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Award winning Jazz vocalist, pianist, composer-producer and journalist ++,  Fiona Ross chats with Jon and Darrel on this first episode of season 2 of the Groove Coast Podcast
Award winning Jazz vocalist, pianist, composer-producer and journalist ++, Fiona Ross chats with Jon and Darrel on this first episode of season 2 of the Groove Coast Podcast
Jan 29, 2021
1 hr 19 min
Ashaine White talks to Jazz writer Jiaowei Hu on the Women In Jazz Media Podcast - EP.01
Listen in to a fascinating conversation about the Jazz industry in China, the challenges and barriers and how we can all support the Jazz scene in China.
Jan 24, 2021
22 min
Music Matters Podcast Tailer
Music Matters is a podcast series hosted by globally published music journalist, pro musician, published Getty Images photographer Darrell Craig Harris. Music Matters is based in Las Vegas!   The series is produced by the Music Matters team which includes Darrell Craig Harris and voiceover artist and co-producer Nigel J. at MusicTribesUnite based in south west France!  The podcast series features guests from all facets of the music industry including globally known artists, musicians, music biz insiders, music-related manufacturers and more!   Find out more @ MusicMattersPodcast.com Trailer credits: Music track intro kindly provided by our good friend Rodney Hall - President of FAME Recording Studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, USA(Don't forget to checkout Rodney's own new podcast found on his website.) - Music track: Mustang Sally - Brent Smith - Muscle Shoals: Small Town, Big Sound Voice over/trailer/intro/outro production for Music Matters Podcast is co-producer - Nigel J. @ Music Tribes Unite
Jan 19, 2021
20 sec
#FunkTribe Hi-5 Podcast Vol.01
Welcome to the first volume of my Hi-5 fav's of Funk music...with commentary and information about each of the 5 track's I have chosen this time.
Jan 17, 2021
24 min
#JazzTribe Hi-5 Piano Podcast
Enjoy 30+ minutes of Great Piano Jazz - with comments by Nigel J. from JazzTribe.Network, the former Editor in Chief of JazzInEurope and MusicTribesUnite.eu
Jan 14, 2021
32 min
#BluesTribe Hi-5 Fav V.1 Podcast
Welcome to #BluesTribe Hi-5 favourites volume one. You'll hear some Blues tracks you may or may not be aware of? Rather than go for some traditional and great legends, I have chosen to share perhaps slightly less known blues artist. Although for me they're all really class acts. Nigel J. from JazzTribe.Network, the Editor in Chief of JazzInEurope and MusicTribesUnite.eu     Artists and Tracks: 1. 'Walking with the Spirit' by Coco Robicheaux - Album: SpiritHand 19952. 'Lives That Don't Exist' from Ana Popovic - Album: Blind For Love3. 'With My Maker I Am One' by Eric Bibb - Album: Booking Guitar4. 'Am I Wrong' by Keb Mo - Album: Martin Scorsese presents The Blues - Keb Mo4. 'I'm a Women' from Deborah Coleman - Album: Soft Place to Fall #SHURE #MV7 #SHUREMOTIV #ShurePlusMOTIV
Jan 11, 2021
23 min
#SoulTribe Hi-5 Fav V.1 Podcast
Immerse yourself for just 20 minutes as if it was a 'Meditation for the SOUL' - #SoulTribe Hi-5 favourites in this first volume will hopefully bring your inner joy and respite from the topsy-turvy world. And I hope my supporting comments are of interest - Nigel J. from JazzTribe.Network, the Editor in Chief of JazzInEurope and MusicTribesUnite.eu  Artists and Tracks: 1. 'Let's Get It On' by Marvin Gaye2. 'Soul Man' by Sam Moore & Dave Prater from 19673. 'You Make me feel Like a Natural Women' by Aretha Franklin4. 'Move On Up' from Curtis Mayfield4. 'The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face' by Roberta Flack also from 1967 #SHURE #MV7 #SHUREMOTIV #ShurePlusMOTIV
Jan 8, 2021
20 min
Blue Oyster Cult guitarist Richie Castellano chats with Darrell Craig Harris on Music Matters Podcast - EP.04
