Jump Master: An Apex Legends Podcast
Jump Master: An Apex Legends Podcast
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Apex Legends Skill-Based Matchmaking & Holo-Day Bash Review – Jump Master Episode 29
52 minutes Posted Jan 10, 2020 at 11:11 am.
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skill-based matchmaking

On this week’s Jump Master episode, the crew discusses the Holo-Day Bash Apex Legends event, the absence of Kings Canyon, streamers’ frustration with skill-based matchmaking, and which power weapons from Titanfall 2 they’d like to see introduced to the game.

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Respawn will punish players who dashboard out of ranked Apex games

Champion Chat – Holo-Day Bash Review:

Limited Time Mode – Winter Express

Three squads compete to capture the World’s Edge train, decked out in its holiday best, as it moves from station to station. For Winter Express, the path of the train is fixed to a smaller radius in order to ensure you’re never too far from all the action.

In Winter Express, each Legend comes with a custom, pre-determined load-out – no looting necessary here. Want to try something different? Eliminated players will respawn every round and can select different Legends to play mid-match. Explore different squad comps based on what your opponents are doing to hold the capture point. First to three captures wins!

Load-outs rotate daily, so log in often and play new combinations.

Town Takeover – The Mirage Voyage

Listener Questions (Tweet Us or Email Hello@OKBeast.com):

Josh Gallegos (@videogamebard) writes in,

Much has changed with Apex Legends as Season 3 begins to twilight, but most importantly is the game’s incredibly rapid rise in popularity. I recently heard a report from the Giant Bomb editors that Fortnite has in fact begun a decline in popularity over the last few months, whereas Apex Legends has in fact grown immensely, and even looks to be gaining on Fortnite. Such a shift will surely change Respawn’s own focuses, and perhaps even stranglehold any plans they may have had for future games (like Titanfall 3, though certainly Star Wars Jedi is still coming).

My question is, do you think Respawn will capitalize on the popularity and increase the content and modes in Apex going into 2020? And would you prefer they do that instead of focus on potential new games, like a Titanfall 3?”

Isaiah (@emulizer2) asks,

“What weapons from Titanfall 2 do you all think should be brought over to Apex that have yet to be brought over?”

Eric Feaster (@E_feast16) writes in,

How would you guys like to see the current Meta of the game changed or shaken up in regards to Legends & Weapons? Do you think Respawn should have cycles where lesser used Legends & Weapons become top tier for a brief time?

Personally, I’m not looking for balance. That’s what makes the game fun. But I think a shifting meta every couple of months would prevent the game from becoming stale. Hopefully I get to hear your guy’s thoughts!”

Bryan Lords writes in,

“One of the things that drew me to play Apex was the pro/content players on twitch.  I haven’t gamed in years and I got great tips and just enjoyed watching the gameplay.  

Here’s the question: Why am I frustrated with what feels like an over reaction from the pro/content players on Skill-Based Match-Making? I feel a bit defensive for Apex Legends and the product they are making that as part of it’s design needs to appeal to a broad base. I would not continue to play if I was dropped constantly into the same game as these dudes who do it all day. That being said I think skill-based matchmaking should be recalibrated or gameplay evolved to work with the pro/content players. but for me I play an hour or two here or there. That is fine with me, I’m just playing to have a good time after my 3 kids go to bed. I’m not looking to play with the best of the best though it’s fun to watch.”

Andy Davies (@flashyandy) asks,

“What do you want to see in Season 4? Also, will we ever SEE Season 4 since it seems it is now perpetually Week 13 of Season 3?”


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