden chose Atlanta over LA for his stunt career What it was like being part of Terminator Genisys and other films he grew up watching The best stunt he’s ever performed How they make dangerous stunts to look so real How Aden deals with being away for months at a time while having two daughters back in Hawaii Why aren’t stuntmen being recognized for their work?   Connect with Aden Stay: Facebook- Twitter-   Connect with Mike Escamilla: Instagram - Facebook - Twitter -
Mar 16, 2020
1 hr
Seth Green
Whether you’re an avid watcher of the Emmy-winning series Robot Chicken or are more of a Buffy fan, you know today’s guest. Seth Green is an actor, voice artist, comedian, producer, writer, and director known for roles on both the small and silver screens. In this episode, Seth shares his experience having been in the business since 1984. You’ll hear how he copes with the pressure of his career, manages his busy lifestyle, and what exciting projects he has coming up. Tune in and hear how Seth is staying humble and keeping it real while enjoying every second of his creative process.   "I'm always trying to be better, but I also appreciate if I’ve ever done anything that anybody notices"- Seth Green   In this episode:  How Seth’s acting career began, and how he’s avoided traps that child actors often fall into How Seth manages his busy lifestyle  What happens when you’re an overly prepared and disciplined actor Why Seth focuses on the end goal of a piece and how the audience feels instead of what it takes to get there What inspired Seth to go film his latest movie in Thailand and what he took from his experience being there  Working twice as hard the competition to get something that really connects with the audience Why Seth tries to enjoy every part of the making process, even when it doesn’t turn out the way he hoped   Connect with Seth Green: Website- Instagram- Facebook- Twitter-   Connect with Mike Escamilla: Instagram - Facebook - Twitter -
Mar 9, 2020
1 hr 4 min
Kit Cope
Today, I’m speaking with a four-time Muay Thai World Champion who has fought in the K-1, UFC, and WEC. Although Kit Cope has been a martial artist for decades, it’s his passion for pushing through obstacles that really makes him a fighter. Kit has a ton of wild stories to share, including about the other titles he’s held, like firefighter, paramedic student, and even cheerleader. Tune in and enjoy some of his craziest stories that lead him to be the champion he is today.   "We were the stars of the show by the way, nobody expected the United States to have anybody worth anything"- Kit Cope   In this episode:  - Kit takes us back to where his Muay Thai journey started at age 16, including his experience with shin conditioning (ouch!) - The meaning of the word title in Muay Thai and how Kit won his first pro fighting and world titles - How Kit landed a UFC deal after having 4 world titles, a bare-knuckle title, and 2 MTV shows under his belt - Kit’s 70 pound jaguar adventure while staying in Thailand - Why Kit decided to still train for his first UFC fight after dislocating his arm with a stage 2 AC separation - Kit’s Weaver-Dunn reconstruction experience and how treatment during recovery damaged his career and sponsorships  - Performance coaching with Ken Block  - How Kit saved a friend from an attack and how he dealt with classmates after witnessing a friend’s death   Connect with Kit Cope: Instagram- Facebook- Twitter- Connect with Mike Escamilla: Instagram - Facebook - Twitter -
Mar 2, 2020
1 hr 30 min
Jack Osbourne
Jack Osbourne first landed on the screen in the MTV hit reality series The Osbournes. But there’s more to Jack than just being Ozzy Osbourne’s son. Jack has built a fulfilling life as a father of three and a successful career as a television producer. He’s here to share a side that we didn’t get to see when his family was being filmed, including the many shows he’s been part of on both sides of the camera and his MS diagnosis. Stay tuned and hear more about how he went from being one of the Osbournes to being a respected producer in his own right.   "I get one shot at life. I want to have the best, most fulfilling, most accomplished life I can, and I’m gonna do anything I can to make that happen" Jack Osbourne   In this episode:  - Jack’s busy life as a single dad running a TV production company that produces his own haunted show - Jack’s haunting theories and experiences - How Adrenaline Junkie lead to Jack starting his own life outside of being known as Ozzy Osbourne’s son - Jack’s experience being on The Osbournes and what it meant to him being on the show at such a young age - What is multiple sclerosis, and what are the different stages of it? Hear how Jack is treating his MS and staying proactive - Stem cell procedures, how they benefited Jack’s health, and why he went for it despite negative feedback - Pro American vs. Pro American Health - The meaningful experience filming a show with his dad and how it changed them both to connect on a higher level   Resources Mentioned in this Episode  Portals to Hell- Kindhumans -    Connect with Jack Osbourne: Facebook - Instagram - Twitter-   Connect with Mike Escamilla: Instagram - Facebook - Twitter -
Feb 24, 2020
1 hr 7 min
Roland Sands
This episode is for all the bike fanatics who can’t get enough of two-wheeled speed. Today’s guest is none other than the 1998 AMA 250GP National Champion, track record-setter, and founder of custom motorcycle company Roland Sands Design. Joining Mike is Roland Sands to chat about the wonders of bike racing, the injuries that come with it, and the other adventures Roland embarked on during his professional career. Tune in to discover more about Roland, RSD, and why he traded a helmet for a pencil. Plus, you’ll hear what led Mike to give Roland a kiss on the nose!    “You’re only as fast as your last race.” -   Roland Sands   In this episode: - What made Roland start his own bike business - The chilling story of how he broke his back while competing in Road America - Why he quit racing in 2002 - His first base jumping experience when he filmed for Nitro - Talking about Roland Sands Designs - What the future holds for his custom bike business   Resources Mentioned in this Episode Road America – Nitro Circus - Kindhumans -    Connect with Roland Sands: Instagram – Facebook – Twitter – Website -   Connect with Mike Escamilla: Instagram - Facebook - Twitter -
