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Jupiter Farms Residents Podcast
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Jupiter Farms, YOUR community has its very own podcast. The Jupiter Farms Residents PODCAST! Of course, JFR has monthly community meetings, and we regularly interact on our Facebook page and there's also our e-Newsletter. Yet we keep hearing from people wanting to hear MORE about our community. To answer that, we’ve decided to do a monthly podcast to keep you even more informed about what’s going on in "The Farms." Sure, we’ll hit all the basics, “When is the hoedown?” “When do the Christmas Trees go on pre-sale?” “When is the next meeting?” – but we hope to bring you a lot more. Many times, an email or a post can get missed – our messages have a lot of competition out there, so we want to meet you where YOU are - and for most of us that’s on our mobile phones.So, whether you’re an experienced podcaster or not quite sure where to get them – don’t worry. If you’re reading this, you’re in the right spot. Just hit the subscribe button wherever you got this podcast and you’re good. Every episode we release will come to you absolutely free.Thanks for listening! And please don’t forget to hit that subscribe button and tell your friends and neighbors about this exciting new addition to our community.
HORSE EDITION: Jupiter Horseman's Association
Looking for a really expensive alternative to Video Games? We have one! Welcome to Season 3, episode 5 of the Jupiter Farms Residents Podcast: this month Matty, Jillian, Kristen and Susan are making horse jokes (or are they dad jokes?)Anne DuPont, President of the Jupiter Horseman Association joins us this month to talk all things horses. Did you know JHA is the oldest Jupiter Farms organization? They sure are!If you have a horse in Jupiter Farms or even if you’re horse-curious or interested - this is the podcast for you? Trade secret: You can enjoy the horse hijinks even if you don’t have a horse.Did someone say community service hours and scholarships? Yes we did.Next JHA shows are Sunday, October 10th & Sunday, October 24th Watch out for the Spring Events we talked about during the show. Meet the new JHA board!!!! On Wednesday, September 15th from 6:30 - 7:00pm (milk & cookies and brownies)WEBSITE: https://www.jupiterhorsemensassoc.org FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/jupiterhorsemensassociation Buy our Christmas Trees before they sell out: www.JupiterFarmsResidents.com Support the show (http://www.jupiterfarmsresidents.com/donate-to-jfr/)
Aug 31
28 min
2021 Scholarship Winners!
Welcome to Season 3, Episode 4 of the Jupiter Farms Residents Podcast! We have a supersized show for you this month with Matty, Jill, Kristen, Tara and producer David. Our VERY special guests are the 2021 JFR Scholarship winners: Grace, Carly and Hana. Find out who they are, what they've done in the Farms and where their dreams and ambitions are taking them. Support the show (http://www.jupiterfarmsresidents.com/donate-to-jfr/)
May 31
32 min
Hurricane Prep: What You DON'T Need to Know
Stock up on snacks, fuel up the generators and clear out those lawn gargoyles because this is going to be one for the books. Welcome to season 3, episode 3 of the Jupiter Farms Residents Podcast. This month we have a full crew for you with Matty, Jill, Kristen and David. With hurricane season approaching we decided to take a light hearted view of the very serious season and give you some insider tips on hurricane prep. Support the show (http://www.jupiterfarmsresidents.com/donate-to-jfr/)
Mar 31
38 min
How We Got Here
Welcome to Season 3, Episode 2 of the Jupiter Farms Residents Podcast. We have no guest this month and we’re running with a skeleton crew – but guess what? That’s the way we like it. So, join Matty, Jillian and David as we discuss the crazy confluence of events that brought us to Jupiter Farms, Jupiter Farms Residents AND this odd little community podcast that has been downloaded more than 7,000 times. You won’t want to miss this podcast… and make sure to listen to the end to witness the birth of Chimpy our new mascot. Support the show (http://www.jupiterfarmsresidents.com/donate-to-jfr/)
Jan 31
36 min
Looking Back on 2020
Happy New Year! And welcome to our first episode of our 3rd season!As we welcome 2021, we decided to look back on all the real differences we as Jupiter Farms Residents made with our community. So, sit back and enjoy a very different episode as we review 2020 with Matty, Jill, Kristen and Susan in our first in-person (but socially distant) episode since the Quarantine.  It was a year like no other…Support the show (http://www.jupiterfarmsresidents.com/donate-to-jfr/)
Dec 31, 2020
52 min
Mosquitos: What to Know
Welcome to Season 2 Episode 12 of the Jupiter Farms Residents Podcast! This is our final episode of the season but you’ll be happy to know… it has some bite!This month we have two very special guests, Gary Goode, the Mosquito Control Director at Palm Beach County Environmental Resources Management/Mosquito Control Division and his trusty cohort and a returning guest to the show, Benji Studt, the public outreach supervisor for the Palm Beach County Environmental Resources Management, commonly called ERM.So, when you’ve got the guy in charge of controlling the mosquito population in the Farms, what do you ask? Will a chopper be out tonight spraying for mosquitos? What’s the best way to control mosquitos on my property? Do all mosquitos carry disease? Those questions and much, much more answered on this edition of the Jupiter Farms Residents Podcast!Support the show (http://www.jupiterfarmsresidents.com/donate-to-jfr/)
Nov 30, 2020
43 min
Busch Wildlife Sanctuary is Moving to the Farms!
