Journal of Biophilic Design
Journal of Biophilic Design
Vanessa Champion, editor, Journal of Biophilic Design

One and the Same? Feng Shui and Biophilic Design

40 minutes Posted Jul 10, 2020 at 1:11 pm.
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Show notes

To Luminous Spaces founder, Maureen Calamia, Feng Shui and Biophilic Design are two expressions of the same concept, in many ways Biophilic Design is a modern take on Feng Shui. Both advocate using live plants, natural materials, natural light. Feng Shui is more intuitive, it’s an art and feeling, Biophilic Design is more scientific and based on research, but Biophilic Design also comes from an intuitive knowing that we are not separate from nature and when we put ourselves in spaces devoid of nature we don’t feel good.

Everything is connected. Both are about reciprocity and connection to the land around us, both satisfy this deep unconscious yearning for living among vibrant healthy life

We desire to live to live in spaces where we can both survive and thrive.

In this interesting conversation, Maureen discusses the origins of Feng Shui thousands of years ago in China, how it was employed in locating optimum land positions, and she goes on to outline what the 5 elements are, how she combines both practices to help clients and also what positive results she obtains using both.

“We are not separate from nature”