Feb 17, 2020
1 hr 15 min
Understanding Veganism With Pro Bodybuilder Nimai Delgado
Have you ever seen a vegan version of Captain America? He’s real, and his name is Nimai Delgado. Nimai is a vegan IFBB professional bodybuilder who is passionate about helping people make remarkable transformations in their health. He’s proof that it’s possible to thrive and make huge gains on a plant-based diet and, in this episode, he busts more myths about veganism. Tune in to hear how cutting animal products can be beneficial to your health, and how it might even help you build a championship physique.    "Nobody likes to be judged or feel like they're doing something wrong just by living their life the way they’ve been living it "- Nimai Delgado   In this episode: Nimai’s childhood as a vegetarian and what it was like to have his lifestyle constantly questioned Why do people who are just becoming vegan talk so much about the lifestyle? What the word Vegan represents to people and why some have created such a bad rep for it Making small replacements in the foods we eat and understanding how much of what we eat is already vegan Why are meat and animal products so addicting, and how can we make healthier food choices? Is veganism working, and will it continue to make an impact on society? Nimai's bodybuilding journey and how he’s built his championship physique without consuming any animal products  Rebranding veganism to normalize it Nimai’s healthy diet tips and the benefits of going vegan   *Resources Mentioned in this Episode* The Game Changer- Vegan BodyBuilding Foods-   Connect with Nimai Delgado: Website- Podcast- Twitter- Instagram-   Connect with Mike: Instagram - Facebook - Twitter -
Feb 10, 2020
1 hr 12 min
Carrie Keagan - Girl Boss
How do you go from creating YouTube videos to covering the red carpet for the Emmys, Oscars, AND the Golden Globes? In this episode, you’ll hear from the inspiring Carrie Keagan and how she went from the computer screen to the red carpet. Carrie started her career as one of the first YouTubers and is now a television personality, actress, writer, and producer. You might know her as the host of Up Close with Carrie Kegan on No Good TV. Today, Mike and Carrie will revisit the onset of her career, what’s happened along the way, and how the entertainment industry really works. Stay tuned to get the scoop on what Carrie plans for the future.   Everybody needs to learn a little more kindness and take a little more time for each other. – Carrie Keagan   In this episode: Do you really need an agent or a manager to get a job, or can you do all the work? The realities of getting a job as a woman in the music industry and how the Me Too Movement has helped change behavior The moment when Carrie realized she was making an impact on the world How horror movies opened the door to her acting career The exciting things coming up from Carrie   *Resources Mentioned in this Episode*   Connect with Carrie Keagan: Instagram - Facebook - Twitter -  Website -    Connect with Mike Escamilla: Instagram - Facebook -  Twitter -
Feb 3, 2020
1 hr 10 min
Mat Hoffman: The Last Gladiator
When you hear anyone talk about the BMX scene, you’ll always find the name Mat Hoffman in the conversation. Mat is considered the greatest vert-ramp rider in the history of the sport. He has been injured many times, but that hasn’t stopped him from pursuing his passion for competing and riding his bike. His love for skydiving, BASE jumping, and paragliding. Today, hear Mat’s outrageous stories of his adventures on and off his bike.    “Be selfish with your passion. Experience life just for you and nobody else.”  – Mat Hoffman   In this episode: Mat’s most traumatizing experience How he drove himself to the hospital after crashing on his bike Why Mat was kicked out of the X Games three times The story behind Mat’s “creative” piercing The risky operation he underwent to fix his torn ACL How one routine with Dennis McCoy almost cost a life   *Resources Mentioned in this Episode*  Surgery Cartoon Dennis Mccoy Crash 1 Dennis Mccoy crash 2   Connect with Matt Hoffman: Website -  Instagram -  Facebook - Twitter -   Connect with Mike Escamilla: Instagram - Facebook - Twitter -
Jan 27, 2020
1 hr 33 min
Scream to the Screen with Skeet Ulrich
Today’s guest started his career as an extra in films like Weekend at Bernie’s and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It was until The Craft was released that launched his career. Skeet Ulrich can be recognized to have starred in TV shows like Law & Order, Jericho, and Riverdale. Today he joins Mike to talk about his career over the years. Plus, get the scoop that made Skeet transition from movies to TV shows. This is a premiere you don’t want to miss!   “I realized that I could make people hear what I wanted to say, it’s just the words didn’t necessarily align with what I wanted to say.” - Skeet Ulrich   In this episode: How Scream launched Skeet’s career The nightmare he witnessed inside the movie theater What made Skeet leave the movie scene Why he shifted to doing television shows What it’s like working in Riverdale and with actors younger than him How being an actor has changed his perspective on people outside of the movie world   *Resources Mentioned in this Episode*   Connect with Skeet: Instagram -  Twitter -   Connect with Mike Escamilla: Instagram - Facebook - Twitter -
Jan 20, 2020
1 hr 12 min
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