Jump Master: An Apex Legends Podcast
Jump Master: An Apex Legends Podcast
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System Override Brings Major Bloodhound Buffs – Jump Master Episode 33
39 minutes Posted Mar 13, 2020 at 2:05 pm.
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Show notes

On this week’s Jump Master episode, the crew discusses the Apex Legends System Override Collection event which brings major Bloodhound buffs in addition to a new mode called Deja Loot. Alex and Andrew also discuss the addition of the brand new Evo Shields, which are quickly becoming a welcome change to Apex.

The kind folks over at Weta Workshop sent us two of their Apex Legends Figures of Fandom for review on the show. In short, we’re loving the Pathfinder and Wraith statues, which were both faithfully sculpted in production with high-quality PVC. If you’d like more information on the Weta’s Apex Legends offerings, click here.

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System Override Collection Event / Deja Loot Mode

Apex Legends System Override Patch Notes: Evo Shield, King’s Canyon Return, Bloodhound Buffs, And More

Fly Together:

Daniel writes in, “Hi gents. Love the podcast! I play on Xbox and I’m from the U.K I’m on various times. I’ve just got into Silver rank, I normally main Caustic or Mirage. Gamertag: Chocolatebear80”

Character of the Show:

Friend of the show, Steve Fontana, submitted today’s Character of the Show:

GEARHEAD – The Tinkerer – Assault

A little adjustment here, a little tweak there and WHAM…GEARHEAD has just changed the course of the battle. GEARHEAD uses gadgets and gizmos to his advantage in the Apex arena, from turrets to physically transforming the landscape, he is a force of the synthetic and mechanical. 

  • Passive Ability – Machine Head
    • GEARHEAD can see all drones, defense turrets, and totems on the mini-map and compass. 
  • Tactical Ability – My Little Friend
    • GEARHEAD drops a turret equipped with one of the guns he carries. Example: if you drop the turret while holding a R-301, the turret is an R-301 turret etc. Unlimited ammo for 30 sconds. Auto targets the nearest enemy. Has 150 HP
  • Ultimate Ability – Re-engineered.
    • GEARHEAD can change the function of other “machines”. 
      • Lifeline Health Drone – Chases its owner and deals shield damage until destroyed
      • Gibralter’s shield dome – Becomes a grenade turret, shooting off grenades in multiple directions for 15 seconds of chaos. 
      • Death totem – Silences people who use it to resurrect
      • Crypto Drone – It turns around and goes back to the owner and deploys an EMP blast when near. 
      • Survey Beacon – Becomes a Wattson turret
      • Wattson Turret – Becomes a zapping turret dealing damage to any nearby enemy. 
      • Jump Pad – Becomes a snare trap dealing 30 damage and snaring the opponent for 5 seconds. 
      • Caustic Trap – Explodes with bangalore smoke instead of gas.

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