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73 - Vengeance
Though we are apart, the gang soldiers on with remote podding as covid cases rise. This week we discuss the Biden cabinet and the myth that liberals ever had any interest in working with progressives, or that the Biden administration could be pushed left. Why should we cancel student debt? So many reasons! Just do it! How can we re-imagine the future of work and the balance of practicality and joyfulness? Child labor: good or bad? Our answer might surprise you! And we find a bit of good news from a foreign shore--Guatemala, where the fires are hot and the guillotines are shiny! Support us on Patreon: Parler users urged to protest the Georgia Runoff: Rahm Emanuel possible cabinet pick: Other possible Biden cabinet members: Guatemala protesters make their voices heard:
Nov 23
1 hr 39 min
72 - UNLOCKED: Trust the Plan
You are the news now.Nothing can stop what's coming.This is the Calm before the Storm.You have more than you know.Future proves past.Where we go one, we go all.Travis View on PBS: long Imgur post from a believer, "The Coming Storm": LaFrance’s Atlantic piece: to help loved ones trapped in Qanon conspiracy with Steve Hassan: Credit for spooky, mysterious music to Maurice "YoungBlaze" Clopton:
Nov 16
1 hr 35 min
71 - All Your Dinar Are Belong to Us
We hope you’ll indulge our election post mortem and the stunning discourse around who actually won this absolute squeaker for Biden. We also discuss Israel’s demolition of a Palestinian hamlet in the West Bank on election day. A huge congrats to Cori Bush on her win in Missouri. And please enjoy, after a much-too-long break, the conclusion to Chapter 4 of Lenin’s State and Revolution. Atmospheric Disturbances: Israel buldozes palestinian hamlet:  Support Ironweeds on Patreon!
Nov 9
1 hr 51 min
70 - Fill Up Your Bathtub feat. Dumb & Awful
This week we are blessed with two, count ‘em, TWO guests, Brett and Rob from the Dumb & Awful podcast! We discuss the uprisings in Poland in response to new abortion restrictions, a fabulous new sector of gig work in which you can help evict your fellow working-class citizens, and the strategic ways reactionaries frame democrats as left-wing radicals. Of course, you know we gotta throw a little election garbage in there, but hey, it’s almost over and then everything will go back to normal! Right? Right?? For our wildflower segment, we celebrate Chile’s overwhelming vote to create a new, less crappy constitution.  Check out Dumb & Awful! Subscribe to their Patreon! Patreon? Hey, we have one of those too:
Nov 2
1 hr 30 min
69 - Nice and Spooky
Happy episode 69! A hearty congratulations to the people of Bolivia and the success of MAS! Mitch McConnel is rotting before our eyes and Zombie Giuliani is increasingly relevant. The NYPD is, as always, showing their asses, stealing PPE and shouting Trump 2020 at passers by. Kanye goes on Joe Rogan with a spectacular swing and miss. Never cross a union man, or you’ll end up haunted by a vengeful communist ghost. And for a spot of good news, the British government is repatriating thousands of ancient artifacts to the people of Iraq. Zombie Giuliani on Bandcamp: The ghosts of the Molly Maguires:  Artifacts returned to Iraq:
Oct 26
1 hr 21 min
68 - Everything Happens So Much
This week we go local with a black Troy PD officer alleging systemic racism in the department, and city council president Carmella Mantello standing up for the rights of persecuted Italians everywhere. Trump seems to grow more fascist everyday, and militias are out here trying to overthrow state governments. Six badass Brooklynites trash a housing court, and we see that Great Stuff gets the goods.  Black Troy police officer alleges systemic racism on force:  The Federal Killing of a Protester Should Alarm Us All:  Pinkerton Gig Worker Kills MAGA Dude:  Carmella Makes a stand against hate crimes:  Plot to kidnap the governor:  Praxis at a Brooklyn housing court:
Oct 19
1 hr 11 min
67 - Meet Reaction
In the second half of the 19th Century, The Pinkerton National Detective Agency filled a niche that state law enforcement didn't yet occupy. Tracking down bandits and protecting the interests of powerful industrialists, the Pinkertons made a name for themselves as the private army of capital.Subscribe via Apple Podcasts: Podcasts: RSS:
Oct 10
29 min
66 - Donald Trump has Coronavirus
President Donald J. Trump has contracted the novel Coronavirus.  Fusion energy by next decade:  Grapes go brrrr:
Oct 4
1 hr 25 min
65 - Wanton Endangerment
This week we discuss the acquittal of former DA Joel Abelove for the cover up of the murder of Edson Thevenin, as well as the acquittal of the cops who killed Breonna Taylor last march. We have a little rehash of tendencies talk in which Britney continues to advocate for the iron fist of the vanguard, Chris puts his faith in the power of the people, and David tries to talk sense into them both. In Philly, activists have reached a tentative agreement with the city to acquire 50 homes for a community land trust for unhoused people. And Lenin tells the anarchists what time it is.Abelove the rapscallion: Gentrification and the killing of Breonna Taylor: Race dot map: Stop and Frisk Map: Check out our Teespring shop! Wow! in for our coverage of the Trump/Biden debate Tuesday at 9!:
Sep 28
1 hr 58 min
64 - A Ruthless SCOTUS
The gang plays some recent news catch-up and attempts to thread the needle between accurately assessing the moment we find ourselves in and having some fun and frivolity. We discuss the immensely tragic passing of Ayshawn Davis, an 11 year old Trojan who was killed in a recent drive-by shooting. We also talk about the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and its implications for our future. We discuss why Chuck Schumer may need to get primaried to avoid a 6-3 conservative-liberal Supreme Court, the forced sterilization happening in our immigrant concentration camps, Trumps’ patriotic education plan to teach the miracle of American History, the expropriation of the data harvesting from Tik Tok, and the possibility of Venutian life. And because we love you, Britney reads more of Lenin’s State and Revolution!Record Act Blue donations in the wake of RBG’s death: Primary Schumer To Guarantee Opposition To Trump's SCOTUS Pick: ICE Hysterectomy Doctor Wasn't Even a Board-Certified OB-GYN: Trump Wants $5 Billion From TikTok Deal for New History Project: On Venus, Cloudy With a Chance of Microbial Life:
Sep 21
2 hr 6 min
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