JetNation Radio - New York Jets Talk.
JetNation Radio - New York Jets Talk.
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Excellent deep dive into Jets football and up & coming players from college.
Jeremy Westbrook
Jets fan living in New England
Ive compared this podcast to a lot of other JetsFan ones and it is by far the best regarding content. He places his opinions in there but its almost always fact driven. He does a good job with addressing the fan base while keeping a cool head. I will continue to be an avid listener. A co-host would be nice to bounce ideas and have healthy debate with. Update: Its still pretty good. Its become more apparent that Alex doesnt know nearly as much as Glenn or comes as prepared to the podcast. I think bringing on Dylan was a great move to keep the flow of content less dominated by Glenn and more of a roundtable.
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Capitalist KC
Excellent podcast, unbiased perspectives, knowledge and informative, all from a passionate long-time Jets fan. Glen knows his stuff, is a real fan and delivers great, unfluffed content. He’s genuine and real about this team, not afraid of calling it like it is, including during dark times like these. Hopefully there is light around the corner. I’ve listened to Glen for years and respect his analysis and opinions. This is a great podcast to listen to if you like the Jets, highly recommend.
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Well Done!!!
I love this podcast Glenn and Alex do great work very thorough and thoughtful. They watch the all 22 and therefore have educated opinions
Good content, but....
...Please get a better mic. The sound volume is so low compare to other podcasts, I have turn my iPhone all the way up.
Best of the Best
Been listening for years. By far the best Jets Podcast out there. It’s obvious from the content and discussion that Glenn puts a lot of effort into the making of each episode.
Audio after show ends
We can still hear your discussions after the podcasts
412 Jets
Really like the show, audio could be better
I really like glens take, and appreciate the effort he puts into making the show, and his knowledge of the team. Audio quality issues with choppiness/the stream randomly cutting out seem to be an ongoing problem, albeit not as big of one as it’s been in months past. That said, if the audio issues can be completely fixed it would be one of/if not the best jets podcast going
Love the new the direction the show has taken. Glenn is awesome!
Thoroughly enjoyable thorough coverage
Glenn really knows and loves the Jets. So if you love them too you'll learn a lot. Serious, no nonsense podcasts with great guests such as Kristian Dyer, Darryl Slater, etc and sometimes good callers.
Mr. Keto
Great Pod Cast! Everyone is well informed. I love hearing and talking about the Jets. Keep it up. J.E.T.S JETS JETS JETS!!!
TJ Coleman
Best Jets Podcast
Easily the most informative and detailed Jets podcast on the market. The guys running the show are extremely knowledgeable about football and clearly spend ample amounts of time watching film. Only issue is problems with technology. Tend to freeze and lag a lot but other than that it’s a great podcast.
JetsNation Radio
Best Jets podcast on iTunes. Joe and Ed are truly Jets alchemists. No politics no preaching just stats facts and thoughtful commentary. These guys no more about football in there pinkey’s than Dave Damachick has in his whole body. If your a Jets fan this is mandatory listening. Bring a pencil take notes. Thanks for all the work and research guys.
The Gold Standard
Joe and Glenn are what you look for in podcast hosts. They consistently deliver knowledgeable and unbiased opinions on OUR NY Jets, and also adds their own personality. If you’re a Jets fan, this is the Podcast you have been looking for!
The bees knees
If you want in depth, honest, and knowledgeable updates on the Jets, then look no further. These guys know their Xs and Os and get into far more detail than you'll ever hear from any NY sports radio. Out of all the jets podcasts, this is by far my favorite. Joe definitely wants to be a coach lol.
Must Listen
What a great podcast for Jets fans. Excellent break down of each game. Joe does great work with film review. Joe and Glen are not afraid to call out any player not pulling their weight. Really like the studs and duds segment each week. This podcast and their twitter feed has become my new favorite source for Jets news. Great job guys!
Love the depth of knowledge!
Really have enjoyed the breakdowns of the different key plays in the games by Joe and Glenn. Has definitely raised my football IQ. Must listen if you're a Jets fan. @gregrenoff
Greg Renoff
Great podcast -Xavier Danger
Im a HUGE jets fan and everything you guys talk about is the most truthful reviews I have heard any Jet fan make. Keep up the excellent work 👍 What time do you guys air? I would love to call in but I never know when you guys air. I would also love to hear you guys on more often then once a week!!! Go Jets Nation
PFC Danger
The best Jets podcast out there!
