Jump Master: An Apex Legends Podcast
Jump Master: An Apex Legends Podcast
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Data-Miner Leaks Apex Legends Character Named Conduit – Jump Master Episode 28
43 minutes Posted Nov 18, 2019 at 2:16 pm.
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On this week’s Jump Master episode, a data-miner leaks Apex Legends character named Conduit, a recent Redditor mapped out end-game circles across 150 games, and a new exploit allows players to “jump boost” their teammates.

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Data miner leaks potential new Apex Legends character, Conduit

Apex Legends end-game circles for over 150 games mapped out

Apex Legends pro Mendo explains how to “jump boost” teammates

Character of the Week:

PARIAH- The Twins – DPS

  • Passive Ability – Hot or Cold
    • Your sister plays a game of Hot or Cold. If you are hot you are near enemies or traps. If you are cold, you are free of immediate danger.
  • Tactical Ability – Soul Dagger
    • Toss a dagger at your opponent for massive damage. (60 DMG) and it replenishes 60 health (HP only no shield recharge) 3 minute recharge. 
  • Ultimate Ability – She’s Here
    • Your sister briefly takes over your body and mind. You turn into your sister. Think a demon version of yourself like the Halloween event mode. Gain a temporary boost to speed and jump distance, and massive melee damage. You temporarily lose all your shields and weapons. At the end of the 30 seconds you revert back to yourself. If you are killed as the sister, you revert back to your normal state, staggered, with 100 damage received starting with shield if you have one on.

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