Just Vocabulary | ESL Podcast for learning SAT and GRE vocabulary
Just Vocabulary | ESL Podcast for learning SAT and GRE vocabulary
ESL Podcast for GRE SAT Vocabulary
Just Vocabulary is a daily 5 minute (audio) podcast aimed at growing your English vocabulary. The JustVocabulary podcast is a daily ESL (English as a Second Language) podcast for learners at an intermediate to advanced level from all around the world. The 5-minute audio podcast is aimed at growing your English vocabulary, and it focusses on SAT and GRE vocabulary. . The goal is to improve and increase your English vocabulary, and help you with English tests like GRE, SAT, TOEIC, TOEFL, and IELTS. To enhance your learning, you can also access our vocabulary flashcard modules. The English language has a very large vocabulary and the goal of the podcast is to share with the listener the English words that I found whilst reading, listening audiobooks, watching movies, etc. Podcast website – https://justvocabulary.com
JV786 (consign and encapsulate)
consign (verb) Definition: 1. to give someone something for care and safekeeping; 2. to get rid of something; 3. to commit or assign to something, especially something unpleasant Example Sentences: – We consigned our ailing...
Mar 15
5 min
JV785 (antipathy and impregnable)
antipathy (noun) Definition: 1. strongly negative feeling toward something or somebody; 2. the object of negative feelings or hostility and something to be avoided Example Sentences: – The antipathy between celebrities and the paparazzi is...
Mar 12
5 min
JV784 (exert and adulterate)
exert (verb) Definition:  1. to apply influence, power, or authority in order to effect situation; 2. to make a great physical or mental effort Example Sentences: – Foster parents are supposed to exert parental control...
Mar 11
4 min
JV783 (sojourn and delusion)
sojourn (noun, verb) Definition: (n.) a short or temporary visit; (v.) to stay for a short time Example Sentences: – We took a five-day sojourn to Mexico last spring. (vacation) noun – We will sojourn in...
Mar 10
5 min
JV782 (gumption and savvy)
gumption (noun) Definition: 1. good common sense and practical judgment; 2. the courage and determination to take action Example Sentences: – You have to give the young manager credit for gumption, as he was not...
Mar 9
5 min
JV781 (reciprocity and amplify)
reciprocity (noun) Definition:  1. mutual exchange of favors; 2. a relationship characterized by mutual dependency or actions Example Sentences: – It was a matter of reciprocity; since he broke a promise, so would she. (mutuality,...
Mar 8
6 min
JV780 (disposition and amicable)
disposition (noun) Definition: 1. personality or temperament, including a person’s typical mood and attitude; 2. a natural tendency; 3. arrangement, organization, or control; 4. a settlement or resolution Example Sentences: – Few things could upset...
Mar 5
6 min
JV779 (besmirch and illusive)
besmirch (verb) Definition: 1. to sully or damage someone’s name or reputation; 2. to soil, smear, or make something dirty Example Sentences: – Political candidates are known to stoop to low levels in order to...
Mar 4
5 min
JV778 (contempt and consequential)
contempt (noun) Definition: willful and open disrespect Example Sentences: – I have nothing but contempt for people who lie, cheat, and steal. (disgust, loathing) – He is very contemptuous of people who don’t work hard...
Mar 3
6 min
JV777 (disingenuous and decimate)
disingenuous (adjective) Definition: 1. failing to reveal the full story or whole truth; 2. appearing sincere, but actually being false and insincere Example Sentences: – Her disingenuous retelling of the story made her out to...
Mar 2
5 min
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