Tommy Pico
Indigenous American poet, editor, and general vocal cheese fry Tommy Pico interviews a treasure trove of cultural luminaries about relics, keepsakes, and rando baubles in their apartments, sussing out the stories of their Junk. Each episode ends with a short reading from his latest poetry collection (also called Junk nbd lol smiley face). Brought to you by Tin House Books.
Julianne Escobedo Shepherd, Fariha Róisín, Alexandra DiPalma
Friends, we’ve reached the end. This is the last Junior Mint in the box, the consequential caramel corn pop-pop bop in yr dental work, the final fry in this plastic basket as the credits come up—and oh is this ep saturated with the drippy sugars of its delectable fore-others. To say goodbye we’ve got Julianne Escobedo Shephard, Fariha Róisín, and in a Twister plot twist of cyclonic proportions: we finish off the final episode of the final show with our final gyal producer Alexandra DiPalma. She has done so much for this show, and for other shows I’ve been on, and a bunch you’ve probably heard of but didn’t know she was the magic pin-up. All hands on the great one: I love you Alex thanks so much for everything. Ending of course with a final excerpt from my long poem Junk, the reason for the season, and brought to you each week by Tin House Books. See these cuties’s Junk each week on our Instagram @junkpodcast Julianne Escobedo Shepherd, @jawnita Fariha Róisín, @fariharoisin Alexandra DiPalma, @LSDiPalma Tommy Pico, Host @heyteebs Alexandra DiPalma, producer go to sleep or kick w/yr pills Kenya Anderson, production assistance @kenya_digg_it
Aug 12, 2018
35 min
Angel Nafis, sam sax, Max Steele
Hootie hoo and a nelly nacho howdy-do to you! It’s a poet’s feast this week as we’ve got Angel Nafis, sam sax, and Max Steele on the show with some extremely comely Junk. And being poets of course they talk about Junky love: Junking toward the future of romantic love, Junk as a reminder of the love for your art practice, and Junk as memory for a beloved pet. To finish us off, I’ve got a Cactus Candy-like teensy piece of my long poem Junk wrapped up and ready for ya! Brought to you, as always, by Tin House Books Follow us on Instagram to get a sneaky peek at our poet’s Junk this week: @junkpodcast Angel Nafis: @AngelNafis sam sax: @samsax1 Max Steele: @billycheer Tommy Pico, host: @heyteebs Alexandra DiPalma, producer: @LSDiPalma Kenya Anderson, production assistant: @kenya_digg_it
Aug 4, 2018
34 min
Bowen Yang, Matt Rogers, Chelsea Hodson
Wiggly gummy worm what’s up my Junky whatsits! You got thingamabobs? I got plenty. I… want… more? This episode is a bauble if ever I got one—partly a podcast crossover with the clever young fairies from Las Culturistas Bowen Yang and Matt Rogers aaaand one of the sharpest prose writers in the game, Chelsea Hodson! This week it’s all about how Junk feeds our ambition: as a reminder of where we come from, what we pour ourselves into and what feeds us, and what propels our commitment. Followed up with a pyrotechnic spectacle of gassy verse from my long poem Junk. Brought to you as always by Tin House Books. Follow us on Instagram for peek into each interviewees extra special Junk @junkpodcast Bowen Yang, @bowenyang Matt Rogers, @MattRogersTho Chelsea Hodson, @ChelseaHodson Tommy Pico, host @heyteebs Alexandra DiPalma, producer @LSDiPalma Kenya Anderson, production assistant @kenya_digg_it
Jul 28, 2018
38 min
Danez Smith, Alexander Chee, Jenna Wortham
Sudsy soda salutations my Junky sussers! This week we’ve got a show recorded variously at the alpha and omega of it all, the Tin House Summer Workshop! Our all-star line-up this week consists of Danez Smith, Alexander Chee, and Jenna Wortham talking all about the world building inherent in our Junk. Sometimes we use Junk to orient ourselves to the world around us, fill our world with reflections of us, and bring our world with us wherever we go. Followed up with a particularly saucy excerpt from Junk the long poem. Brought to you as always by Tin House Books. Check out our Instagram to see all these lovely ppls *Junk* each week tee hee @junkpodcast Danez Smith, @Danez_Smif Alexander Chee, @alexanderchee Jenna Wortham, @jennydeluxe Tommy Pico, host @heyteebs Alexandra DiPalma, Producer @LSDiPalma Kenya Anderson, Production Assistant @kenya_digg_it
Jul 21, 2018
39 min