Just Might Exist
Just Might Exist
Lindsey Anna and Erica Knorr
Episode 50 - Donkey Lady of San Antonio
19 minutes Posted Mar 21, 2021 at 9:58 am.
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Show notes

FELLAS! It's Episode 50. We did it!! Thanks for sticking with us through this, and we know today's ep is worth the wait. Today, Lindsey's talking about the Donkey Lady of San Antonio, a great spooky story from my neck of the woods. While we may never know when this actually happened, we do know that she's a survivor and very strong. And that, if you hit someone with your car, you should not have Erica as your lawyer.

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Intro and Outro sample "For What It's Worth" by Buffalo Springfield 

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The Donkey Lady Bridge: San Antonio’s Terrifying Folk Tale by Anna Hedges for TexasHillCountry.com 

The Legend of the Donkey Lady from Weird US

The Donkey Lady Now Haunts the Phone Lines by Nicholas Frank for the San Antonio Report