Jensen and Holes: The Murder Squad
Jensen and Holes: The Murder Squad
Exactly Right
Retired Cold Case Investigator Paul Holes and Investigative Journalist Billy Jensen dig deep into unsolved murders, unidentified remains and missing persons cases. Each week listeners ride shotgun as Holes and Jensen attempt to solve the crime using a variety of methods, from old-fashioned detective work to advanced technologies including familial DNA searches, social media geotargeting, and maybe most important—the skills of their listeners who send in tips and theories, becoming active members of The Murder Squad. 
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Love, love, love!!
I’m very new to podcasts, but have always LOVED true crime. When I listened to my first episode of “Murder Squad”, I was absolutely hooked, and now I have listened to every one. You two, Paul & Billy, have such chemistry, not to mention, knowledge and passion, I’m always excited when a new show comes out. Thanks for all you guys do to get these cases solved. Y’all are wonderful!
Great Podcast
I love this team! They have turned a podcast’s following into a hive mind of citizen detectives to help solve cold cases as opposed to turning gruesome murders into a weekly gossip session. I respect the work you guys are doing!
Love listening every week
So entertaining!
Episode 29 Morgans mother
I listened to this episode and when I heard Morgan’s mother talk about her daughter and how she honored her. I can relate, she is a strong mother. I’m in the medical field and lost my daughter also, not in the way she did but talking about her daughter and who she was sounded like my daughter. The quote she made, gave me some hope. ❤️
Love the show
These two!!
I started listening to true crime podcasts about 2 years ago, and these two men have become my absolute #1 podcast!! Thanks so much for sharing all of your experiences and insight!
Love from Louisiana!
Absolutely love your podcast! Great voices and my favorite blazer wearing handsome guys in true crime. ❤️ Teresa Reaves ; Sunset, Louisiana
teresa reaves
Sick of Politics
Show was better when they stuck to the cases and didn’t force the conversation into politics. Pragmatism is dead.
Another missing soldier from Ft Hood
What in the world is going on in Killeen, TX? I just saw another soldier was listed as missing 10/2/20. Just adds to the list of missing and murdered soldiers. I know you have been discussing and would love additional thoughts on what the hell is happening over there?
The Paul Holes Experience
Paul Holes’ soothing voice will caress your eardrums like the brush of a lover’s hand. During the course of each episode you’re treated to not only Paul Holes’ centuried wisdom, but you will also find your phone emanating such delightful scents as fine Italian leather and Virginia pipe tobacco. The only negative experience I’ve had was when I took a sharp turn in my car while listening to the podcast and heard a splash, which was from the tipping over of a glass of Scotch that had somehow materialized on my phone, placed upon it as if upon a coaster. There’s no truer crime than depriving yourself of the spine-shivering pleasure of listening to this podcast.
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botany Ray Charles
Fascinating insights in forensics and investigation strategies
Though I normally like True Crime shows where the crime has been solved, I make an exception for Murder Squad. I love the back and forth between Billy and Paul and how they each bring expertise and insights. I really hope real law enforcement folks listen and learn as it could make all the difference in solving cases. I also love that they are trying to solve (or revive investigations) of cold cases that may not get the attention they deserve otherwise. And, of course, the “other distractions“ banter is icing on the cake (ironically, I listen to them as I am at my shop making sweets for my little biz).
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Get your facts straight
You lost me. I’ve been a loyal listener but you’re no better than the main stream media talking about cases and social injustice when you misrepresent the facts. Do your research or keep it out of the show.
Love it!
Please do Kyron Horman. The fact that a little boy just disappeared in thin air “ from school” has haunted me for years.
Couldn’t Love this more!!!
The hair color ad that Paul does is honestly one of the best ads on all the podcasts I listen too. This is in my top 5 things STL listen to and I love the commitment to cold cases! Thanks guys
Love the show!
This is a great podcast! I love that it’s a true crime podcast that focuses on investigating cases and trying to use crowdsourcing to solve them! Also just love Paul and Billy so much. I’ve been a fan throughout the GSK case. Any new big cases on the horizon? Or do you feel like cases need someone like Michelle to push them into the spotlight?
Making A Difference
I’m a murderino & have listened from the beginning. This show is so different compared to all of the other true crime podcasts I listen to. It truly makes a difference and brings awareness to unsolved cases that the listener may be able to assist with. The awareness they bring to cases is so important, and I really appreciate the forensics aspect Paul brings to the table, complementing Billy’s journalistic nature. Thanks y’all!
