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The Misconception Of Snitching

1 hour 53 minutes Posted Dec 9, 2022 at 3:00 am.
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Show notes
Tonight, on It's Real Talk Radio, we will be taking a dive into hood politics, as we discuss the ever so controversial "snitching." That's right, this is a topic we never fully dove into and it is long overdue. So the question of the night is "What do you consider snitching?" For instants, if 3 friends are involved in a hit and run and the driver refuses to come forth even though they are all 3 being accused, if one of the passengers tells the authorities who the driver was, so they won't get blamed and have to do serious jail time for something they didn't do or have any control over, is that snitching? And who is the grimier person? The passenger for telling on the driver, or the driver for not coming forth and risking having the 2 passengers have to face serious jail time for something they didn't do?
These are the types of scenarios we must explore and ask ourselves, when having these street politic discussions. Snitching has always been controversial and even the military has a no snitching clause. It's called being a whistleblower and there are dire consequences for those actions. So the gangs and street thugs actually got it from the government. Now it's gotten to the point where law-abiding citizens are held to the standards of street criminals and as a result, Mrs. Townsend who is a teacher, wife and mother of 3 will be labeled a snitch for calling the police on the neighborhood drug dealers, who refuse to stop selling drugs on her front and stashing drugs on her property.
Can law-abiding citizens be snitches? WHAT ARE THE STREET RULES TO SNITCHING?? If Rome borrows a gun from his friend Chase and kills 2 people with it and the police find this registered gun and the shell casings but they don't catch Rome or know he's the shooter, so law enforcement arrest Chase and Chase confesses that Rome did the killings, did Rome snitch or was he righting a wrong? It's time to talk!