is this still recording?
is this still recording?
Just three collegiate girls sitting down to spill the tea on viral sensations, real life and the challenges of being black women while going to college. Always filled with funny moments, guests and moments of faith, this show is bound to keep you laughing and of course you will always hear "is this still recording" because let's be honest we don't know what the hell we're doing.
Episode 5: “Praying to... dick?!”
Welcome back to another episode of “is this still recording”. After taking a week off, we dove into talking about all the world craziness such as B. Simone and comedy girls giving stupid comments, how the TL handled sexual assault, and black culture and everything wrong with it be taken. You know we want to hear from you so email us at or on Instagram @isthisstillrecording or Twitter @ITSRPodcast. See y’all next Friday!
Jun 12, 2020
1 hr 33 min
Episode 4; Wheelchair Jennifer and Interracial Dating
Welcome back to another episode of “is this still recording?” This week was a thick one where we talked about y’all sis Doja Cat, what we watching and of course what is happening in Minnesota and how interracial dating is dangerous to black people. Don’t take offense, this is our opinion. Don’t forget to follow our Twitter at @ITSRpodcast and Instagram at @isthisstillrecording. Until next week!!
May 29, 2020
1 hr 29 min
Episode 3: “If she went outside she’d get clapped” with @aalyakam_
Welcome back to another episode of “is this still recording?” This episode we had our lovely friend @aalyakam_ on to dive into what we’re watching, pop culture, digesting mess and much more. This episode is funny because we experienced a lot of technical difficulties 😂 so it may be choppy but it’s here! Also don’t forget to follow our Instagram and our NEW Twitter @ITSRpodcast ❤️ until next week!
May 24, 2020
1 hr 5 min
Episode 2: Blame it on Corona
Welcome back to season 2, episode 2, now the quarantine edition. We dive right back into the mess talking about Boosie, Future and his Mother’s Day team and much more funny moments. We only up from here in 2020 as we have nothing to do but sit in the house, so make sure you follow us on Instagram @isthisstillrecording and keep listening for us to get this mess and be blessed 😘
May 14, 2020
1 hr 10 min
Welcome back to a new season of Is This Still Recording! This season we start off with some updates and just talk to y’all with trying to follow our new segments! So you know follow us at @isthisstillrecording on everything and gear up for what is bound to be a juicy season 😘
Feb 2, 2020
46 min
Episode 6: Season Finale-Mukbang
The season final for season 1! This week @clapbackween, @blackmencheat and @hottiew/oabody give y’all a ghetto mukbang. We answer all questions about ourselves and yall really get to know us! Grab your and give it a listen and don't forget to follow us on instagram @isthisstillrecording and email us topics you want us to cover! Can’t wait until we come back for next season 😘
Dec 16, 2019
54 min
Episode 5: "Can't even get a joggie, a reasonably priced joggie outta them"
One more episode until the end of season 1! This week @clapbackween, @blackmencheat and @hottiew/oabody talk about on our off day about everything under the sun. We also talk about how men are trash (again....) with the focus on men cheating on women who are going through postpartum. Grab some food and sit down and give it a listen and don't forget to follow us on instagram @isthisstillrecording and email us topics you want us to cover!
Dec 8, 2019
58 min
On this episode of: "why n***** are embarrassing"
We back! This week @clapbackween, @blackmencheat and @hottiew/oabody talk about why men are embarrassing. No segments because truly this whole episode is a whole big "why do n*****" segment. Grab your drink for the weekly mess and don't forget to send us anything you want us to talk about. 
Oct 21, 2019
1 hr 10 min
Episode 3: “Nothing looks cheap on a million dollar b****” with @san.tanaaa
This week, @blackmencheat and @clapbackween have a special guest @xtrabrownskin! Featuring our regular segments, we talk about sharing men, introducing yourself to the family and how of course always give a weekly dose of mess. Grab a drink and sit and enjoy
Aug 11, 2019
1 hr 14 min
Episode 2: "If you got a n****, get on that counter!"
College Edition!! Welcome to/or back to school. We giving out tips about partying in college and how to deal with freshman year and how you should be evolving throughout college! So kick back and listen to these pro tips we giving out this week from @clapbackween and @blackmencheat.
Aug 8, 2019
1 hr
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