The Grinding Gear Podcast
The Grinding Gear Podcast
Garrett Weinzierl and Kyle Fergusson
Burnout-free video game coverage from podcast veterans. Join Garrett and Kyle every week as they get lost in games, pop culture, and everything they’re personally playing.
Final FOMO | The Grinding Gear Podcast #76
Garrett and Kyle both return from a Florida Disney weekend, no relation, with a pile of hot Monday news. After a thorough park review lacking of expert opinion, Garrett feels a great pull towards the water cooler of FF7 Rebirth. Elden Ring DLC is about to plow every release in the summer out of its way. Larian’s good deeds lead to Kyle's paranoia. And why is there a Borderlands movie? All this and more.
Feb 26
Queueing for Hell | The Grinding Gear Podcast #75
The Ministry of Truth has declared, Helldivers 2 is good y'all. You may have heard about the newest internet darling. Garrett and Kyle share the sentiment even if it did rain on their parade. And rain it did all over the renaissance fair. X-Men 97 is coming back in its Fox Kids glory. All the consoles are dead?!
Feb 19
The Final Grill with Jesse Cox | The Grinding Gear Podcast #74
Jesse Cox returns for the final grilling before the end of Endwalker. The test is stacked, the questions are hard and our memories are shit. Better than most? Maybe. Are there dragons in the Crystal Tower? Who has cloud hair? What characters are missing? What happens in patch content given the meta knowledge of the launcher? Jesse leaves no stone unturned, while Garrett and Kyle loose the stones.
Feb 12
Obviously with Taliesin | The Grinding Gear Podcast #73
We’re cross-aisle, breaking down barriers, and having a lovely time doing it. On this week’s episode, Taliesin, half of Taliesin and Evitel, joins the show to discuss content creation, Final Fantasy 14 story, and WoW’s pursuits of that story. Taliesin streamed FF14 at the height of the “exodus” and had quite the journey. There’s no stopping this storytime.
Feb 5
Hyper-Growth | The Grinding Gear Podcast #72
2024 is feeling a whole lot like 2023 with layoffs continuing in the games industry. We take some time to talk about how the continuing cascade of lost jobs have now reached Riot and Blizzard, the Pokemon Company looking at getting legal with Palword, a cancelled Final Fantasy XIV live-action television adaptation, and which one of us is the best vocalist.
Jan 29
Pal Woes | The Grinding Gear Podcast #71
On this Monday episode of Grinding Gear, the new time btw: Palworld has taken the steam by storm, but is plagiarism afoot? Is Ai the villain in this tale? Is it really hard not to call them Pokemon. We are the judge! Garrett and Kyle also tell the tales of their many watchings and playings over the holiday break. Garrett is smitten by Freiren. Kyle’s friends conspire to get him a Tyranid army ready to paint.
Jan 22
GG in the House! | The Grinding Gear Podcast #70
Kyle and Garrett are in the house! Together! Join us for our first post-move podcast from Garrett’s redesigned studio space. Hear all about what happened during our break as Kyle moved and Garrett moved things out and into his studio. Also, is Indiana Jones shaping up to be an exciting game? The Xbox Developer Showcase gave everyone their first peak into it.
Jan 18
The Grindys 2023 | The Grinding Gear Podcast #69
The Grindys, The Golden Gears, Best of 2023. This is the final official podcast record for the year 2023, and we have our own LEGALLY DISTINCT accolades to hand out. An absolute banger of a year for video games comes to a close. Who will win “Best I Think It’s an Indie game” and who will walk away with Brightest Dumpster Fire. While there may be some bonus shows on your feed, we will see you in 2024. or Garrett will make Kyle watch live-action television next year.
Dec 20, 2023
Call of Jury Duty | The Grinding Gear Podcast #68
Technically the podcast never left but we're back! Kyle has returned from his Jury Duty exile. The internet has continued to do what it does and Garrett’s got all the goods lined up. Twitch has set new rules regarding what has become known as the “Topless Meta”. The Video Game Awards continue to make dramatic waves as views argue over format and speech timers. In a real shocker, Kojima wants to make a movie. The Day Before is a truly bright burning dumpster fire. And so much more. One could say the subject material in this episode is “mature”, but we certainly aren't.
Dec 14, 2023
Wrap It Up | The Grinding Gear Podcast #67
What a week! The bromance content has been upended due to jury duty. But we’re not going to let that stop us from getting up very early (EXTREMELY early for Kyle) and having a chat about this year’s Game Awards! Later in the show we also get into how jury duty has impacted our end-of-year schedule and how we’ve surpassed every goal we’ve set thanks to the gearbox!
Dec 8, 2023
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