Jump Master: An Apex Legends Podcast
Jump Master: An Apex Legends Podcast
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Apex Legends Halloween Event & Shadowfall Mode – Jump Master Episode 26
1 hour 10 minutes Posted Oct 18, 2019 at 11:52 am.
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apex legends halloween event

On this week’s Jump Master episode, the crew discusses the Apex Legends Halloween event which includes the new Shadowfall mode as well as a ton of horror-themed cosmetics and challenges. Alex, Blessing, and Andrew also discuss an incoming patch that addresses the over-powered Charge Rifle, the announcement of Training Mode getting upgraded to Firing Range, and lastly, detailed abilities for a leaked aviation-themed legend named Valk.

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Champion Chat:

The Fight or Fright Collection Event


New Apex Legends Update Patches Charge Rifle

Apex Legends’ training mode is getting some love soon, called Firing Range

All abilities for leaked Legend Valk in Apex Legends

Listener Questions (Tweet Us or Email Hello@OKBeast.com):

Stephen Fontana writes in “Question: How long do you think the new map should be the only map? I think it should always be only one map at a time, rotated by season. What say you?“

Isaac writes in, “My questions and thoughts are these: So I have a friend I team up with. He is just shy of 9,000 kills with lifeline. Many wins. I have 1,300 kills with pathfinder and less wins. Obviously when we play ranked in diamond everyone is very good. The competition is very good. But when I pair up with him casually, just clicking play apex on the que screen. The lobby we get thrown into is still filtered to the best players. When we play with casually apex we still play the best of the best. If I were to play with friends that don’t have very many kills or if I just play solo, the games have a lot more noobs.

This seems messed up. So if you don’t play in ranked you still play players of similar skill. Do other games do this? Is this common practice to have an unseen filter? Call me a poor sport for wanting to wreck noobs but I find myself not wanting to play with my high skill apex friends. I play a game with them and I get 1 kill, 200 damage, average. I team up with bad teammates or just solo que and get 5 kills, 1000 average.

Should this be changed? Should this stay the same? I’ve noticed this since the beginning of season 2. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts and how much you guys have experienced this. Sorry for the book of an email! Love your show!”

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