Jesus Calling: Stories of Faith
Jesus Calling: Stories of Faith
Sarah Young
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Incredibly Moving
Give your soul the gift of these encouraging stories.?
Episode 345
WOW! Just got done listening to S1 Ep 345 and God really just put this in my day as a way to speak something big to me. I just had a conversation with a friend about control, surrender, and giving all to God, and this episode addressed all of this, and in specific ways we talked about, too! Such a good episode, and such a great podcast too! I love hearing people’s stories and witnesses; it truly strengthens my faith and gives me courage and perseverance when life gets trying.
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I’ll stick the written devotionals, and skip the bias
Her devotionals are amazing. I’ve sent dozens to friends and family across the world. Her politically infused episodes, are exclusionary and erode the message of harmony that Jesus actually calls for
I love these stories and learn so much!
I love these stories and learn so much!
Adrianna Creech
Inspiration and Encouragement
This is my favorite podcast. There is nothing more powerful than hearing peoples stories and how God works in their lives!
Deistic encouragement
But not theological or edifying for any Christian.
I love this book!
So in May of 2021, I bought this book. At first I was just like wow, it really feels like Jesus is speaking to me. But little did I know just a month later I would fall hard in my relationship with God. I tried everyday to conquer my addiction, but I was forgetting the most important thing. Putting God First. So I continued with the pain until about mid September. That’s when I got back on my feet and God just took it away! During that stage of addiction in my life, I was diagnosed with Chronic Depression. I was getting really discouraged. But when I got back up my feet, the Lord took it away on a literal INSTANT. I was healed from addiction and chronic depression. I’m now doing great and honestly better than I’ve ever been. Thank you for this book full of constant reminders, God is always there.
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Jesus calling
Years ago, my daughter bought the “Jesus Calling” Devotional for me as a Mother’s Day gift. I fell in love with it from the start. I know that God ordained that book, because every single message was always right on point with what I was going through at the time. I felt like The lord was truly speaking to me. I know his voice, and a stranger I will not follow. I have been truly blessed by that devotional, and now this podcast. Thank God for Jesus Calling!🙏🏽✝️🙌🏽 Renee Cooper
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T. Renee Cooper
I have been listening to Jesus Calling for at least two years. I often listen when I am mowing the lawn. It is a sacred time for me. Thank you for bringing us a much needed perspective on life that we don’t always realize we need. Every time I come back to Jesus Calling, it grounds me and blesses me. Thank you so much. -MPS
Matthew Peter Peregrine
Inspiring stories
If you’ve lost your way and you’re looking for inspiration there’s so many beautiful stories here to encourage you to keep going. Thank you for putting this channel together I enjoy listening to it every morning.
God Sent Podcast
The Jesus Calling podcast is a wonderful supplement to anyone’s walk with Jesus. The topics are timely and often relate to a personal situation or season of life. God bless you for creating this resource.
The Best Podcast Available
This podcast is heartwarming and relevant. It’s not the same as the devotional but it is a wonderful compliment to it. I always feel inspired after listening.
Awful Guests
This is a trump worshipping podcast. As soon as I saw a Faux “News” MAGAt, I shook the dust from feet, turned my back to the hateful propaganda, and unsubscribed.
Dogs are love
I just discovered this podcast. I have been reading Jesus Calling daily for the last month. This is just such a great addition to my podcast library!
I found Chris Norton that had spinal cord injury and he shared his perspective with new people who had disability and shows how God created Chris Norton and used him to share God words and his injury awareness.
Educate yourself
Please educate yourself. Can you imagine writing as Jesus in first person and sharing it with others?? Think about it, look into what others who oppose it say. Do not just follow blindly because it brings you comfort! I was comforted by Jesus calling Devo for years. But now I feel uncomfortable as I have become more mature in my biblical knowledge.
These are true life stories which help the listener to understand that everyone has different struggles and the Jesus Calling by Sarah Young is relatable every day. Every day we can glean something from this wonderful devotional.
