It's Charlie, Not Charles
It's Charlie, Not Charles
Charlie Vargas
A weekly dissection of current events. Let's challenge the status quo.
JC Polanco, Esq., MBA
We talk New York politics and more with the very charismatic attorney, college professor, and Univision correspondent, J.C. Polanco.
Nov 26
2 hr 58 min
Kota the Friend and Vernon Jones
A hilarious and insightful conversation about hip-hop, real estate, and legacy with rapper, Kota the Friend and Vernon Jones.
Nov 16
2 hr 34 min
Diana Noriega
An honest conversation about mentorship, effective communication in the context of anti-racism and patriarchy, and healing from wounds that affect self-worth.
Nov 10
2 hr 7 min
Jose Medina
A deep dive on fatherhood, poetry, aliens, and existentialism with the very interesting Jose Medina.
Oct 28
3 hr 20 min
Maine Buchanan
A fun stroll down memory lane with international super curator of good vibes, Maine Buchanan. His unique style of hosting inclusive parties, the future of nightlife, and what's next for the legendary Everyday People party.
Oct 24
3 hr 10 min
Omar Davis
The founder of "Crash Bell" and creator of "Wholly Men," Omar Davis, blesses the show with a brief guided morning meditation and a thorough conversation about the anatomy, inner child healing through mindful practices, and the importance of wellness training in improving work culture and community interactions.
Oct 14
2 hr 55 min
Jason Rosario
A powerful and honest conversation with Jason Rosario, the Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer for BBDO, and founder of the social impact agency "The Lives of Men." From the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion in varied work spaces, to toxic masculinity, the power of therapy, and his continued path of aligning goals of self-liberation with community empowerment.
Oct 7
2 hr 34 min
Andre Richardson
On this episode I had the pleasure to sit down with friend and political strategist, Andre Richardson and discuss meditation, the need for protest, redefining political philosophy, increasing diversity in positions of power, the importance of the Vote in the upcoming election, the legalization of marijuana and so more!
Sep 29
2 hr 11 min
Jonathan Fernandez
An enjoyable conversation with the smart, funny and honest Jonathan Fernandez of "Love and Hip Hop." We discuss his painful childhood experience of gay "conversion" therapy, social media trolls, and life threatening incident with a bottle cork.
Sep 22
2 hr 31 min
Remysell Salas
A casual conversation about Dominican history, community building, Nipsey Hussle and more with college professor and political consultant, Remysell Salas.
Sep 17
2 hr 54 min
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