This is definitely the best Jets podcast. Two hours of content from two guys who analyze all the film and are rational and fair in their judgment of players and coaches. I listen to this on my commute and it makes the time fly by. Rock on!! -Andrew in Florida (twitter: @AJPerg)
Easily the Jets best podcast
I have been a listener since the Joe and Brandon days when the show was good but not great because it didn't dive deep into football, then Joe took over and eventually linked up with Glenn as his co-host. Now this show is BY FAR the best Jets show out on the market and trust me I have tried them all. They take deep dive into relevant storylines which is fun to listen to but the best part about this show is both guys legitimately know the ins and outs of football and take time to explain that to the audience which helps me understand the game personally. There is NO other Jets show that will take as deep of a X's and O's dive as this show, but don't get that twisted into this show being set and boring because it's not as these guys find a way to incorporate it into the show without it being too overwhelming. Keep up the GREAT work and thank you for putting out this show!
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George Martino
5 stars easy
Phenomenal podcast. I listen every week as soon as it becomes available to stream/download. Joe and Glenn are extremely knowledgeable about the NFL and the NYJ. I will continue to listen as long as these fellas are the hosts. Best Jets Podcast on the market. Excellent consistency. Joe grinds every week to give you a level headed take on what's going on with our Jets! Glenn speaks from the heart and is steering us to the promised land. These two harbor a tremendous amount of knowledge when it comes to the NFL. Keep up the great work fellas!
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Russell Boulis
Thank You
Hi Joe and Glenn!!! I'm a 37 yr old Die Hard since I was 7. My dad unfortunately took me to my first football game in week 3 of the 1986 season...Jets/Dolphins 51-45 OT win for gang green!!! I was hooked and have bled green ever since. Some really great moments but mostly heartbreakers and just endured a lot of awful seasons. Anyways...Football is the greatest sport in the world and when the season is over all these Podcasts especially JetNation really make it very entertaining not only in-season but out of season as well. You guys make my commutes to and from work something to look forward to every week. Joe, you really hit it on the head when you mentioned that your podcast really found a niche if in-depth reporting and analysis of our beloved Jets. Thank you for your continuing efforts to all us die hards. Good luck to Glen with his move and good luck to Joe with your start of becoming a police officer!! Keep up the great work!! -Darin Restivo
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Darin Restivo
It's A Weekly Priority
Once this hits my list for podcasts I instantly listen. You guys are awesome and your opinions are realistic. My only gripe is just some of the callers. I understand it's their opinion and we are all spirited fans here when we talk about Jets. Just few (not all) guests really sound like they don't know what they are talking about. Which at times get annoying when those callers get 20-30 minutes of the podcast. That aside, Joe and Glenn you guys are awesome. You were the first Jets podcast I've listened too during the Wilkerson contract situation last summer. Lifelong fan for however long this podcast is made. J-E-T-S JETS! JETS! JETS!
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General KAD
Keep it up
I look forward to this podcast every week. My only regret is that I can't listen to it live.
Awesome podcast
Great jets podcast. Real talk by superfans. They watch the film and they have legitimate knowledge of the Jets. Great guys, great callers.
Best Combination of Interaction/X's & O's Out Of All The Jets Podcasts
There are lots of great Jets podcasts out there. Some are great at talking schematics/X's & O's. Others are great at entertainment/talking about storylines. From my experience, JetNation Radio is the best combination of the two. The show has a live call-in feature. The hosts give the callers ample amounts of time to make their points and ask questions. I thoroughly enjoy the back and forth banter that the hosts have with the callers. They find a good balance of giving sufficient time to an illogical caller, while not letting him drag on. I can appreciate this because those types of calls can be funny at times, but painful if they drag on too long. Joe really knows his stuff! He's like a football encyclopedia! I have no idea where he finds some of the crazy stats that he finds. Not only does he find that stuff, but he can recall that information at random times. It's really impressive. Whenever I listen to a football podcast I like to hear X's & O's discussion. This show does a great job showing where players play, the techniques that they are good or bad in, how their skill-set fits into a scheme that the Jets are running, etc. If you want a fun podcast where you will learn a lot about the Jets (and football in general), then this is the show for you!
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Three things...
One...great knowledge, thanks for knowing the Jets. Two...when you say running back or receiving 'corp'...the 'p' is silent...should sound like 'core'. Think the Marine 'p' is silent. Three...please, please, please figure out the correct use of 'tread on the tires' guys are both using it backwards. It's very distracting. A RB like Forte has little tread left on the tires (he's used a bunch of the tread). A RB like Powell has lots of tread left on the tires (he hasn't used much of the tread...has lots left). Good luck, I enjoyed your show. Go Jets!
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Go Jets 19!
Great Jets Podcast
I listen every Wednesday or Thursday usually and I enjoy this podcast. The hosts are well informed and they do a great job breaking down Jets news and stories.
Audio Quality Is Awful
Guys, can you guys get your phone connections right before you put on a podcast? Half the podcast is lost signals and breaking up. Can only hear every other word
Cool app for sure
Great Jets podcast!
My favorite NYJ related podcast. Insightful and honest opinions from two passionate Jet fans. Great show!
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