Into the Impossible With Brian Keating
Into the Impossible With Brian Keating
Arthur C. Clarke Center for Human Imagination
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Love this show!
Love exploring these topics.
Pretty Great Podcast
Definitely one of my go-to’s when I want to pretend I understand the significance of the observed mass anomaly of the W bosun. Mayhaps a fifth force? Who knows… or maybe someone does? 🧐
One of the top science podcasts
Brian does a great job making complex scientific ideas accessible to a general audience and he always brings out the best in his guests. I’m excited to listen to his audiobook version of Galileos Dialogue - just got it on Audible. Its suprising that nobody has made this into an audiobook until now.
Phil Galinsky
Giving a platform to nonsense
Pretty disappointed in the host for having the hack Eric Weinstein on who, rather than say anything interesting or novel about UFO reports whined about media and how it’s not fair his favorite conspiracy theories aren’t covered. That’s it. I’m out. I’ll find a better science podcast that doesn’t give a platform to hacks and grifters like him and Shapiro.
Some guy who likes futurism
Science Made Accessible and Scintillating
Dr. Keating has the unique ability to make the deepest topics come to life with his insights, humor, and wonderful interview skills. You don’t have to be a scientist to greatly enjoy his podcast. The world’s top experts join him as they stimulate our intellect in the most entertainable way.
Interesting Science sprinkled with Dad Jokes
Brian is incredibly smart and talks to some of the smartest people on the planet. He also has a seemingly endless supply of dad jokes that make me smile and/or groan.
A phenomenal podcast for the curious mind
Dr. Keating is the modern epitome of the renaissance man, well read and well informed about a wide range of subjects. He is an amazing communicator about the latest trends in scientific research, inviting a wealth of amazing guests regularly to his program to discuss the cutting edge of research in physics, astronomy, computer science and beyond. His is an enjoyable show and one not to be missed. Listen and subscribe today!
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Solid rant chaps
Very legit space math chatter with some real legit guests, but holy smokes do I not care about your graduate students Brian let’s get on with the guests shall we
brainy + light hearted = the perfect podcast
Keating does a phenomenal job with this podcast. He invites amazing individuals and knows how to bring out the best in his guests through the interview. Yes, there are plenty of Nobel Laureates but don’t miss out on the many other scientists, authors, entrepreneurs and students who make each episode special in its own way. I am not sure where he finds the time but I sure hopes he keeps it going!
Cowardly Lions
Two softies Brian Keating and Eric Weinstein who lack the courage to take a stand or even discuss Roe’s compromise of the point of viability (26 weeks) Take a stand on viability as the law of the land Fellas!
Never disappoints
I appreciate very much the fact that you have more females and p.o.c. s and LGBQ than other science podcasts. Just wanted to say that after listening to the one about Webb.
An educational journey
This is a very entertaining podcast. Dr. Keating is brilliant and presents the principles of physics in a very attainable way. The guests on this podcast range through the greatest minds of our time. I highly recommend!!
the n1ghthawk
Brian clearly has the face of a jackass. That punchable, pompous face. Get over yourself, you smug jackass!
Best physics podcast
Great guests, and a fun and knowledgeable host. I highly recommend.
Braden Fenrir
Intellectual Inspiration
It’s hard to say what it means to know…. But when I listen, it makes me want to understand. Thank You
like a mist
Never boring and never repetitive
I use to listen to a wide range of science-related podcasts. Over time, most become boring, repetitive, and uninteresting. Brian’s Into the Impossible podcast is a glowing exception. I love his range of guests and his ability to elicit insights that never stop. You will never stop learning listening to this podcast.
Never miss brian
Love science and Nobel prizes!
Always Gracious, but Digs Deep
Brian Keating uses his Into the Impossible podcast in the best possible way, dialoguing with great minds and digging deep for the implications of what they say. I always learn something new!
