Journey of a Song
Journey of a Song
49. "Hattertown Road" by Kris Schultz
1 hour 1 minutes Posted Feb 16, 2023 at 5:00 am.
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Show notes

"I keep finding pieces below the surface, working their way out."

We're all searching for purpose. We're all desperate for meaning.

In "Hattertown Road," Austin-based songwriter Kris Schultz articulates that yearning and shares how beautiful it can be to be given the space to search. In this episode, Emmeline sits down with Kris to talk about how some songs depict familial relationships, how presence really can be the most beautiful gift, how the voice memos we send to ourselves often hold all of the secrets of songwriting, and how it's never too late to start songwriting!

They also share their PTSD moments from COVID and discuss different methods and timelines for song production.

To learn more about Kris Schultz, or to follow her musical journey, visit her official website. For behind-the-scenes info and more about Journey of a Song, follow @EmmelineMusic on social media or visit the Journey of Series official webpage. You can hear songs from previous episodes through the Journey of a Song Official Spotify Playlist.