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The episodes are hit or miss (sometimes they go in depth, other times they stay at a high level) but overall I’ve been able to learn lots of relevant tidbits that help keep me up to speed on the JS ecosystem.
Side tangent: the podcast
I like this podcast. It CAN be quite informative and often dives into specific subjects for an entire episode where other shows might just touch these subjects as they come up, as one part of a group of subjects, etc. The problem is, though an entire show might be based around a concept, you’ll listen to the whole show and not really feel any more informed on it. Most episodes turn into a series of “well ACTUALLYYYY”’s. Secondly, discussion happens on an extremely macro level. It’s tough to translate code to audio, but they can definitely be better about discussing real life scenarios you might use whatever. Part of this is on the guest, admittedly, but if the guest isn’t getting into the weeds, I think the panelists should try to get them there. I think as a listener, most people would prefer that to a game of “stump the other panelists/guests”. Panelists: no one cares about the random irrelevant environment that x doesn’t ACTUALLY work in. There is nothing wrong with discussing a side topic if it comes up naturally and is “danger zone listeners need to know this for real”. But I’m sure around a quarter of the content of every episode is irrelevant information. Sorry if this review is harsh, I do like the show, I just want it to be better. I’m tired of seeing a subject in an episode title, getting excited, then an hour later feeling like it was a waste.
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Bad Host A.J’s an Idi*t
Who found this guy?
Too much of a good thing
It's sad but not surprising how JSJ has suffered in quality since expanding to twice a week.
A great overview of what’s going on in JavaScript
In October I decided I would listen to every episode of this podcast and just this week (December) finally caught up. It was really interesting seeing the discussions move from Backbone, Knockout, Angular.js, and Ember to mostly React essentially overnight in 2015. It was also interesting to listen to predictions about how es6 would be adopted and how some people correctly predicted that this would lead to build systems and JavaScript becoming a compilation target. Also it was interesting to me that the web component spec was discussed in 2012 and in almost 2019 it had yet to see wide adoption. I really love the personal touch this podcast, with things like AJ ONeils reoccurring intro gag, the bacon convention, all of the board games, and the picks section. It’s also nice to see a lot of less popular libraries and frameworks covered rather than just the same old stuff. The breadth of topics leads to a large variety of things to add to the “maybe ill check that out” list. Also most importantly all of the people in the panel seem to be really sincere and that matters. I’ll definitely continue listening to this podcast and would definitely recommend it to anyone’s interested in what’s going on in JavaScript.
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Really Insightful
I’ve learned a ton listening to this podcast. The host is really involved and engaged in web development and it shows. It is easy to follow while out for a walk or something n a drive. Thank you for keeping this going.
Capitol Reef
Has so much promise
Very disappointed and finally gave up with this podcast. The host is absolutely terrible (not knowledgable about JS at all and at times pretty rude to guests) and most of the panel sounds very awkward. As someone in the industry of teaching JS, I recognize how difficult it can be to do something like this so I tried to stick it out, however when guests come on and the host admits he not only knows nothing about what they are there for, but also that he did not study up on it and prefers Ruby, it makes it hard to stay with it. I do feel bad for the guests and all the people who put work into this, but unfortunately its not for me.
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