In this new Music Matters #Podcast episode, we chat with @BlueOysterCult guitarist, songwriter, co-producer Richie Castellano! Along with BOC, Richie also founded the viral Youtube music series Band Geek! Here are some links for you to check out ALL the great work that Richie's working on :) Richie Castellano - Blue Oyster Cult - Richie Castellano on YouTube The Symbol Remains CD, 180-gram gatefold 2-LP Vinyl.Released on October 09, 2020.Order The Symbol Remains photo credit: Ron Douros My Big thanks to our friends at #AudioGeer and to the team @shure for their awesome support! #Shure #MV7 #podcast mic! Please check out our Music Matters podcast on @spotifypodcastshttps://open.spotify.com/show/7bJF7f55vajlemTb5Tsoat?si=m8ER2BUDSKm7u3qlM3CARA Hey, also check out the New Music Matters Podcast Website- And a Big Shout and thanks for the support of the following: Rodney Hall FAME Recording Studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama Shure microphones Affliction clothing   MusicTribesUnite-USA and JazzTribe.Network Please, support, LIKE and helps us grow - check out our Social Media pages:
Jan 7, 2021
1 hr 43 min
The New Jazz Focus - sponsored by JazzInEurope.com - Episode 1
Hi Everyone – Nigel J.  - editor in chief at JazzInEurope.com Welcome to the first episode of New Jazz Focus I will be making comments - shining a spotlight on albums I particularly enjoyed this month and clips of the artist videos.  We start off with the album – BLIK by the group Radio Bévort. The Group was formed by Danish Saxophone player Pernille Bévort and is a septet consisting of a regular rhythm section and four woodwinds. All four wind players double  - providing a wide and diverse sound palette for Pernillie - who is responsible for all of the arrangements to draw from. This album sounds more like a small big band album rather than your typical septet recording Almost all of the ensemble passages are fully through-composed yet at the same time, there is plenty of space for each of the soloists to fully open up This album is not “Music for the Millions”. It’s intelligent, extremely well-conceived and performed spectacularly. That said, it’s also not a science project, the music sounds fully organic. So….let’s listen to a little snippet of this album now… Read CD Review for BLIK-Radio Bévort @ JazzInEurope.com The second album I’ve chosen is by the German group Soulcrane which is lead by the trumpet player Matthias Schwengler and the album is titled - “Another Step We Take”. The Albums opens with the title track “Another Step We Take”, a jazz waltz that not only sets the tone for this recording it also displays the beautiful tone and lyricism of leader Matthias Schwengler  While almost all the tracks on this album are in a similar tempo and tonality, the album at no point becomes monotonous in fact quite the opposite, The sense of melody and form - displayed specifically by Schwengler and his guest saxophonist Matthew Halpin keeps - the listener fully engaged.  If you’re looking for an album full of up-tempo hard-swinging jazz, this is not the album for you. The feel is ethereal and the soundscapes highly textural with a superb sense of melody, the perfect album to chill out with.  let’s experience a little of that chill-out vibe now… Read CD Review for Another Step We Take @ JazzInEurope.com Finally for this episode lets delve into the latest album from the Israeli pianist Nuphar Fey.Her new album titled “Serenity Island” is released on the Belgium based label - Hypnote Records.  This album simply can’t be categorized and that’s part of its appeal because its a composition of a personal journey and therefore should be celebrated for its individuality. Through her music gifts, you are invited to immerse yourself as her companion. Each of the tracks invites you to proceed like stepping-stone chapters.  Life is about taking leaps of faith...well lets at least take a little hop with Nuphar Fey – Enjoy. Read CD Review for Serenity Island @ JazzInEurope.com Thanks to this show's sponsor -JazzInEurope.com from Europe, Read Globally... Here is a link to the video version of this episode on YouTube: VIDEO Version -Take me Directly to YouTube :)
Jan 7, 2021
18 min
#SmoothJazzTribe Hi-5 Fav Podcast V.1
Enjoy 30+ minutes of Great Smooth Jazz - with comments by Nigel J. from JazzTribe.Network, the Editor in Chief of JazzInEurope and MusicTribesUnite.eu Tracks and artists: 1. 'Heaven' by Ronny Jordon from his album At Last2. Chuck Loeb with 'The Music Inside' 3. Bob Baldwin playing 'I Wanna Be Where You Are' off his tribute album Brazil Chill4. 'On My Mind' by Brian Culbertson from his hit-album Secrets5 'Soul Dream' from Tim Bowman. PS: Here's a look at my renovated Red sports car.  #SHURE #MV7 #SHUREMOTIV #ShurePlusMOTIV
Jan 7, 2021
31 min
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