The Meaning Code
Coming in from the cold - “into the impossible” Review
Into the Impossible hosted by Dr. Brian Keating is for me akin to a free graduate study in physics for dummies. Dr. Keating is the perfect host graciously teaching and presenting the best of all extremely intelligent dreamers from our world today. As a UCLA BSEE with expertise in Electromagnetics and former Laser Electro-Optic technician who has lost jobs for dreaming of physics advances, Dr. Keating’s Into the Impossible Podcast always reminds me of the song “Coming in from the Cold” by Bob Marley. Dr. Keating ’s lectures and podcasts are so sweet and welcome and I remain extremely grateful for the realization that it is OK To Dream. Thank You :)
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If this isn’t nice, what is?
It’s podcasts like this that make living in the 21st century a beautiful thing. That such intellectual discourse should be readily accessible is almost enough to excuse the foibles of the technology that make it possible. Keating makes a fine host to a wide array of extraordinary guests. Definitely worth subscribing to.
Mark Papallo
Bringing the listener “Into the Impossible” - 5 Stars each time
I get so excited each time I get the notification for a new podcast from Dr. Keating. He does a phenomenal job of virtually bringing the listener into the conversation. As a space junkie, “Into the Impossible” sits easily alone at the top of all my favorite podcasts!! Thanks so much Dr. Keating, and I can’t wait for your next one!! Keep up the excellent work!! @ScienceDaddio
Great Science Explorations!
I discovered Brian from Lex’s podcast. I love the specific focus on science as opposed to Lex’s broader survey, and I love the multiple levels deeper Brian takes the discussion in terms of hard science. It’s a must-listen for me now. Only feedback I’d have for Brian is there are times your non-verbals and verbals would imply you stopped stopped listening to the guest’s answer to your question and are just waiting to ask the next question. Not a deal breaker obviously as I am a subscriber and have 5 stars, but something I’ve felt that I would want someone to share with me if they observed it in me, so I share it with you. You as the interviewer are a proxy for us as listeners, so the quality of your interactions impact our experience of the guest. Something to evaluate.
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A fantastic podcast
I love the intellectual conversations from brilliant hosts and their guests. The discussions are substantive as well as entertaining. Their expertise covers a wide range of topics: from health and longevity to politics, physics, society and culture, consciousness, meditation, music and more. I discovered Sam Harris and from Sam learned of Peter Attia and Eric Weinstein; from Eric and Sam, I learned of Douglas Murray, Lex Fridman, Tyler Cowen, Brian Keating, Bret Weinstein and so many others. Each conversation is brilliant.
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This is a thoroughly entertaining podcast
First saw Dr. Keating on Lex’s podcast and have been enjoying Brian’s pods since. Dr. Keating and guests serves up accessible conversations for us lay people while also cranking out more technical ones that will satisfy his students and colleagues. Fascinating topics and conversations all around.
Great Podcast, thanks Brian!
I can’t stop listening to and learning from Dr. Keating. Highly recommend!
Thanks Brian.
Found you and your podcast from your recent appearance on The Lex Fridman podcast. Very much enjoyed that episode and the handful of episodes I have digested of yours so far. Truly wonderful thing to listen to such amazing minds converse. I don’t think of myself as smart but I do try and understand and repeat what smart folks say. This show has no shortage of such material for me to regurgitate, even if it is within the confines of my own mind. ♠️
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Ron Paul 1111
Professor Keating brilliantly discusses societally important topics and the hard sciences in a way that is entertaining and engaging. One of my favorite science interview shows.
Panic Peter
Good podcasts don’t need Fake reviews
Notice how all these 5 star reviews with short platitudes. Funny how they all come from Accts that hhhhhhave ttttttthe same letters 9 times in a row. Bot farm operator dead give away, who has time to think up a unique acct name if you’ve got to make 10k accts. Considering the overall self-aggrandizement done by Brian throughout his episodes, it makes sense. I bet he buys fake followers on Twitter too. The guy should have to register under the Logan act, for how much he bashes anyone that’s ever said A mean word about Israel.Kind of hypocritical position for someone who’s career is built on US institutions payed for by US tax payers and only survives on US grant money. The Israeli government isn’t Israel, and Israel isn’t Judaism. My faith in the word of God laid out in the Torah does not mandate my allegiance to a nation
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Amazing Podcast
Dr. Keating’s podcast are amazing. Easily one of my favorite podcasts. They are very informative as well as entertaining. It’s certainly a mental journey personally as it stretches the bounds of my mind and imagination. Thank you sir for the generous offering of information and to your guests as well for making these things possible to the public!