So happy to find this Podcast!
I have been doing Sarah’s Jesus Calling devotionals for years and absolutely love them. I have gotten into the habit of listening to spiritual/motivational podcasts on my daily walks and was so happy to see this one. It never disappoints and I share the episodes most days!
Real life hope.
I so look forward to Thursday’s...They are Jesus Calling story days. Some of the people I am familiar with, some are simply amazing strangers who have walked heavily into my heart. It’s impossible not to share these with friends and even my grandkids! Be inspired and encouraged with real people doing life with Jesus. He always is the Star of every story. Cheryl F.
cherdie pie
Need this
With all that is in this world every day, this is a blessing.
Thank you
This is a wonderful podcast. Thank you so much for reaching out to people this way.
Holly Bancroft
This podcast can help you gain a closer understanding with God. The book (the kid one, I’m a child, but VERY mature) helped me through tough times. I recommend this if you’re hurting, or if you’re not.
Best Podcast
This podcast is so encouraging and beautifully made. Makes me remember what’s important and reminds me God is there.😍👌🏽
The Rich and Famous
I love Jesus Calling. But, although the faith stories have gems of hope and encouragement all the story tellers seem to be rich and famous. It hard for me to relate to their struggles. I would like to hear from more ordinary people. Thank you Jesus Calling though.
Big advertisement
This podcast has inspiring stories and is very uplifting. I just wish it didn’t always focus on how great the Jesus calling book is. I already own it and love it but the podcast would be SO much better without the book plugs. I feel like I’m listening to an informercial which has good content. Weird
One Episode and I’m Hooked
I’ve only listened to one episode (the story of the cowboys struggle and journey with the Father) and already I’m hooked. These stories are raw and real and honest and yet also hopeful and encouraging and life giving and spirit filled and honoring to Jesus. Some podcasts are for my head. This one is balm for my heart and soul.
Love listening to this at work, makes me feel like I’m growing closer by listening to others share their experiences.. nothing like it. A+ and I love the lord!!
Great stories and fellowship
I love the variety and personal stories each guest on this podcast shares it’s like your sitting at a coffee shop having a friendly conversation and just like the book they have that important message God wants you to hear. So glad I found this special podcast.
Comforting podcast
To hear stories of people’s real life struggles and to be empowered is God’s gift to me at this time of deep loss that I am going through.
His Strength
So Grateful
Just like the devotional , you will be saying “I really needed to hear that today !” The guests are wonderful, I especially love the athletes but they all have something to bring to the table. It’s a feast of sorts !!
So excited
I am soooo excited that I found this podcast 😁🤗🤗🤗🙏🏽🙌🏾!!! When I had my android phone, I had the Jesus Calling daily devotion for free. It literally felt as if God was speaking to me face to face. Many times I would cry because it was the exact words I needed at the moment ect. When I switched to the iPhone I had to pay for it. Although it’s worth it but with my financial struggles and circumstances right now, I couldn’t download it. I’ve had my iPhone for a few years and never explored the Podcast until I started doing a devotion from my YouBible and at the end of the devotion it included an audio devotion which would be the podcast. Today I started to explore different Christian speakers and found Jesus Calling!!! I got so happy and excited!!! Grant it i see it’s not an everyday devotion but I’m so excited that I can listen to the devotions and teachings when I wake up or go to bed 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾! Thank you sooo much for making this available 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽💜💜💜
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All I can say is thank you!
This is my first time listening to your podcast. But I was gifted one of your books on joy for Christmas. And it has spoken to me more times then I can count. I have regifted this book on joy many times. The words feel alive. Thank you for being a vessel. It feels first handle when reading it. I am humbled and grateful for something tangible like this to go through life with. Blessings to you and your children’s children.
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I love these podcasts!
I love my Jesus Calling devotional so much so I was thrilled to find this podcast. I enjoy listening to the stories people tell about their lives and how God is speaking to them. Keep me coming!
Best part of my commute!
