Journal of Biophilic Design
Journal of Biophilic Design
Vanessa Champion, editor, Journal of Biophilic Design
The New Workplace - how to use Biophilic Design
27 minutes Posted Jul 16, 2020 at 5:21 am.
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Show notes

The New Workplace - The office is going to be very different in the future, less about ‘The’ place where you go to do work, it may be more the place where you go to be creative and collaborative. Offices may be used for the more social aspects of work, or those times where you genuinely need to cooperate or collaborate face-to-face. No longer will they be the battery farms of the past. As we emerge from Lockdown things are changing already in the way people work, where they work and the office environments themselves. We speak to Kenneth Freeman, former Head of Innovation at Ambius who has now set up his own consultancy focusing on workplace wellbeing through biophilic design, to ask him how he thinks biophilic design should be used going forward to make workers lives better, not just in the office itself but also at home.

Re-humanising and inspiring the Workplace - For Kenneth, with his background in horticulture, evaluating the effects of biophilic design is essential, helping understand scientifically how and why nature and plants at work really makes a difference to us. Through surveys, pre- and post-occupancy, as well as encouraging companies to engage their staff in the consultation process, Kenneth says this always helps shape the design of a space to make a positive impact on staff morale, communication and also helps acceptance of change. Essential in times like these.

How to use Biophilic Design - How should we decorate our offices and enrich our workspaces? What does a healthy workplace really mean? Why put plants into buildings? What about Home Offices? Should companies be supporting their staff working from home with Biophilic Design enhancement to help wellbeing and productivity? Kenneth answers these questions and more with examples of where biophilic design AND staff engagement has really made a difference.