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That's Not An Apology | Therapy Thursday | Issac Curry
Your process of dealing with conflict in your relationships could be why you haven't experienced the needed healing in your life. It's critical that we know the difference between an apology and accountability. An apology must be connected to curiosity and changed behavior.
Mar 8
57 min
That's How You Burn Out | Firefighters | Part 8 | Jerry Flowers
It's the nature of a fire to go out and if the enemy can't take you out, he will wear you out! So how do we prevent spiritual burnout?
Mar 4
1 hr 4 min
I've Made Peace With It | Therapy Thursday | Jerry Flowers
It's going to be hard to make destiny decisions when you haven't made a peace treaty with your past!
Mar 1
49 min
Who Sent This Storm? | Firefighters | Part 7 | Dr. J. T. Flowers
Nobody welcomes storms, and yet, whether we welcome them or not, they show up. Since we can be assured that storms will come, wouldn’t it be wise for us to prepare?
Feb 26
56 min
Your Mind Is Too Crowded | Therapy Thursday | Jerry Flowers
It’s possible that our mind is so crowded with worry, so crowded with fear, and so crowded with lies, that a word from God has to stand in the long line of our overthinking.
Feb 23
43 min
Body Heat | Firefighters | Part 6 | Jerry Flowers
Every follower of Jesus needs community, but it must be one that's healthy and on fire for the things of God! Authentic Christian fellowship comes with heat, which is necessary in order to melt the frostbite of our struggles.
Feb 19
59 min
I'm Not In Love With You Anymore | Therapy Thursday | Issac Curry
Many of us sabotage and walk away from potentially thriving relationships simply because we've never seen what it looks like up close to choose love without forcing love. While there are others who walk away from relationships because that's how we've been taught to cope with conflict.
Feb 16
41 min
This Girl Is On Fire | Firefighters | Part 5 | Jerry Flowers & Dr. J. T. Flowers
At the end of the day, we have this choice when it comes to overcoming the lies of insecurity: choose what you believe, affirm what you believe and unlearn what you have believed.
Feb 12
1 hr 18 min
Are You Really Ready To Love Again? | Therapy Thursday | Issac Curry
Let us be people that experience what biblical love truly looks like, so that once we enter into relationships we do not repeat what should've been repaired.
Feb 9
50 min
Firemen | Firefighters | Part 4 | Jerry Flowers & Will Jackson
Everything changes when Godly men are in position!
Feb 5
1 hr 17 min
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