Jump Master: An Apex Legends Podcast
Jump Master: An Apex Legends Podcast
OK Beast
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New episodes?
Love the podcast, but when are new episodes coming out? It’s been a few months...
The bomb.com
You guys are awesome! Love your work caught up on all the episodes hope you guys are staying safe and healthy and can’t wait for more episodes. I’m a new twitch streamer for apex help spread the word I would appreciate it! Twitter where you’ll find my twitch is @General_Honky thanks a bunch you guys looking forward to more in the future!
I love this podcast
This podcast is the best I’ve ever listened to and I can’t stop listening.please release more episodes I main Gibraltar and Bangalore btw
Wonderful Podcast.
I started listening today and I couldn't love this more than I already do. All the topics you guys talk about almost every time, match my question. Absolutely amazing keep it up(Revenant main and I play on Xbox CEEBEE96825) Note: not a gamergirl, just me and my mom share the account, I play Apex, she plays Destiny
Great community
I love this podcast and the accommodating community. A few months ago I put in the suggestion for a section in the show to find teammates. Surprisingly, it was accepted and I was even the first guests. Since then once every couple of weeks I STILL receive atleast 1 friend request from podcast. I would like to give a shout out to JackyFox1. A guy who sent a request from the podcast and now run ranked with, pretty much daily. We are now Platinum 3 together. My PSN is Oblivioustouch, feel free to continue to send your request my way.
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Recently I have been playing a bunch of apex and I was looking for a podcast for updates and conversations about playing apex and when I found this one I knew this was it. Kinda wished it uploaded more frequently but other than that you guys rock! BTW I main octane and Wattson.
This is so dope
I’ve been trying to get more into apex and I wanted to see if they’re was a podcast I could listen to during work and I found this and this rules!! Honestly so dope! Keep it up! I also main Wraith too👍🏽
Josue Sepulveda
Kings Canyon Is Back Baby!!!!!!
Addictive To This Podcast Boys Some Days I Have Base Ball Games And Can’t Grind After School This Is Enough To Get Me Through The Games, Should Revenant Be Nerfed Any One Down To Grind With A Lvl 296 OG Hit Me Up yt_2salty
Great show
Love the show guys really gets me through the day when I’m at work and I wanna be home playing apex. Thank you keep up the good work!!
zack flanders
Talk about skill based matchmaking and what could possibly give players more of an incentive to play ranked since ranked is now the same as play apex.
Come on!
Why haven’t you put out a new episode?
Love Apex! Love the podcast.
I love apex, and I love this podcast. Would like (5 star) more if you got into the meat of the content quicker.
Love the show
Xbox GT Apollo Uno x610 Hey guys, love the show. Just started listening to podcast and this is definitely at the top. Catching up on the old episodes and waiting on the new. Wish you guys would switch to Xbox to play but not everybody likes the finer things lol.
Que (Q)
Thanks for a great podcast!
Xbox gamer tag: smallSALAD Just wanna say thanks for putting together great shows! I found you guys a couple weeks ago and I’m listening to your old episodes. I’ve been on Apex since the beginning and it’s great to find people who love the game as much as me. Keep the podcasts coming and forever relinquish jumpmaster! -smallSALAD
Christmas skins!
Who is excited for the big fat gibby Santa clause skin?!?! Also they should make a pathfinder reindeer skin. And Wraith as an elf or Santa’s helper lol
Isaac. aka Fatdog
Fast heal of podcasts
Just found this podcast in a loot vault, finally something apex related to listen to while at work (Other than streams) . GG’s boys. Fyi: no pathfinder skin for Halloween because pathfinder is “octanes legs “ refer to fright or fight trailer
How did you not know?!?!
I have no idea how he didn’t know it had single fire that’s insane(great podcast thought nice job)
He didn’t know they had single fire...wow lol
Hahaha love the show, love the humor and silliness. MY MAN DIDNT KNOW ABOUT THE SINGLE FIRE?!?!! Like what?! The single fire on the r-301 is an absolute beast in regards to boosting how versatile it is lol. Glad you got on board finally!
The b-Run
Lvl 3 podcast here
It feels like you are speculating and strategizing about the game with your friends. I get excited every time I see a new episode. I listen to a lot of podcasts in general and I always make room for this one.
More apex please!
Hopped on over after Blessing was on Kinda Funnny... Dude is cool as hell, very knowledgeable, and has a great presence on the mic... nice to see that carry over to the rest of the squad on this podcast. Great place to get that apex fix when not able to hop on. Love it!
