Jump Master: An Apex Legends Podcast
Jump Master: An Apex Legends Podcast
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Apex Legends is Changing Expectations for Battle Royale Games – Jump Master Episode 32
42 minutes Posted Feb 21, 2020 at 12:32 pm.
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On this week’s Jump Master episode, the crew discusses the Apex Legends Valentine’s Day Duos event, a mock-up of a player-made shotgun that bounces its pellets off of walls, the new Octane Edition of the game, and the new teases of rumored legend Loba.

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Fly Together:

Josh writes in looking for other Apex Legends players on Xbox:

“Hey I’m Josh, looking for some competitive cool people to play ranked with. Currently gold wanna shoot for Platinum maybe even Diamond. Gamer tag is MrButterssWorth on XBOX!”

Character of the Show:

Friend of the show, Steve Fontana, submitted today’s Character of the Show:

BLOCKADE – The Staunch Defender – Defender

Big. Lumbering. Moody. BLOCKADE is the master of protection. The Paladin of the Apex Games. You want to take out his squad? You gotta get through him first. 

  • Passive Ability – Defended: BLOCKADE starts with a white shield. When it breaks it breaks permanently. 
  • Tactical Ability – Blast Back: BLOCKADE stomps the ground sending a forceful wave in a 360 degree radius. Deals knockback and slow to all enemies caught in its wake. 
  • Ultimate Ability – Energy Blockade: Lay down a turret with a massive energy shield. (think a much larger Lifeline barrier) that slowly moves in the direction placed. It cannot be climbed or shot through (from either end). It continues until the drone hits an object or is shot for 50 damage.

Listener Questions (Tweet Us or Email Hello@OKBeast.com):

Joshua asks, “Can we talk about the gold standard of battle royale games? I see so many apex legends “fans” upset about no bug fixes, no content, no community feedback based-progress. But i don’t see any other games doing it better at all. What is this supposed standard that everyone is judging apex against?”

Steve Fontana asks, “What game mode from other shooters would you like to see added to apex? For me it would be a capture the flag mode with a BR twist. Each squad gets a flag and when theirs is stolen, the team is eliminated. It can be in a smaller area and maybe restricted to 12 or so teams. Thoughts? Keep up the great work. Would love to join you guys again to chat it up!”

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