Into the Impossible With Brian Keating
Into the Impossible With Brian Keating
Arthur C. Clarke Center for Human Imagination
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A “must listen” for cosmology & astrophysics nerds
A great weekly podcast by Dr. Brian Keating featuring other leading physicists, cosmologists, etc discussing a wide range of related topics.
Easily digestible insight into the science world!
Brian is a great host that provides understandable explanations of advanced science topics in an entertaining and interesting way.
The best science
In the known universe!!
leonardo da Bichie
Interesting but now wandering away
Dr Keating is an engaging and effective communicator. Unfortunately he is more and more focused on “boosting fringe voices” or bringing in his political or religious views, and less and less explaining key concepts in consensus physics. He seems very motivated by clickbaiting and building an audience, which may be related to his motivation towards controversy over coherence.
Aaron in Brooklyn
Great podcast highly recommend listening.
Dr. Brian Keating is a remarkable human being. He is a very good speaker and even better teacher that has a very rare ability of super human intelligence combined with superior intellectual perspective Dr. Keating can break very complicated ideas down and explain them in a way for the average person to grasp. Once you start listening you will be hooked and find yourself waiting for the next episode release. Thank you Dr. Keating for sharing your thoughts with the world.
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Even though these topics are mainly beyond my understanding, it’s so nice to follow along Dr. Keating’s commentary.
Victor Jimenez!
Great podcast to get smarter!
Brian has awesome conversations with impressive guests. Always leaves you with great brain nuggets and interesting ideas to think on!
Mitchell Cohen
Diverse conversations in physics and life
Dr. Brian Keating’s podcast is one of the best places to go for in-depth physics conversations and other open-hearted discourse. He treats his guests with respect but isn’t afraid to push back on controversial statements or steel-man an opposing perspective. As a teacher, he has a sense for how to put things in an easily understandable form, and always helps lead the listener through the complex world of physics.
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I have never written a review for a podcast but after your last episode on Christmas, I felt impelled to say something. You are being authentic and laying yourself open to criticism to try to help clear the air to truth. It’s Very refreshing so thank you! Regarding your podcast. I really like it because I feel your drive for knowledge and authenticity from not just guests but yourself as well. I have to say often times the wording and subject matter is way over my head. Possibly you could give lay person’s definitions of the topic as you go along to help us nonscientists keep up to the facts as they spill out. Again…I really love what you do. J. Clancy
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Enjoy everyone
Thx for the noble inspiration!
Love it
I’ve been listening to Dr. Keating’s interviews for a while now. I’ve been hooked to his channel and this podcast ever since I stumbled upon him on one of Brian Greene’s episodes. I love how he breaks down complex topics and also his rapport with other physicists. One thing that distinguishes Dr. Keating is how responsive and approachable he is to random users. I’ve left comments on his episodes numerous times not really expecting a response and then been surprised each time when he replied to each of my comments, even critical ones. I feel like even though he is a big shot in the field he is very approachable and relatable, something very unique among other scientists who are doing sci comm.
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Very interesting and stimulating conversations
Most are beyond my complete understanding but that only adds to my enjoyment. Keep up the good work.
Physicist Wannabe
A podcast gem for science lovers!
Incredible content exploring the deepest question in science in an entertaining way, without compromising on rigor or a deeply scientific orientation. Highly recommended!
Amazing Podcast! Highly Recommended!
This is one of my favorite podcast! I think that Brian is an excellent host. I love the experts he bring in to discuss really interesting and important topics. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to understand the world around us.
Experts talk outside their expertise
Physicist talking about “consciousness”, astronomers discussing “economics”, mathematicians speaking about “homeless industrial complex”. Where did the tradition of public ally accessible science lectures go? This once noble podcast is descending into bar room banter.
Studied astrophysics in college but drifted away from it over the years. I’ve loved getting back into it (and other scientific questions) withe Brian as an excellent host!
