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Digital Privacy Boot Camp and Government Spying Featuring Sean Patrick Tario Episode 186

1 hour 5 minutes Posted May 31, 2024 at 5:52 am.
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Josh Monday Christian and Conspiracy Podcast Ep. 186
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"Do you ever get the feeling your devices are listening to your conversations and tracking you without your consent? Unfortunately, they are and they have been for a VERY long time.....It does not have to be this way and it is time YOU and WE put an end to this paradigm."
In an ironic twist, Sean and his technical team take mint condition Google Pixel phones, wipe them clean and rebuild them on an Open-source platform and completely 'de-googles' the phones. In addition to providing the most affordable smart phone running the most secure and private mobile operating system with the 'Ghost Phone', he and his team also offer ghost tablets, ghost laptops and plenty of resources, alternatives and technical support to break free from BigTech and live privately. The training is formidable and exposes the truth about how BigTech is currently attempting to monetize, cancel and silence Christian and Conservative voices.
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