Jesus Calling: Stories of Faith
Jesus Calling: Stories of Faith
Sarah Young
Just When We Need It, God Sends Help: Walker Hayes, Craig Allen Cooper, and Evan Dougoud
30 minutes Posted Aug 10, 2022 at 10:00 pm.
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Have you ever been in a desperate situation wondering how you will make it to the next day? Perhaps there isn’t enough money to pay that one bill, or perhaps your health hasn’t been the greatest and you wonder if you’ll ever feel better, or maybe you’re in a dire situation and you just can’t see your way out of it. During these times, one person’s kind gesture or offer of help is sometimes the way we’re able to make it to the next day—turning a corner away from a turbulent season of our lives. So often these “angels” appear in the form of friends, family, and sometimes even strangers who act as God’s agents to lift us up into a better place. This week we will hear two touching stories that speak to how God sends his help through others—right when we need it most. We’re talking with singer Walker Hayes and his friend, Pastor Craig Allen Cooper, and founder of the Be Heard movement, Evan Dougoud. 


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Interview Quotes:

“I’d just been beat up by Nashville and wasn't really excited to be known or know people. I was not a very approachable person when I met Craig, at all. And a lot of that was by choice, and just that was kind of comfortably where I lived.” - Walker Hayes

“I said, ‘Lord, I try to encourage other people, you know that. I need you, please, to encourage me. Is anything I'm doing to make a difference in anybody's life? Please show me that you have me where you want me.’” - Craig Allen Cooper 

“I think God was kind to show me Christ in another human, and I'm so grateful for that.” - Walker Hayes

“It was just very, very tough to try to focus on school when you're trying to focus on surviving.” - Evan Dougoud

“I'm standing here today only as a walking miracle, but most importantly, God saved me and I want to help and go and do the same for somebody else.” - Evan Dougoud

“What if I didn't move to Tulsa? There's people on the street I would've never met, who may have died on the street if I didn't move, if God didn't use my story, if God didn’t redirect my steps.” - Evan Dougoud

“I stopped putting God in a box of how He will provide for us.” - Evan Dougoud 

“I learned that trust is gained in buckets, but lost in drops. By us being consistent, by us being a man of our word, by us just showing up, it created a unique, trusting relationship to those who are unhoused.” - Evan Dougoud


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