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Modern Women Are Extremely Difficult, Self-Centered And Unreasonable
2 hour 2 minutes Posted Jan 28, 2023 at 3:00 pm.
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Today, on It's Real Talk Radio, we will be discussing one of the hottest topics in the dating world over the past few years. Modern women! When it comes to locker rooms, barber shops, and just guy talk in general, the general consensus is that most modern women are extremely difficult, self-centered and unrealistic with their expectations. But why do men feel this way? Well society has shown us that the modern women of today aren't what their predecessors were.
Strong men are what we consider to be alphas. Most women say they want a strong man. Well how do you expect to have a strong man, if you're gonna belittle him, disregard him and challenge him every step of the way? Can you imagine talking to your employer the way modern women talk to their companions? Needless to say you'd have to get that resume ready, because you'd be pridefully unemployed! Well as a woman, you're looking for a man to employee you for the job of being his partner.
When asked their preference, most modern women admit they prefer a man to pay all or the majority of the bills. Now in today's times, with inflation and the cost of living sky rocketing, that's a heavy burden to put on 1 person, even if they make good money. This role was historically designed for the stay at home moms and stay at home wives. But most modern women want to still work, they just don't want to have to pay significant bills, or they feel like what purpose is the man serving?
But the men who are able and willing to pay all the bills, want to come home to peace and quiet, a clean house, and a good, wholesome meal. Instead, they're coming home to backtalk, longwinded debates, and no appreciation for the living arrangements they've been granted. So is that fair or justifiable? One could argue that bad seeds spoiled it for the bunch! Well we're gonna get to the bottom of it, so tune in, cuz it's about to get REAL!