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Thank you
Amazing podcast, thank you pastor Joel
A blessing in one’s life
Thank you Joel and Victoria, you have both changed my life tremendously through God’s word.
I am a Christian, albeit a struggling one sometimes, but Joel has breathed new life into my spiritual journey. God bless you Joel!
I was on depression because I’m getting a divorce but listening to Joel made me feel better thank you so much
Im so thankful for this podcast
I try to listen every day on my way to work. It changed my life. Thanks
Keep it up!
So positively impactful every day!
He’s gonna busy he’ll wide open.
And most of his followers will be right there with him. What a shame.
Minister Joel and wife is awesome! I thank God for making them available to us. His preaching starts with a joke some are silly and some are funny but that makes him the best at what he does. Those jokes are why I turn in ! May God continue to encourage you daily, prosperity and wisdom is your
My favorite podcast ever
This podcast is so peaceful and motivating to me. Joel and Victoria are amazing! They speak on topics that are so relevant and really get you change the way you think and how god sees us. My previous boss would see how stressed work would get me and recommended this podcast and it’s the best podcast I hear. It calms me down at work on my drive to and from places to really think and control how I behave and think. Thank you for making God a part of my daily commute.
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Inspiring words for people of all faiths.
Faith is what carries you through dark times in life. Faith gives you the ability to move forward and excel. Faith is what provides you with the strength to put on foot in front of the other and push on and achieve your best. Joel’s sermons are about faith and positive thinking. How your thoughts shape who you are and what you will be in life and at the same time what God has in store for us. I don’t consider myself among the most religious of people choosing to keep my faith to myself but the words Joel speaks are inspiring. I was introduced to Joel’s ministries through a relative when I was going through a difficult period in life and it may have been the greatest gift because those words helped me and these sermons continue to help me to this day. When I feel darkness or hopelessness begin to overtake me, Joel’s words help dispel those dark thoughts. Those words remind me I am not alone in my struggles and that there is a design to our lives and we must embrace it and have belief in ourselves and a higher power beyond ourselves.
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Kickn screamn
I love how Joel makes the Bible easy to understand with every story he tells there’s encouragement. Thank you!
Life changing
All thanks to Osteens for keeping my fire up, you are GOD’s sent.
Strong encouragement!
I absolutely love the messages Joel puts forward. I have been listening to this podcast nearly everyday for the past two weeks, and I already notice a difference in how my mindset is shifting. I just needed the word of God to remind myself that whatever I am going through right now, that he has a plan in store for me, for all of us. Faith has given me strength to see the good in the world even though it may not look like that right now.
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an unknown arianator
Part of my daily routine
Listening to these messages are part of my time I spend with God everyday. I feel like they are talking to me and I am there present in the audience. Thank you to Joel and Victoria Osteen. May God continue to bless you and your family.
Pacman Carter
Joel is a gifted speaker and so inspirational. I find his message to be hopeful and inspiring, and that’s a welcomed change from the seemingly never-ending negativity that dominates today’s media.
Thank you! ✝️
I listen everyday. I’m grateful 😇 💟💟💟
Thank you Father God, my Lord & Savior Jesus Christ and JOEL OSTEEN
I thank you God for having my path cross over into finding Joel Osteen and his messages into my life exactly when I needed to hear EVERYTHING HE HAS TO SHARE. I was born and raised Catholic; however, I have learned more from this handsome Texan man with his slow southern drawl and his love for our Heavenly Father, the most high God, his only son he sent to us, Jesus Christ and keeping the Holy Spirit with us as well. I’ve gone through some pretty substantial horrific experiences in the past 11 years. Oh yes, it was God who has sustained me, as well as my brother through Christ his wife, my sister in Christ, Victoria. I’m not being overly dramatic, truly! I love his teaching and preaching messages EVERY-TIME I HEAR ONE! I have been able not just to help myself, but to see the miracles in others. I feel I’m also much more comfortable and comforting my patients who need to have faith and Christ in their life now more than ever as they are faced with their own mortality. He makes me laugh, cry, and everything in between. I’m not afraid to help spread the word of what I believe much more fluently and comfortably than ever before with not only my cancer patients, but, all of them including a stranger in line in a grocery store. Thank you Pastor Osteen and Victoria for getting me out of the trauma and pain that has surrounded my life since before 2012. I’m so much stronger now and I know I will be vindicated one day, sooner than later. I’m relieved and happy not to feel like I have to retaliate against ANYONE. My heart was so heavy and I was so lonely I could barely raise my head up! Not anymore Joel! NOT ANYMORE. I’ve been hurt enough by this person that was supposed to love and protect my family and me. To find out he was the ringleader the entire time! I knew it deep down, but I just didn’t want to believe it! I couldn’t. My mind and heart wouldn’t let me. I asked God for wisdom. God have me everything I needed to know to help my children and myself. Thank you God and Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior, the Holy Spirit and you Joel! Amen and Amen🙏🏼✝️ JSD Dallas Texas
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Jenna Dovie
Positive input
At a time of loneliness and trial . I came across this podcast and am blessed to have done so. I found a deep connection and feel a positive influence in my Life…
Beautiful Podcast!
I look forward to the podcast everyday. I sit and listen, and appreciate all that I hear. My faith has been lifted, and God’s word comes alive for me, as Joel always brings in scripture in all his messages. This podcast is truly transforming my mindset. I have come to appreciate Joel and Victoria. Sunday service is blessing! If you cannot make it in person, you can view it live on You-Tube. You will Be Blessed!