This podcast has been such an amazing find for me! It has made my morning and afternoon commute to work so much more enjoyable and meaningful! That you for sharing such inspirational stories!
Amazing wisdom!
Hey there! I am so excited to have found this podcast! Love my Jesus Calling devotional! Such wisdom meets you with a message you need to hear RIGHT NOW. *I was trying to see the Lysa TerKeurst video episode, but it just won’t play. I believe this would be an amazing interview so is there another way I can view? I’m sorry to leave this question in the review section!!
David Jeremiah
Anything with David Jeremiah makes the world a better place and me a better person for listening.
New listener
Love the show!
I love the content of this podcast! Thank you!!
Next level in ministry!
Lee & Leslie Stoble
I have recently become a Jesus Calling Ambassador because of the powerful influence that Jesus Calling has on my life. As an Ambassador I receive for free some Jesus Calling products & books as a member of this team. It is my joy to share these Jesus Calling products with you. As a result I have discovered this Jesus Calling Podcast Channel and I am loving hearing how Jesus Calling has influenced so many celebrities, rock stars, authors, preachers, ministry creators and leaders. It was great hearing Lee & Leslie Stoble's story, and their thoughts about the movie about their story - A Case for Christ. They have Jesus Calling on their table all the time, just like I do. I hope you do to. #JesusCallingAmbassador #ThomasNelsonPartner
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These stories are powerful
What good is a lamp for lighting if it’s unplugged? The testimonies of lives changed and hearts restored on this podcast are amazing.I am going through a life changing event and of all the things I could do including walk in defeat; by the grace of God I am clinging to prayer, The Word, and Worship and finding peace that passes all understanding. Listening to these stories is like a spiritual filling station when I’m on “E” encouraging me to keep believing and keep seeking His will for my life no matter if anyone around me approves or likes it. These podcasts are powerful and sharp and need to continue being shared.
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Stories that inspire
Every time I listen to the Jesus Calling podcast it's the perfect story i need to hear at that moment. That's just like reading the book but with the added benefit of stories that I can relate to and remember.
100% trash
So encouraging!
I found this podcast through an advertisement for a CD and I am so glad I did! I am going though a very hard time in my life and I have had a job change where I have to sit in front of a computer all day. I am always looking for something to listen to. These podcasts have really lifted my spirit. The stories told by these people have been something I can relate to every time no matter who they are. There is always a story of human struggle and how we search for healing and belonging. The consistent message in this is reliance on God and being a Christ follower. It shows that God is there right on time, every time. Thank you to all who make this podcast. I only wish there were more episodes to listen to more often. Love this podcast!
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Jesus Calling extended!
The Jesus Calling daily devotional has been so special and meaningful in my life so to have this podcast feels like an extension of it. Awesome!! Please bring an audio option to the daily Jesus Calling too!
Jesus is calling
Is a good book buy it and read it
Rhonda bruhin
Sarah's Narrator
I listen in the mornings as part of my devotional time. My listening time with Jesus. Thank you. If I could suggest a slight change, the music used during the podcast is a little too loud for my taste. I little distracting.
Changed my life!
For decades I suffered from depression because I couldn't hear from God. Jesus Calling changed that -- I am so grateful for the journey that Sarah Young was willing to take to make Jesus Calling possible. It's a beautiful gift book, and this podcast offers continuing inspiration.
So Inspiring
I started reading Jesus Calling in October 2016 and I have been reading it every morning since! I recently found these podcasts and I am in love! I listen to them in the car on my commute and I get so into them that the time flies. I love looking up the people afterwards and its also a great place to find inspirational books and music. They are all instrumental in my journey with Jesus!
This too shall pass
We all have storms and trials in life; I've had a few. The book "Jesus Calling" and now "Jesus Always" have been instrumental in reminding me that the storm will pass... I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to each episode and hearing others stories. I admire each of the featured individuals and their courage to speak about their faith and how "Jesus Calling" has spoken to them.
Great podcast
Absolutely excellent.
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