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Kabbalah for Everyone
Rabbi Yisroel Bernath
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Empowering Every Human: The Rebbe's Revolutionary Vision of Leadership and Redemption
26 minutes Posted Jan 18, 2024 at 9:00 am.
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On Yud Shevat 5711 (1951), the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi MM Schneerson, revolutionized Jewish leadership. He declared a bold vision, not merely to anticipate Moshiach in a distant future, but to actively work towards this era in our lifetime. This audacious goal was set against the backdrop of post-Holocaust Jewish reality, challenging every Jew to contribute to this ultimate redemption.

The Rebbe's approach to leadership was groundbreaking. He insisted on a partnership model, where he would guide, but each individual was responsible for their own spiritual and worldly contribution. This was exemplified in his Sunday interactions, where the simple act of giving a dollar for charity transformed recipients into 'shluchim,' agents of positive change and personal responsibility.

The essence of the Rebbe's philosophy was beautifully encapsulated in his interaction with Gabriel Erem. Rather than focusing on his own greatness, the Rebbe redirected attention to the potential within every Jew. By redefining 'tzadik' and 'rebbe,' he democratized spiritual greatness, making it accessible to all. His teachings continue to inspire a vision where personal achievement and universal perfection are inextricably linked, empowering every Jew to be a leader in their own right.

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