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Because you are greedy
I’ve been a listener since the very beginning. I understand you guys need to make money, but really, 5+ minutes of ads??? No thanks
Get your facts straight
Read the warrant. Police did not “hit the wrong house.” If the hosts insist on repeating that bit of bad information how sloppy are they with the crimes they discuss?
I would expect nothing less from a cop (former or otherwise) to be in a position to speak truth to the murder of Breonna Taylor and instead say they need more facts. You’re an apologist for muderers. It’s typical and it’s BS. Do better. Be better.
LOVE this Podcast
I’m a true murderino and I’ve been a loyal listener from the start. With Paul Holes technical knowledge and Billy Jensen’s research and writing background the listener is given a peek into the investigative world. The weekly assignments bring the listener into the podcast and hearing the times listener tips helped give answers, solve the mystery or set the wheels of justice in motion brings a satisfaction and a sense of success even when you do nothing but listen. Growing up in Northern California near Contra Costa County during the active GSK era and Paul Holes reign gives me the added benefit of a familiarity with some of his references and makes for an interesting listen!
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Sensitive Admin
Whatever you do do NOT take up for their slogan “ don’t be an irony”. Someone got offended, started a thread on their Facebook page to change their very own slogan and they a lawn chair. This podcast sums our society at the moment , no accountability and everyone’s offended by everything and you are mean if you don’t agree. Peace ✌️ out MurderSqad
So good, so real, so informational. An amazing podcast that is relevant and DOES something with this true crime obsession we all have. Keep it up, y’all!
Need better editing
I love the concept of the podcast but the editing is awful - maybe hire a professional to do it. The same segments/phrases are repeated multiple times - we got it the first time. 10/1/20 Same complaint. The editing is AWFUL. Just absolutely horrible. Do you have an editor at all? And if you’re going to shill products, at least pretend to know what you’re selling. It’s pronounced KEE-toe, not ke-toe with a short “e” sound. Geez.
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Used to be good
It used to be the best - but the politics come shining through in the last month or so. It's impossible to listen to now. Listening to the latest episode and the 'journalist' talking about Breonna Taylor, and Paul clearly uncomfortable with it, was the final straw for me. If Paul teams up with someone responsible I'll follow him again. Until then, I'm done.
You get the other 3 stars when I confirm the info from your Brionna Taylor podcast
You said that the police had the wrong address on the “no knock warrant.” From my perspective, that would move this incident from understandable tragedy of errors into incompetence. What are you saying happened? A dyslexic entered the address onto the actual warrant? I listened to the New York Times 2 part coverage on this story, and it sounded as if Ms. Taylor was entwined, involved, in love with the drug dealer. It made sense that at some point, the drug dealer (boyfriend A) stayed at her house. Apparently, she was tired of the treatment she was getting from boyfriend A, (the exciting “bad boy”) and realized she’d have a better life with boyfriend B (“responsible guy”). Boyfriend A had threatened boyfriend B. My understanding was that’s why boyfriend B had the legally registered gun. Boyfriend A was a very scary, dangerous guy that may have left a dead guy in a trunk, and the police had not tied boyfriend A to that crime. I don’t make enough money to have my police force “re-imagined” & I’m not being sarcastic. People on bath salts or meth or whatever new Chinese molecule is coming down the pike can’t be “de-escalated.” Up here in Seattle, our mental health problems and our drug problems have gone WAY past “de-escalation”. We have people with permanent brain damage roaming the streets & I can’t see how we will be able to talk or cajole our way out of this huge problem any time soon. I hope you made an error in stating that the police went to the wrong address. (Sorry for the length of this msg-your podcast reaches a wide audience & you have a responsibility to get the details correct.)
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Just discovered
Hi! I just discovered this podcast while being recommended from another show. The first episode I listened to was the Brooklyn farthing episode. I am actually from the same town she was and no we don’t start to party at 5am. Great listen all the same!
I previously loved this podcast however now they are becoming political and commenting on current events without knowing the facts and both should know better. Both as a former detective and as an alleged responsible journalist. Look into the facts of things like Breonna Taylor before forming an opinion for the sake of going with the tides right now. It was NOT the wrong house & her bf was a drug dealer. Do better guys. Don’t trust the media
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Nikki Kae
Please Research before speaking
Paul you said incorrect info in the Brianna Taylor case. It wasn’t the wrong house, she wasn’t asleep. Police notified themselves. I love and respect you but it’s dangerous to repeat info that is false.