So knowledgeable!
Brian is one of the best-read, most knowledgeable communicators of science I have encountered!
Brian is a great interviewer
I love learning about physics as I don’t know as much as Brian but thanks to his guests I am learning !
Can’t get enough of Brian’s mind
Love every episode especially the Nobel laureates that brian always lands!
Love learning from Brian
I always learn so much from each brilliant interaction Brian has
The best in the universe
I love Brian’s podcast so much
Never miss this doctors appointment
Love every episode with the universe’s most brilliant minds from science to bitcoin!
Listen here son!
A true sense maker.
Great fun
Never miss an episode
Can’t stop himself from name dropping
The podcast is interesting, but Brian can’t go half an hour without name dropping a previous guest or going on a tangent about his faith. In an hour and a half long podcast he may on spend the last thirty minutes talking about the subject in the title. The conversations are interesting but unfocused, and I feel like Keating spends too much time focusing on himself rather than his guests.
Not only is the Universe expanding but also is my mind.
Thank you Brian for presenting these fascinating, stimulating and mind expanding interviews with such a diverse range of the thinkers and doers of our time. As an interested layman I feel privileged to listen in on their thoughts and ideas. Brian’s enthusiasm for new and exciting ideas is infectious.
Excellent podcast!
Brian is among the most insightful people I know. When you start listening to the podcast, you’ll immediately admire his obsessive curiosity. But as you get to know him, you’ll see a deeper side of what makes him special. He respects his guests, but probes them for deeper answers. And because he’s so well read, he brings a tapestry of polymathic knowledge to every episode. Do yourself a favor: subscribe, listen, and learn from Brian!
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Incredibly informative and diverse
Into the Impossible is one of the best scientific podcasts I've encountered. Prof. Brian Keating is an excellent interviewer, and is extremely knowledgeable about a wide range of contemporary topics in science. His guests range from novice researchers to accomplished Nobel laureates, each with the common theme of exploring scientific frontiers. It offers an exciting adventure into the depths of the human imagination.
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Out of this world
Never miss an episode! Great brainiacs!
One of the best!
I’m a postdoctoral astrophysicist and this is one of my go-to podcasts. Brian’s conversations with some of the world’s leading intellectuals, in both astrophysics and beyond, never disappoint!
Delightful podcast
This is an engaging and informative podcast about physics and much more. Professor Keating is an excellent host and a wonderful interviewer. A pleasure to listen to
All Stars
Brian and his guests make up an all star program. Definitely recommend for pop physics lovers.
Tremendous podcast.
Extremely intellectual and exploratory. I love the subject matter and the guests Brian bring onto the show.
Brain food
The lineup for this podcast is amazing. Great food for thought!
Highly educational and entertaining
Prof. Keating provides very thought-provoking discussions with world-class thinkers in science and other fields of interest to scientists and non-scientists alike. Would give 6, no 7, stars if possible.
Great for all audiences!
Let me give some praise for the format, since the content is obviously fantastic. Guests seem to be comfortable and eager to share their thoughts and aren't afraid to have open minded debates about controversial issues. The energy of the conversations is great, and Brian manages to keep them stabilized in a zone that is accessible and engaging for people with whatever amount of knowledge about physics. He makes it look easy to decide which rabbit holes to dodge and which to jump into headfirst on the fly during each interview. Hard to think of a format or interview technique that would better let us into the minds of the experts hosted on this show.
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Sam Winnick
Excellent podcast
Brian’s ability to decipher ideas, provide clarification, and bring science into the home is outstanding! Incredible podcaster! Recommend to all- those with scientific minds (and those not inclined toward science) and those who love to learn!!!
Emergy D
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