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Why You Shouldn't Choose Boost Mobile As A Wireless Provider
1 hour 40 minutes Posted Feb 25, 2023 at 3:00 pm.
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Show notes
Today, on It's Real Talk Radio, we will be discussing the horrible treatment Boost Mobile is giving their customers. So I have been with Boost Mobile for well over 10 years and I used to not have any issues with them as a company, but that has changed. Dishnetwork now owns Boost Mobile and somewhere within that acquisition, customer service has taken a dive for the worst! So after paying my bill, I noticed my phone wasn't working properly. When I called to ask them why my phone wasn't working, they told me it was because my account had been suspended. Why? I asked. The representatives didn't know how to describe it, but they eventually send me an email response accusing me of traffic pumping.
Wait, it gets better! I was told that if I do it again, my account would not be restored! I had no idea what they were talking about. I use my phone the same normal way everyone else uses theirs and my bill was already paid for the month. So I had to sit with my phone off for multiple days before they cut it back on with the warning that was just described. I was appalled and instantly joined a new wireless provider the same day they cut my phone back on.
I told the customer service rep that I was gonna do a podcast about Boost Mobile's lack of customer service and appreciation and this is me delivering on my promise. There was even a smart remark in the email, which I will be reading live on air. Now if you've been a Boost Mobile customer then you know they already have a lack of 5G coverage and you pretty much always get a customer service rep who speaks broken English. That is very frustrating. It seems as though they hire people overseas to save money. Imagine how many jobless Americans could use those customer service jobs!
We as customers of these big corps cannot and will not settle for mistreatment and inconvenience while these companies make generational wealth off us!