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Jun 21, 2019
5 min
4th Ezra - What do Foreordained and Predestination Mean?
We have been decieved by many doctrines of demons.  We have been taught the philosophies of men applied to Biblical texts, and they are dead wrong, leading many to eternal torment.  One of these false doctrines and theologies is Calvanism.  Denominations like the Baptist Church and other off-shoots teach a system that allows people to believe that God has pre-selected them to be saved, to become the elect ones while predetermining others to hell fire.  They believe that God has a Foreknowledge of their salvation.  But, this is not truth at all.  We will demonstrate that the ancient Jews did not believe such nonsense.  We will show you how 4th Ezra destroys Calvinism to its core.  We will lay out the meanings behind the Apostles Paul and Peter's writting along with the words of Christ regarding the truth behind salvation and God's special foreknowledge.  It is beautiful to see Messiah.  It is beautiful to see the redemptive plan of God for His creation.  It is all about God and His Son, and never about our reighteousness.
Jun 17, 2019
1 hr 25 min
Freedom Friday Alternative News and Commentary - We Live in a Big Carnival
We live in a big false system, like Toon Town or a Carnival.  This place is not real.  It is lie after lie.  What could be the goal for all of this madness?  Distraction.  An all out effort to distract humans from seeking the trully spiritual nature of things, specifically Eternal Life.  A life without these hardships, stupidity, and falsehoods.  We discuss the recent similar sightings of "lighted sky snakes" in several states, the weird humanoid recorded skipping along someone's driveway, the American Medical Association's push to outstrip a parent's authority over their children, a deep learning neural network of Artificial Intelligence that creates faces of humans based solely on a voice it hears, the mass of metal fives the size of the big island discovered on the moon underneath a crater, and the trending increasing number of young women confessing witchcraft as their profession.  Its a strange Carnival with crazy fun houses and rides, all meaningless entertainment for the blind in spirit.
Jun 14, 2019
1 hr 20 min
4th Ezra - A Snapshot of the Day of the Lord (Judgment Day)
In this passage of Chapter 7 in 4Ezra, we have an overview or snapshot of judgment day or what is called the Day of the Lord in the Scriptures.  Ezra is told about God taking His seat on the throne much like the books of Daniel and Revelation describe the same scene.  A great divide with torment on one side and rest on the other is shown to the nations who rejected God's commandments and His Words, dispising Him.  He makes the nations look upon Him and understand who they have rejected.  It is a day that God's compassion and patience has ended, and now only judgment remains.  Ezra continues to inform us of the rewards given out to the righteous and the unrighteous.  It is an amazing picture similar to the book of Revelation where we find the Lamb opening the 6th Seal, which starts the Day of the Lord with the sun, moon, stars, and the heavens going dark.  We can only see just how much God's love and compassion for existing humanity is today, but on the Day of the Lord when His wrath is taken upon sinful man, there is no help.  The importance of taking heed now cannot be over stated.
Jun 10, 2019
1 hr 22 min
Freedom Friday Alternative News and Commentary - The Ministry of Mahem
In this sad episode, we present three three news articles in the last week which expose false ministers, false religion, and false god worship.  All of these false teachers of religion were controllers of others, and created many victims out of them.  We cannot be yoked with such men or ministers in any fashion.  It is always wrong to submit yourself to another person, rather than to God when it comes to Godly matters.  In the first story, we present Kenneth Copeland with his crazy interview with Inside Edition.  Second, is a small town minister loved by everyone who used the ruse of ministering to men to gain sexual gratification for himself, thus damaging many.  The third story is about a million member Mexican church whose leaders were arrested for child ography and other related sex crimes.  Sad, but predicted long ago by Jesus himself warning us of many false saviors, teachers, and prophets that would be decieving many.
Jun 7, 2019
1 hr 3 min
4 Ezra - Three Ancient Prophecies Israel Knew
We find in 4 Ezra the prophesy of the LORD's Day, which will mark the end of world history and time, but three events must take place first.  These events were revealed to the ancient Isrealites, like the Godly priests and Essenes living around the Qumran (Dead Sea Scrolls) area, in the 400 years proceeding the arrival of John the Baptist.  John the Baptist knew these ancient prophecies and events, and marked one of them by declaring, "Behold, the Lamb of God!."  The death of Messiah marked another anticipated event, and it is no wonder Jesus was amazed at the people's ignorance of these Scriptures fortelling His death and resurrection.  After Messiah's death, there was only one event left to take place prior to the destruction of the world and the eternal resurrection of the saints, which is the ultimate goal and end-game for believers.  This last event, is the death of all humanity with the reset of the earth back to its original condition in Genesis 1:2.  The Apostles and Disciples knew this, and this is why the New Testament letters always declare the "Last Days" reality.  The Scriptures in the Book of Revelation suddenly make sense, with the Pauline and Peter writtings as well.  We discuss things that we should have known all along, but were hidden and concelaled from us, causing doctrinal error and confusion.  Now, let us examine the prophecies in their true ancient context, and take heed of the times.
Jun 3, 2019
1 hr 14 min
Freedom Friday Alternative News and Commentary - Babylon is Falling
Mid-West USA flooding is breaking all known records, Jayme Closs' alien/hybrid kidnapper gets sentenced, weird church places demon-talking witch on staff, Japanese man stabs 16 school girls, the newest social media challenge for stupid people, the new genetic drug that costs $2 million dollars.
May 31, 2019
1 hr 2 min
4 Ezra - Working Out Your Own Salvation
In Chapter 7 of 4th Ezra, we find the exact same admonishments as Jesus declared 400 years later.  That the way to find God is a narrow path and few really find it.  The majority find the easy broad road that leads to death.  4Ezra talks about the great tribultion that we must suffer, the great tribulation or proving ground that is life on this probationary existence, while the real spiritual life awaits those who work out their own salvation and overcome the false matrix that is this world system.
May 27, 2019
59 min
Freedom Friday Alternative News and Commentary - This is Judgment
There is so much evil and demonic manipulation in this land, that it has to be filled up with it in order for the end of history to occur.  A re-set is about to occur.  Many feel it about to happen.  In this podcast, we discuss the ridiculous notion that a female claiming to be a man can be pregnant as a man while blaming the medical profession for not understaning she/him/it.  We have yet another demoniac slamming a 3 month old baby's head against a wall, and Washington state just legalized human remains composting!  And some wonder why this nation is being slammed with floods, tornadoes (over 100 in a week), death, and destruction.  Even nature itself groans for its release from this fallen world.
May 24, 2019
1 hr
4th Ezra - How the World Will End
As we finish Chapter 6 of 4th Ezra, we unpack the supporting scriptures that reveal to us exactly what is going to happen at the last trump when the earth and heavens are removed.  4th Ezra reveals the signs that will occur when the seal of this age is placed on it for destruction.  These signs are found in the biblical book of Revelation and elsewhere.  So, suddenly, these scriptures in Revelation start to make sense because of the understanding of the ancient book of 4th Ezra.  Let us all get ready because the end is near.
May 20, 2019
48 min
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