It's A Thing
It's A Thing
It's a Thing is a decidedly off-topic show. It's a show about trends. It's a show about obsessions. It's a show about sneakers, becoming a plant lady, buying a house (holy cow, sewers), books, food (holy cow, lining up for pastries). It's about things that are already a thing, might become a thing, always have been a thing, or are only things in our own minds. And of course, it's about your things! If a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, this show is us tying our shoes. And talking about it. 
Embiggening Dolly Parton - It's a Thing 140
Tom enlarges the thingness of a word, then Molly basks in the thingness of Dolly Parton's nowness. Then Tom is seeing a new evolution of the music documentary, and Molly has the latest example of the metathing that is spicy food. 
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Nov 27
32 min
Performative Pasta - It's a Thing 139
Tom is reflecting on his pasta hoarding, while Molly gets called out for a performative thing. Then Tom has a perpetual pan of interest, while Molly is rushing the holiday season. 
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Nov 22
31 min
A Mood, Evolved - It's a Thing 138
Tom authenticating a thing is a mood, and Molly thinks weed gummies have reached the wine moms. Then Tom discovers that hipsters are sweeping the globe, and Molly has a new show powered by the thingness of chess. 
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Nov 13
26 min
King v. Kornacki - It's a Thing 137
Tom is getting in the dark arts of book binding, and Molly has been studying the thingness of Steve Kornacki. Then Tom finds a thing in Amazon return boxes, and Molly is soaking in the sudden thingness of Hamilton re-watching. Plus, we <3 you, Alex. 
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Nov 8
28 min
Comfort, Calm, and Candy - It's a Thing 136
Tom discovers that calm is now a marketing strategy, then Molly is seeing Halloween adapt to COVID times. Then Tom finds men who are comfortable being comfortable, and Molly sorts through the morass of Twitter memes. 
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Oct 30
24 min
Breathing and Inflating - It's a Thing 135
Tom has a classic find with a low key version of no, and Molly thinks a subsequent movie film is a thing. Then Tom is taking a deep look at breathing, then Molly is inflating her paddle board and going home. 
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Oct 23
30 min
Missing a Thing is a Thing - It's a Thing 134
Molly and Tom find a thing among us, even if Tom might have missed it the first time around. Then Molly rages about a Taco Bell deletion, and Tom has a knife with a full spectrum of color. 
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Oct 16
25 min
A Thrustmaster Shortage - It's a Thing 133
This week, Producer Rich fills in for Molly. Rich starts out by sitting in the Adirondacks, and Tom explores the new hotness in fast fashion. Then Rich flies in the virtual clouds, and Tom looks at what those teens are eating. 
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Oct 9
30 min
It's the Dinosaur of the Air - It's a Thing 132
Tom's best plaid plans are becoming things, then Molly finds that a bird that redefines terror. Then Tom discusses if pastels are the new neon, and Molly discovers the Detroit-style pizza. 
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Oct 2
30 min
Shouting in the Thing Library - It's a Thing 131
Welcome to the It's a Thing Library, be as loud as you want. Tom is trying to get ahead of the latest fast food thing, and then Molly's thing goes (out) to the dogs. Then Tom plays it safe with jewels colors taking over, and then Molly is keeping it 100. 
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Sep 25
27 min
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