Welcome to season 2, episode 11 of the Jupiter Farms Residents Podcast! This month we have a very special guest, sharing with us some amazing news. The Busch Wildlife Sanctuary is moving to Jupiter Farms!Busch Executive Director Amy Kight joins us to discuss everything that comes with moving her incredible Sanctuary from its current location in Jupiter to right here off Rocky Pines and Indiantown Road. Looking to support the Sanctuary while enjoying some COVID-safe hijinks? Then check out “Wine in the Wild” an evening of virtual wine tastings, animal encounters and more! To reserve your spot go to: https://www.buschwildlife.org/wineinthewild2020Amy also talks about the Sanctuary’s new podcast “Inside Busch Wildlife Sanctuary”, which drops the first Monday of each month. You can subscribe to their podcast right here: https://insidebusch.buzzsprout.com For more information on the Sanctuary, just visit their website: www.buschwildlife.org/ or you can call them 24/7 at: 561-575-3399Support the show (http://www.jupiterfarmsresidents.com/donate-to-jfr/)
Oct 31, 2020
39 min
Meet Jupiter Inlet District Commissioner Mike Martinez!
Welcome to season 2, episode 10 of the Jupiter Farms Residents Podcast! This month we have Matt, Jillian, Kristen and... Susan on deck. Our very special guest is Mike Martinez one of the three commissioners of the Jupiter Inlet District. Believe it or not Mike represents YOU and if you're not sure what the Jupiter Inlet District is or what it does, you're in for a real treat (no tricks, we promise)!But seriously, if you're interested in boating, environmental health of the beach and the rivers - this podcast is for you. Support the show (http://www.jupiterfarmsresidents.com/donate-to-jfr/)
Oct 1, 2020
23 min
Grow What You Eat - The Dirt Academy
Welcome to Season 2, Episode 9 of the Jupiter Farms Residents Podcasts. This month we have Matt, Jillian, Kristen and Susan in the mix with our very special guest Nina Shirley. Not only is Nina a Jupiter native and a current Farmer, she is also the proprietor of an amazing service, www.thedirtacademy.com And she knows what she’s talking about having studied environmental science and sustainability. If you want to start your vegetable garden here in the Farms but are dealing with poor soil, veggie-hungry critters, or not knowing where to start or anything else, don’t worry, with Nina here we’ve got you covered.You can also follow Nina and The Dirt Academy on Instagram and Facebook.Support the show (http://www.jupiterfarmsresidents.com/donate-to-jfr/)
Aug 31, 2020
48 min
Soccer Complex DEAD
The Soccer Complex proposal is dead. It’s a time to celebrate this win, ponder the future and learn from the past (because we as a community did a kick-ass job of blocking this massive, completely inappropriate complex from being built in our rural residential area).So, the podcast crew of, Matt, Jillian, Kristen and our fourth leg of the stool, Susan Kennedy are here to break down everything that happened from the beginning of the proposal to now (August 2020). Support the show (http://www.jupiterfarmsresidents.com/donate-to-jfr/)
Aug 1, 2020
31 min
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