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Improves my Life
Listening to Joel Olsteen makes my Christian life better and brings me closer to God. Thank you, Joel.
Jenny Pisey
Christ is King
Read the Bible for yourself, do not just trust some millionaire guy that is famous. What did Jesus say about rich people? I love and am praying for Mr. Joel, but sadly he is not teaching the Bible.
Encouragement for today
I start my day with this podcast and it gives me strength, inspiration, encouragement, and motivation for the day ahead.
I love Pastor Joel Osteen’s sermon
All the way from Ghana but I’ve decided to listen to pastor Joel Osteen’s sermon everyday and it’s really helping me by the Grace of God . All glory to God . God bless you Pastor Joel Osteen and Pastor Victoria Osteen ❤️❤️
favor millions
Great way to start my day
I listen to this every mornin, and my outlook has changed. Joel and Victoria help me understand God more and how he wants the best for me. Feeling lost, out of place, or discouraged , THIS PODCAST IS A GREAT ADDITIONAL HELPFUL RESOURCE. They definitely help blaze the fire that burns in me
Former prisoner’s gratitude
While in prison, Bro. Joel’s messages kept me inspired, hopeful, and in faith. In a dark place light was shining through this wonderful ministry as the I heard that God still loved me and accepted me even though my life was a complete disaster which the enemy tried to utterly destroy. Thank you Joel and thanks to your team for ministering to me in the penal system through your messages (on TBN). I love you and grateful to God for you.
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Completely Freed
Always on Fire
He always provides a powerful word. He’s a great preacher so everyone can relate to the word.
Impressive! You are amazing Joel thank you for everything you done God bless you and your beautiful family AMEN 🙏✨⭐️👍🦋
Somporn Coggin
Joel has help me
I started listening to Joel Osteen almost a year now. He has help me through my darkest times Joel thank you because you save my life 🙏🏽🙏🏽 may god continue to bless you 🙏🏽
shantel ja
It helps me when I am down. He reminds me that god is with me wherever I go.
Cat lord Ella
I love Joel Osteen
I listen to your messages everyday literally, my 8 year old son loves you too. We love how encouraging your messages are. I’m so grateful for you Joel may God continue to bless you and use you! I can’t wait to visit your church soon!
Words of encouragement!
Thanks for your daily words! You help me get through and understand more than you know and I appreciate it. Continue letting God use you 🤎
God has the final say
Listening to Joel’s sermons has saved my life & brought me back to God. Restored my faith and carried me through life’s toughest moments
Great show
Love it
Building AZ
Not the God of the Bible
If you’re searching for God, keep on moving. I’m shocked at the prosperity gospel this guy preaches. Leading people astray, rather than to Christ. I’m stunned at his audacity.
Faithful surveyor
Joel and victorias podcasts help me breathe life into my dry bobes...this podcast took me out of a very dark place and now am hopeful.Thank you for making my life and others better.
He’s a false teacher, a wolf in sheeps clothing don’t let him lead you astray! Open your Bible’s and read them and you’ll see he is wrong on pretty much everything he teaches!
God bless this podcast
Joel Osteen has helped me so much in my life. I’m incredibly grateful for his ministry and for Lakewood Church. This truly is a blessing and has changed my life. The first episode I ever listened to was called “Deaf To The Negative” this totally transformed my entire way of thinking. God bless you Joel, in Jesus name we pray Amen 🙏
Catholic Nick
I listen every morning and it helps me start my day. The inspirational messages have helped me in so many ways. I’ve shed a lot of tears while listening because the messages have touched me deeply.
Dody M.
Staying passionate
Joel I’ve been watching and listening to your massages for years it’s brought my family to Christ Your massages are amazing. You’re a wonderful inspiring leader Your massage today was one I’ve needed to hear. Life has been hard this year attacks from all angles has left me lifeless wo joy or hope Thank you encouraging us and being that angel. God bless you and your beautiful family Wishing you a blessed New Year
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encouraging msg
Why don’t you label her episodes so that we can skip them? The only way I can tell is the length of them. Joel has a soft soothing voice and she jolts me out of the chair every time she comes on. We used to have the ability to just delete her episodes, what happened to that?
Try listening once
I’m Catholic and I still listen to Joel. Amazing speaker and amazing words!
DC user
nice jet
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Joel’s Podcast will Change your LIFE
I listen to Joel daily. Every single message helps me to become a better person, and to trust and follow God in my every day life. I listen to his messages as I exercise, make breakfast, clean, drive, work, and prepare for sleep. I consider his messages my daily vitamins. Every single message encourages me, and helps me to improve all my relationships. It helps me to give 1000 % in everything that I do. It helps me to remember to make time for God and for those I love. I highly recommend that you listen to one of his podcasts every day. Every single message will help you, and it will change your life.
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Best podcast forever
This is the best podcast I listen to everyday. Thank you for being consistent 🙏🏽
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Thank you from the bottom of my heart !
I don’t know where to start …I just wanna say thank you , thank you and thank you ! My husband accidentally landed on your station on his XM Satellite radio and it’s changed his life and slowly mine !
This ministry is a miracle blessing for me😇
Chiefs man
Great podcast that inspires people to want to get closer to God.
False Prophet
Turn from your evil scheming, Joel. Many of us see through your lies. You’re a wolf in sheep’s clothing—expensive sheep’s clothing that you extort from people using legalistic lies. Those of you who are his audience, stop giving this evil man money, and others like him.
Kona 23
Joe Osteen has changed my life my believe in God. His messages encourage me day after day.
Stay away
This is only masked as Christianity. Stay away from a false gospel.
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