Wonderful podcast!
Ggs to everyone that runs this amazing podcast! I know you guys have said you don’t have time to do more than one episode every two weeks but if I buy each of you apex coins would you consider it?? 😉 seriously though, love this podcast and love hearing about the new updates and the best ways to play the game! I play on xbox so add me @ AceCrusader15. I also stream on twitch and am going for that twitch affiliate so please follow there as well! AceCrusader15
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I’m the only one of my friends who plays Apex and I need friends
I love y’all and your content. I’ve been playing season three a ton and I had the CRAZIEST match of my entire Apex career and it was the most intense gaming experience I’ve ever had. So, I was playing as Caustic and the ring is ending in The Epicenter. By the end of it I had 11 kills, 2 revives, 1 respawn, was the kill leader, did 2,187 damage done. And the last fight went down like this: 3 Squads are left. It’s 1v2v3. One of my teammates had died and I retrieved his banner then fought my way to the respawn beacon. My other teammate went down fighting the octane that was solo and then was finished off. Once the Mirage on my team comes down I find the Octane who killed my teammate and killed him so my Mirage could take his gear. Then we get into it with the last squad. It’s 2v3 and I popped my ultimate on them. Lit up all three of them about evenly and then I completely ran out of ammo. I had an R-301 and an R-99. So I had to beat the one of the last squads teammates to death to take his light ammo after I ran out. I singled out the caustic because I was also caustic and I knew he couldn’t hurt me with his gas. After I took his ammo and his level 3 shield, I reloaded both my weapons and shot the last guy with my R301 till I ran out and then switched to my R-99 and finished him off. Just barely.
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Great Podcast
I heard you guys pimping the podcast on KFGD, and I decided to check it out. I really enjoy your discussion of the game. I’m currently listening to all of the old episodes because you guys are just that good.
Clayton Buhrmester
The Gods will bless us both
Love the game. This podcast is dope. Lots of good apex conversations. Quick question. I personally HATE the ranking system they have in play. How do you think it could be made better?
Fantastic Job!
I’ve been playing Apex Legends since launch after a decade long gaming hiatus, I love this game. Though I’m not a great player, I’m obsessed with the game and know everything about it. The lore, the legends, the weapons/map, everything! This is the only podcast (that I’ve listened to) that really breaks the game down and talks about the important things. You guys do an awesome job on this podcast and I’m looking forward to the Season 3 content. PS: If you are ever in need of a self proclaimed Apex Legends expert please let me know lol I’d love to answer some of the questions you guys bring up. #MozambiqueHere!
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Best podcast ever!!
Love the show guys. Feels like I’m hanging out with friends talking about our favorite game. Keep them coming 👍🏼😊
Love it
Love listening to this podcast on my way to and from work. I hVe utilized a lot of the tips you guys have offered. I do wish that a new episode came out once a week instead of every two weeks, but I’ll take what I can get. I’m right below plat, and I’m pushing for at least diamond this season on PS4 ! FluxVendetta on every platform though if you guys wanna play!
Zip Line to victory
If Apex is your game, then this is your podcast! You’ll love the tips and stories this squad provides! Thanks to all of your hard work and dedication to this fun game! I for one would love an episode (or two) that covers each of the character’s lore to help us better understand the Apex world! Keep up the good work and thanks for helping laugh off these horrendous server error codes! PSN: THEskeksis
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Jump Master Is A Good Place To Land
Jump Master is the Apex Legends of podcasts: Free content with high value, easily accessible to newcomers, and it just works. It’s nice to find such a simple, yet well polished, podcast about Apex. Thanks for the great content and I look forward to hearing more.
Thank you guys for the content!
Hey guys! Just wanted to say I have listened to this podcast since the first episode and I really appreciate you all making this content for everyone. It’s fun listening to other people talk about a game you really enjoy and hearing different opinions. Also I wanted to ask, do you guys think that if Apex came to Nintendo switch you guys and others would be playing a lot more or would you probably play the same amount? Or do you think that Apex just needs more frequent updates to keep it entertaining and fresh for players. I can imagine a game can be hard to talk about every episode when you aren’t completely into it like when it was first released. -Nick
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Feel free to post my GT: MAZZIExISWT
Just got into apex a few weeks ago before season 2 due to finding new friends who frequently play. You guys help me make it through my work day and make me want to rush home to play. OKBeast is definitely one of my new favorite podcasts and you guys are so enjoyable to listen to. Keep up the hard work and I hope you keep posting to Jump Master for a long time. Thank you for reading.
