Jesus Calling: Stories of Faith
Jesus Calling: Stories of Faith
Sarah Young
Take A Step Of Faith Toward Your Purpose: Emily Chang & Jodi Stuber
34 minutes Posted Aug 31, 2022 at 10:00 pm.
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Are you facing a crossroads in your life where your next move involves taking a step that feels unfamiliar or hard? None of us really knows what the next minute, days, or weeks might bring, but God does. And when we trust that He is in charge of our future, taking those leaps of faith leads us ever closer to where we’re living in the fullness of who we’re meant to be. 

Emily Chang is the CEO of the McCann World Group advertising company. As a successful executive who has headed up initiatives at Starbucks and Apple, it would seem Emily’s legacy might be secured—but her corporate achievements simply were the springboard for the legacy she really wishes to establish—which is to personally make a difference for good in people’s lives by opening up her home to youth in need. Jodi Stuber grew up with a love of horses, always dreaming of having one of her own. When Jodi found out about equine therapy, she knew this great love of horses was just a stepping off point to her true calling of serving people—including children and veterans—by connecting them to animals at the Hopewell Ranch, which she co-founded in 2004.  


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Interview Quotes:

“It's a privilege to know our God. And it's a privilege to understand that we can thrive, we can live in abundance and in joy, and especially when we put others before ourselves, when we put God at the center of our life, everything changes.” - Emily Chang

“Faith is taking a step without knowing exactly the outcome, but having absolute conviction that God is at work and you get to be a part of what He is doing.” - Emily Chang

“It's like an incredibly freeing thing when all we have to do is say, ‘Okay, whatever you want, let me go try and be obedient and do the best I can.’ And God is amazing and always surpasses your wildest imagination.” - Emily Chang

“I think these small and regular habits become a lifestyle. And then our lifestyle strengthens our beliefs as well as our beliefs strengthen our lifestyle. And ultimately, that combination shapes who we are.” - Emily Chang

“It was such a blessing to see how the Lord took the things that I desired and manifested them so that we could start with that healing presence of the Lord through animals. And it was just really special.” - Jodi Stuber

“I like to think that when He formed the Earth and the people and the animals, that's creation. And so I believe that when you have somebody who's creative, God shares that piece of His heart with us, to give back to those around us. And I just think that's a beautiful gift and I love it.” - Jodi Stuber 

“I feel like there's so many people feeling lonely because they don't think anybody sees them. We know God sees them. And what I love is when He shines a spotlight on people that we can then minister to and try to help things be a little better. And that's so rewarding.” - Jodi Stuber 


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