K9 Educators - To Save a Pets Life
K9 Educators - To Save a Pets Life
Eric "Odie" Roth
Love Pets- This is for you! By subscribing you will learn how to care for your Pet during an emergency. Eric"Odie"Roth author of K9 MEDIC and Dr Lisa Booth DVM will be covering a variety of subjects as it pertains to Pet care. Podcasts will include actual case studies and we will have special guests to the podcast to talk about all things pets. We also do some product reviews to make sure you are purchasing the very best for your beloved pet. By subscribing or taking one of our online courses you will have taken your first steps to be prepared as we will give you the tools to be confidant to handle any emergency involving your beloved pet. We look forward to having you be a part of the K9Educators family! Online course information can be found at www.K9Educators.com
Episode 15: Turn Back Blow- An interview with author Roger O. Williams
In this podcast I am with Roger O. Williams, author of Turn Back Blow!Roger who was born in Jamaica took on animal cruelty single-handedly in his country. As a boy, he saw many dogs got poisoned, kicked and stoned for various reasons. In 2013 he decided...
Aug 10
36 min
Episode 14: Water Intoxication
Join us in this case study involving Dog owner Susan Paulson. Susan lost her dog Kinetic to water intoxication, also known as Hyponatremia.  Hyponatremia is a relatively rare but potentially fatal condition that is most commonly seen in dogs that love...
Aug 3
9 min
Episode 12: Blue Green Algae
Last summer, the news shocked dog owners across social media: three dogs died after playing in a pond in Wilmington, North Carolina, while another died after a swim in Lake Allatoona, Georgia, and three different dogs died after playing in a lake in...
Aug 1
7 min
Episode 11: Make your Dog Tilt Their Head
We often get questions on why puppies do this. In puppies their eyesight is not developed yet so they twist their head to see what sounds hit what ear so they can turn and focus with their more developed eyesight or in older dogs it may be an unfamiliar...
Jul 21
2 min
Episode 10: Hunting Dogs with Dan Ponce
In this episode our instructor Dan Ponce will talk about hunting dogs! Hunting dogs are on the move and things can happen fast as dogs are exposed with many threats to their health and safety. Hazards are at every turn and can include barbed wire,...
Jul 21
29 min
Episode 9: Saving a Service Dogs Life
In this episode I will speak with Riley Mers. As a child Riley developed a dangerous food allergy to peanuts and spent her childhood with her service dog Rock'O. Her allergies were so sever she still has a scar on her foot from a time when a peanut...
Jul 20
24 min
Episode 8: Water Hemlock - Poison
Water hemlock is a highly poisonous plant found in many areas of North America and in parts of Europe. Ingestion of even a small amount can be lethal to your dog. Water Hemlock is thought to be the most poisonous range plant on the continent and...
Jul 14
5 min
Episode 7: Vaseline and Dogs
The good old question- Can I use Vaseline on my dog?   We answer that question and dig into some alternatives. According to dermatologist Dr. Alan Dattner, the founder of HolisticDermatology.com, the components of oil removed during the making of...
Jul 10
5 min
Episode 6: Dogs and Seat Belts
Dwayne Caruth founder of Big Dog Seat Belt Company joins author Eric "Odie" Roth to talk seat belts and dog's. There are many things you should consider as more pet owners than ever are foregoing the kennel in favor of bringing their furry friends along...
Jul 1
33 min
Episode 5: Dogs and Fireworks- Strategies for Dog Owners!
Is your dog stressed by fireworks? Fireworks are a fun and exciting way to celebrate holidays like Independence Day. For dogs, though, those loud booms and flashing lights aren’t so fun and are dog gone frightening! Fireworks bring a whole new set of...
Jun 22
1 hr 4 min
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