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Why Do Women Place Good Men In The Friend Zone?
1 hour 44 minutes Posted Nov 19, 2022 at 6:30 pm.
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Show notes
Tonight, on It's Real Talk Radio, we will be discussing the infamous FRIEND ZONE! It's well recognized that modern women tend to friend zone good men who are interested in them. We see scenarios where the man and woman go way back, sometimes as far as grade school and the man will be really into the woman but she'll just hold him captive in the friend zone. It is indeed a frustrating position for men to be in and it's becoming more and more common.
We also see this in so called best friends of the opposite sex. Now this is where things get even more complicated, because best friends are expected to be platonic, but opposite sex best friends tend to share so many intimate moments, that a spark is typically inevitable. Now if either party reacts to that spark, is another discussion. But most of the time, men who find themselves head over heels, for their female best friend, tend to confess or give some type of signal. But how many times do we see the woman keep the best friend in the friend zone, knowing he wants more?
Most of you probably know a woman (if not multiple) who turned down a nice guy with a solid career and a promising future, all for her lust of Pookie, who may be 6'3 with hazel eyes and her preferred skin tone, but also has a history of cheating, not providing much financial contribution, and blaming his children's mothers for his estranged relationship with his children. You know, the guy who sits on the couch and smokes weed, drinks beer and eats all the food while his woman grinds to keep the lights on? Yeah, that guy!
Many men scratch their heads in confusion, as they try to understand reason and logic, when it comes to the complexity of how and why women choose the way they do. Well tonight, we will be breaking these scenarios down from our perspective, while trying to gain some understanding of the female mindset, from a partnership perspective.