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Origin Stories #12 - Kaya Thomas - iOS @ Calm
41 minutes Posted Apr 17, 2019 at 5:55 pm.
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In this episode of Origin Stories I speak with Kaya Thomas, iOS Engineer at the mindfulness app, Calm. I got to meet Kaya in person a few weeks ago when we both gave talks at iOSCon 2019 in London. In this story we get to hear about how Kaya discovered coding while editing MySpace pages back in the day, which led to her trying out a intro to programming class in college. Her amazing networking led to some key internships at Intuit and Apple, and she ultimately landed her first iOS developer job at Slack here in San Francisco.

Origin Stories is a series of interviews with iOS developers from the community where we discuss how they got their start in this industry. We discuss how they first became interested in code, what resources they used to learn, how they got their first job and much more.

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