Journey of a Song
Journey of a Song
9. "Tangerine" by Simone Nicole
53 minutes Posted Apr 1, 2021 at 3:00 pm.
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Show notes

"Oh, the night was alive; I could feel it in the fire."

In this poignant line from her song, "Tangerine," independent singer-songwriter Simone Nicole explores the potential of a moment and the consequences of its end.  Over the course of the composition, she explores concepts like intimacy and loss.  In this episode, Emmeline and Simone talk about trying to fit the word "tangerine" into a song and how the opening line--"the stars have aligned"--foreshadowed the entire process of creation for the track.  They also discuss mental health, the healing power of music, the need for a space to emote, and why female artists should support and empower each other. There's also a brief conversation about emulating toddlers in grocery stores and choosing cover songs for gigs.

Check out the beautiful video for "Tangerine" on YouTube here. To continue following Simone Nicole's journey, find her on Instagram at or visit her official website. For more information and behind-the-scenes glimpses of Journey of a Song, follow Emmeline on Instagram at @EmmelineMusic.