Intellectually stimulating and witty
This is one of my favorite podcasts, I should say one of very few I am actually subscribed to. I especially liked the appearances of Sabine Hossenfelder and Eric Weinstein. Brian should definitely be nominated for being the “Funniest Physicist” or “Smartest Comedian” :)
Oleg Rabaev
Intellectual bliss
love love love the podcast. So interesting and such incredible guests from a wide variety of disciplines and backgrounds. Really enjoy brian’s rants and soliloquys and sense of humour. I think a lot of folks miss the little clever quips and references but I always enjoy them and admittedly do a lot of googling and always learn something after every show. Keep up the great work, sir !!
zenston smith
inspiration for curiosity and problem solving
Great podcast with a thoughtful host and variety of interesting guests that dive deep into thought provoking subject matters. Fresh takes on cutting edge research and age old questions alike
Great show. My only complaint is that suddenly in the middle some moron started screaming about a corporation, unrelated to the podcast’s content. Can you warn people about the advertising, and maybe not have its volume much louder than the show’s? Thanks
Great technical literacy
I love the show… a lot. I have been gathering ideas and research for a family cobotics project , Gaia’s Seed. Your show is my favorite to white board out for ideas for our studio transmeida series. Your show is like a technical literacy Blow Pop. Takes a while to get through the layers to get to what I want to chew on for a bit. Writing this while listening to the new Tim Palmer episode. Primacy of Doubt sounds like it’s going on the research pile. Cheers
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Great Podcast
Love the podcast!
Thanks, Brian!
Terrific podcast! Thanks for all your great work.
GR in SD
Best Science podcast in the universe
Love learning about science from professor Keating and his noble guests!
Awsome learning experience
Wonderful discusions with very interesting guests on a wide range of topics. Highly recommended.
Not to be missed
Any sufficiently intelligent podcast listener will find Brian Keating indistinguishable from fascinating, accessible and fun. It’s like magic!
Brian is fun to listen to and so informative!!
Memo to Eric
Memo to Eric Weinstein: You can’t come on Dr. Keating’s air and spout all your self-righteous bull$#*t! Keating runs this B and he will interrupt you whenever he wants.
Voice is annoying. He’s try the Shapiro weird talk fast thing. Talks about cool stuff but very hit or miss.
Great podcast
Great guests, insights, lessons, and humor. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!
Great pod
Amazing for the youth who otherwise would have no access to these types of conversations!
Saajan master
Science wins!
Keating has an interesting podcast.
Last or better
Plenty of room for God in Space & Science
Big fan!
Great pod!
Awesome show for everything science and more!
Hooray/Boo hiss
Hooray for the science, Boo hiss for the religion and politics. Just the facts please.
Unique personal journeys
I’m happy to see it every time.
Love the science fiction content
Pls keep it going Brian.
Antoine C2008
Love the science parts
I just skip over anything religious or political because there’s not usually citations provided. I gotta have the data to support your claims, not just an opinion followed by “do your own research”, I get that from social media. BUT love the science and will remain subscribed.
knowledgable, enthusiastic, and fun!
Prof. Brian Keating invites a host of most brilliant minds to his interviews. The topics cover from physics to philosophy, even touched cryptocoins. People like me who doesn’t have strong math/physics backgrounds can enjoy this podcast and learn!
Sunny Yun He
Into the Impossible
Love this podcast. Always interesting guests and topics.
Unbelievably Fantastic!
Professor Keating is an absolute gem & the guests he gets for the show are top of the line. A must-watch for both physicists and a general audience alike.
Really Enjoy
Thanks for this excellent content !
Self absorbed
Egotistical. Only cares about his own progress and nobody else.
Kill the pancake
Love and Humanity
Professor Keating is a total gem! His approach too difficult and complex topics is a mix of humor and logical inferences working towards truth is a breath of fresh air. I have learned so much, I feel I owe him a Nobel Prize! ☮️❤️ ^.^
The Memes of Destruction
The best brains in the universe
Thanks doctor keating for all you do
For the rep
I love Dr. Brian Keating’s enthusiasm for the cosmos AND beautiful, blurry, lucious bokeh. Cool to hear. Thanks for all the great content. Paul- PGH, PA
So Informative and Palatable
Listening to this informative and sometimes palm-to-forehead funny podcast is like hitting the fast-forward button while I’m doing my nightly house cleaning…after my kids destroy everything. I love it.
Happy Birthday Dr. Keating!
Hopefully the Nobel Prize will find you. In the mean time you can cruise Nobel Drive between classes. Your work is always enlightening and enjoyable. May all your dreams come true! Sincerely, Ron Spilsbury
Ron Splsbury
Great podcast
As a physicist working in AI and natural language I love this podcast.
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