Amana Holiday Inn murders
I absolutely love the podcast! I have a suggestion for an episode. In 1980, a couple was murdered in Williamsburg, Iowa at the Holiday Inn. My grandma was the maid that was supposed to clean the room. She has since passed away, but this story is what got me interested in true crime. I was told that she had to go get her manager since the do not disturb sign had been on the door all day and she wasn’t able to clean it. The murders have never been solved. Keep up the great work! Thank you for what you guys do!
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Why Get Political?
Wrong house?!? It wasn’t the wrong house. It was her address and name on the warrant. Her ex boyfriend used her address for drugs! Come on! How are you not behind the police a little on this?!? Give the facts!!! Not feelings. No Knock but they knocked and announced themselves! The cop was shot in the leg!! Should he not have defended himself? Just lie down and take it! Disappointed! I love this show.
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Rachel Willems
Not Your Average Crime Podcast
Love this show! So interesting to hear Paul’s insight on cases. He and Billy make a great team. I could listen to them for days. Amazing to have a show like this giving out assignments for listeners and actually making a difference in some of these unsolved cases!
I love this Podcast! Billy and Paul do a great job delivering these cases. My only criticism are some of the guest speakers who may ramble or share information that doesn’t seem relevant. Despite that, I keep coming back!
I’m listening to less music because of these guys
What a good show. I am a newer listener and am loving all the podcasts going back to the beginning. Informative, good dialogue and a chance to get involved.
Must listen!
Enjoyable dialogue
Paul and Billy have a great rapport as well as very knowledgeable. Cases are handle well and thoroughly. Their passion for the cases come through.
I could listen to Paul and Billy talk about paint drying
I could listen to Paul and Billy talk about paint drying. I love the different perspectives on the cases, I love the daily distractions... it’s like listening to friends chat at a bar. I’m still binging to catch up and enjoying every minute.
They know their stuff!
I love listening to this podcast and hearing the take from two people and often guests that have lived in the crime world for a long time. They are doing real work and helping us listeners learn how we can help solve unsolved crimes. We may not work forensics but we all have skills that just may help in some case at some point. The case I would love you to cover is “solved” Sam Cooke was shot in a “justifiable homicide” by Bertha Franklin in a hotel in 1964 though many think there is much more to this story.
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Love Paul Holes’ insight
I could listen to Paul Holes discussing these murder cases all day long. Billy needs to quit talking so much. He does a lot of talking and it gets annoying.
One of the best true crime shows. Lose “like”. You are a grown man
It’s an obsession. I just read Jensen’s Chase Darkness With Me. Really good book. One thing I can’t stand is the constant use of “like” by Jensen. Annoying!
Love it
Very informative and sticks to the case.
There are few really awful true crime podcasts
This is the king of them. The hosts are both exceedingly arrogant and the forced humor is neither funny or entertaining.
Never hear the word “like”
This podcast is intelligent conversation between Paul, and Billy. Unlike other true crime/murder podcasts neither host uses the word like, for example, they will never say, “and then the killer, like, took out his gun and like threatened to kill the couple.” It’s so refreshing!
LOVE LOVE LOVE this podcast. So insightful and really captivating. I’m so glad I came across this podcast. I’m totally binge listening to it as I write this! Thank you for an amazing show!
The Most Insightful True Crime Podcast
The most insightful true crime podcast by a wide margin. Paul Holes’ law enforcement expertise and experience, coupled with the dogged journalistic instinct of Billy is an unbeatable combination. Their personalities gel quite well, and the program is well-paced and entertaining. Five stars! Suggestion: PLEASE cover the Caneiro family murders from November 2018 in Colts Neck,NJ. Nobody is tackling this case, and it’s so difficult for the general public to wrap our minds around how and why this type of multi-generational family annihilation could happen. The financial motive brought forth by the prosecution seems like an oversimplification for something so sick and twisted. There must be more to it. Paul and Billy are the right guys to delve into this! Thanks.
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W. Mark Duda
Not Crime Junkies!
That’s why I listen to you!! Nuff said!
If these two are indicative of the average "detective" then we should hire Carmen Sandiego and Mcruff. These dummies couldn't find Waldo on a cereal box if you circled him with a highlighter. "People who have pets don't burn their houses down" Are you high? People have killed their entire family and then burned down their house.And why is there a lady in high heels walking at the beginning? "This is exactly stupid".
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Great hosts and content!
Love listening to Billy and Paul! Such a great show.
Sara Halbert
love this
big Paul fan. Billy is great too.
Great Podcast
Please cover the WVU co Ed murders:))
Hot for Holes
Swooooooonnnnn.... I could listen to him talk all day! Billy, you’re pretty awesome too!
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