Great Content for a Great Game
I really enjoy the podcast--just started listening last week. I haven't enjoyed a multiplayer game like Apex in a long time, so to have an entertaining podcast that offers news, tips, and good conversation is great. A lot of my friends jumped off Apex early on because… you know, "the game is dead." Listening to the podcast gives me a chance to actually hear positive thought around the game, and to me that's awesome. Keep up the good work - hope y'all continue to put out great content.
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Bunch of BS.
If you play the game consistently then you know these guys are full of it. Listening to this most recent podcast today (06/29/2019), and the guy literally said “I threw an incendiary grenade and there was literally like a wall of fire and it did a bunch of damage to them.” Come on man lol these guys play a match or two a week.
Great show!
This is the most comprehensive Apex Podcast our there. Host are entertaining and provide great tips and tricks for the game. Also, they’ve got great insight to things coming up with the game as well as great ideas on things that should be added. I’m a new fan! XBoxLive: Mr White Keys
Great Podcast
Hi guys, Ignacio here from Chile. I just wanted to say that I’ve listened since episode one because I love podcasts and Apex. I always listen in the subway and it makes my trip shorter every time I listen. I am as excited as you are about season two and hope it will be a blast. I think making an episode every two weeks instead of one is a good idea for more content per episode but maybe if you have too much to say you can make an episode per week when this happens. I believe every listener would like a surprise episode every now and then. Finally I have a question for you. I personally think the battle pass layout is horrible and unattracts people from buying it. Do you think they’ll change this for season 2? Keep up the great work. And I hope you read my review amigos.
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Good podcast
Great podcast! I’m a beginner almost just the game. Really helpful for me
FuRy nameless
Great show
Love listening to the show! I’m a little bummed that you guys switched to every 2 weeks, but I get it. Hopefully with new content that just came out and will also be coming soon, you might switch back to every week. Also maybe add a segment here and there about certain strategies you guys like to use and how they have worked out? Just a thought. Anyways keep up the good work!
Makes me want the work day to end
Enjoy the show. Listen to it at work making the day need to end so I can go home and play. Keep up the good work and thanks for making the day go faster
Needs more direction and structure
Overall not a bad podcast, but too much talking about things not related to Apex. At 5 minutes in I realized they haven’t started talking about the game yet.
Ride share listener
I'm a ride share driver and I enjoy listening to the podcast while I'm driving. I've actually met a few people who enjoyed listening aswell and even put them on the game from just listening. Keep it up guys! You guys are CHAMPIONS! Btw if anyone wants to carry me in Apex on PC add me on Origin: FrizzyFrvnk 😅
I Don’t like Fortnite any more
I actually started listening to your podcast because of school. We have this project where we had to make a podcast and we needed some examples, so I started listening to yours and i love it. So I’m going to keep listening to this amazing podcast.
Riley Ferrall
Great podcast!
Hey guys, when I started playing Apex I knew I’d be putting ALOT of time into it and I wanted a way to get into Apex while bored at work. This podcast scratches that Apex itch even when I can’t play. I know the game has lost some hype and it has a lot of room for improvement, but it’s the first game I’ve been obsessed with since Halo 3 back in the day and I love it.Thanks for the podcast and keep up the good work! —Caleb
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Love it!
Listen in the car. Maybe y’all should try to get a guest on the podcast.
Number 1 Apex Podcast!
Love the show and that intro music is fire! I’m a little disappointed that respawn isn’t ramping up that content updates considering how popular the game became so quickly. Feels like they’re dropping the ball especially considering how bad the rewards on the battle pass were. So here’s to hoping they step up their game so you all have a reason to do the show every week! Keep it up guys :)
I like fortnite
I like fortnite more but this is a very good and informative podcast.
Riley Capps
Keep it up !
Love listening to you guys while I’m at work keep doing what you’re doing if I can make a suggestion maybe as a bonus episode a week you guys can record yourselves playing together and throw it at the end of each podcast would be cool to hear the banter and communication of you guys playing anyway keep up the good work can’t wait to hear more !
ayo lippy
Great podcast
Wonderful hosts that talk about exactly what you wanna hear about this game!
Intro song is fire
If you guys think about ending this podcast... DONT. I listen to this while riding the trolley to work and it makes my long ride to work enjoyable But yeah that intro song is fire shoutout to the guy who made that
Basically hit on everything you're already thinking when playing apex.
Im really enjoying the show! Keep it up. Marcus Working Class Nerds
Dirty dancing dwayne
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