Joe on Joe - A G.I. Joe Podcast
Joe on Joe - A G.I. Joe Podcast
Joe Slepski
The Joe on Joe podcast is a weekly dive into an episode of the 1980's G.I. JOE A Real American Hero cartoon. Watch GI JOE along with and laugh with host Joe Slepski and a new guest every week.
Cold Slither: Behind The Rock
To celebrate the release of the G.I. Joe soundtrack and the holiday week, here is a re-release of my favorite episode of all time. Cold Slither: Behind The Rock! I know you'll enjoy it, thanks again to all the contributors, and look for separate downloads of the musical versions as well!
Nov 25
41 min
Cold Slither (Album Version)
This is the song that launched a thousand UTIs. Music by Hot as Hell
Nov 25
2 min
Cold Slither: Unplugged
The full Unplugged version that aired the night of the OJ Bronco chase, so this is likely the first time you're hearing it, as America missed it. Thanks again, OJ. Music by Hot as Hell.
Nov 25
2 min
Joe on Joe Illustrated G.I. Joe Special #1
This is the McFarlane vs. Rogers throwdown you never thought you needed. I break down each page comparatively, #61 as printed vs. #61 as Spawned! Who was the winner? You'll have to listen to find out! Make sure you support our fine sponsor, the Movies and a Meal Podcast!
Nov 18
52 min
Joe on Joe Illustrated ARAH Issue #61
What a slam bang issue! Cobra Commander... Shot! Billy on his own! Most of all, 4 of our Joes are taken prisoner behind enemy lines! Make sure to listen to the Movies and a Meal Podcast for all your meal related movie entertainment!
Nov 11
52 min
Joe on Joe Illustrated ARAH Issue #60
Todd McFarlane has arrived and he brings the thunder! This issue moves fast! The plot makes zero sense, but it looks pretty! Monkeywrench! Zanzibar! Chuckles! Fast Draw! Lt. Falcon! Law & Order! Listen to the Movies and a Meal Podcast for some fabulous movie conversation with good friends and a delicious meal!
Nov 4
44 min
Joe on Joe Illustrated ARAH Issue #59
Introducing the character find of 1987... Raptor! CC, Raptor, & Fred go on a Joe hunt, Billy snoops a local dojo, while Outback & Tunnel Rat join the gang! Listen to the Movies and a Meal Podcast each week for some great filmic discussion!
Oct 28
49 min
JoJ Illustrated: ARAH Issue 58
JoJ Illustrated is back with Issue #58! Thrill to Dusty and Mainframe adventuring in the desert, and chill at Cobra Commander getting his armor!
Oct 21
1 hr 4 min
Joe on Joe Illustrated: Snake Eyes Deadgame #2
Joe on Joe Illustrated is back baby! Just in time to give you a page by page, panel by panel breakdown of the hottest G.I. Joe book in ages... Snake Eyes Deadgame #2! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!
Oct 14
38 min
Joe on Joe Extreme Ep 26: Betrayal w/ Rob Lopez
I'm so happy to celebrate the final episode of G.I. Joe Extreme with my longtime personal friend and Interim Director of the SIU School of Art & Design, Rob Lopez! Metal Head is a traitor! For real? The Filecard Feature is on the Ice Cream Soldier! Make sure you listen to our friends at the Movies and a Meal podcast! This week, they're talking Spider-Man: Far From Home and Enola Holmes!
Sep 30
53 min
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