Into the Impossible With Brian Keating
Into the Impossible With Brian Keating
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Want to like but…
Tremendously interesting information presented. However, the host simply talks too much, and cannot get to the point quickly. Constantly repeats himself, and takes forever to get to his statement or question. unbelievable amount of waste of time. Fix that, will become a great podcast.
I find Prof. Keating’s enthusiasm and excitement for the topics he discusses to be infectious and inspiring. This is the hallmark feature of an excellent educator in their field. You walk away wanting to learn more and feel inspired to be an autodidact. He also throws interesting side nuggets of info in that relate to the topics at hand and lead to new learning. Love this!
Brian Keating is making us more knowledgeable.
The range of knowledge on many subjects shared by Brian leaves me thirsting for more. I want to share my new information with all my friends. Keep talking.
Ken of Newport Beach
Keating is my GoTo Podcast. I love Brian Keating
This podcast opens the doors of innovative thinking and vision greater than any other site on the web.
cosmos and beyond
Informative, entertaining, bold!
Fascinating Discusion
I stumbled upon this podcast and find it fascinating. The range of discussion and interviews are incredible. The host, Brian Keating, is a natural interviewer who is able to make understanding complicated scientific subjects easy through his questioning style.
Great podcast, interesting conversations
Brian and everyone on this podcast have a brilliant mind and it’s always fascinating to get to hear them discuss topics.
Deep conversations about science and connections to the wider world
This podcast is where science, technology and the humanities converge to explore the mysteries of our universe. Prof. Keating's skill as a host and educator comes through clearly, making complex topics not only accessible but also enjoyable. Whether you are a seasoned scientist or a curious mind seeking to understand the nature of reality and the collaborative efforts shaping the future, this podcast is a valuable resource, presented with enthusiasm.
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Save yourself the time
Terrible interviewer, talks over the fascinating guests.
Good Podcast<tm>.
One Old Marine
Educational and entertaining!
Dr Keating has interesting conversations with intelligent people on a wide variety of science-related topics. He brings curiosity and levity to every interview. Thank you Dr Keating for your enthusiasm, and for the meteorite piece…it’s framed on my wall.
I would like to express absolute gratitude to Brian and guests for taking the time to share these fascinating conversations with us. Informative, educational, thought-provoking and perhaps the most valuable of all…. No barriers to engagement (other than a sense of curiosity that is!) for those who might not otherwise have access. 💙
Go imagine! Love Brian so much
Love this Podcast!
Brian’s podcast is beyond informative, it also is entertaining! Thank you Dr. Keating for your contributions to science 🙌🏼
One of the best in the game
This reminds me of the early days of Huberman but asking a far more existential question.
Great for laymen
I’m a father with a full time job in healthcare analytics, and in my spare time I go to the gym, read history and watch baseball. Translation: I don’t have much extra time to study cosmology even though I’m very interested in it. Thankfully, Brian’s podcast keeps me up to date with the latest findings in the field. I listen to it when walking the dogs, driving in the car, or working out at the gym. I also like that his guests often come with a variety of backgrounds and ideas to make sure we understand the bigger picture. Great for us laymen!
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I use it for sports
Host is a blowhard
Try letting your guests speak more and you less, much less. Maybe practice asking a question with less than a 1,000 words ?
Out of this world
Each episode is fascinating on so many topics. Science, life, the universe. Quite literally some of the conversations Brian has are out of this world. I’m hooked!
Thought provoking podcast
My first episode was the 7/5 episode where Brian talks about his book How To Lose The Nobel Prize. Wow, I did not know the nuances and the little-known reality behind the awarding process, how women often get overlooked (Matilda effect), and the monopoly grip the committee has given it’s prestige. Appreciate Brian’s deep knowledge, his transparency, and of course his way of thinking!
Big banger podcast
Brian has a gravitational pull on his audience and students I’ve observed greatness more than once listening to this show especially with Brian and James Altucher Keep shining your light Reena Friedman Watts Host of the Better Call Daddy
Brian has the balance of humility and humor
Solid guy with a super impressive background you’d never be aware of unless you read online. A diverse set of guests, laughs and discussions. I like him.
Entertaining and engaging show
And willing to touch on the taboo from time to time.
Ok, but clunky format and too promotional
Some interesting interviewees, and at times I do learn things. But, unfortunately, this podcast has become bloated with ads and irrelevant promotional material. Seriously, you can skip the first 5 minutes of every podcast and miss nothing. The ads appear suddenly, without warning, interlude music, etc., sandwiched between the dialogue and really disrupts the flow of the conversation(s). And honestly, audio format interviews are just not an obvious strength of Dr Keating. There are better scientific podcasts out there conducted by more skilled interviewers.
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Cannot be taken seriously
If you take a shot every time he mentions the Nobel Prize, you’ll be drunk by the end of every episode. He is obsessed with it! How someone with his religious beliefs manages to reconcile them with science requires a leap of faith all of his own. He’s delusional in so many ways and far too egotistical to ever realize it. Please don’t fall pray to nonsense because he’s very knowledgeable about some subjects. When 2 slices of a pie are rubbish, the whole pie needs to go.
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Best science podcast ever. I usually watch on YouTube.
Great Show!
Engaging conversations that I could listen to for hours. One of the best guest lists in podcasting. Definitely recommend!
Keeps me thinking every time
Carl Zimmer
This guy talks about not knowing the beginning of life, than make a comment about single cell life possibly living in rocks. Must be talking about the rocks in his head. Definitely a product of the current liberal education machine. There are 100’s of genders, but no one knows when life begins, it’s a mystery. The perfect defense for murder is “I didn’t think that person was a life form”.
Physics mostly, somewhat unformed political philosophy for the rest
Professor Epstein has traditional values -- eg, practices religious traditions without believing in a God, accepted "normal = right", etc.-- and promotes others of similar views on tendentious podcasts on culture. His podcasts on science are much better, although somewhat egocentric.
Not-for-profit Chairman
Nice podcast!
Very interesting topic
A fun and exhilarating adventure into the cosmos, accessible even for the non-scientist
I love this podcast. I am not a scientist or much of a science person. That said, I love pondering the mystery and wonder of the cosmos. Brian's podcast and YouTube channel are great fun for the laymen to be introduced to fascinating insights, exhilarating theories, and mind-expanding ideas. Brian has a knack for metaphor to help explain highly complicated concepts into much easier to digest ideas. In fact, this is the reason I listen to his podcast—I wouldn't bother if it was all over my head, and he helps me grasp topics that I have never personally studied as an adult. Most crucially to me, Into the Impossible is not only a place where free speech and the free exploration of ideas are welcome, but they are also wanted. I appreciate Brian's occasional foray into some of today's trickier topics. He always approaches such conversations with an open mind and in good faith—which more people could afford to do today.
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KG in BK
So interesting
I love hearing about all these refreshing theories and inventions. Thank you!!!
Lulu Leah
Imagination that makes us better
My understanding is that there are two types of reality: third-person and first-person. Third-person reality is the one that we all share; it’s also the one that can be probed scientifically. First-person reality is the conscious experience that we all live. There’s no scientific measure for how much love or pain I feel, but the feeling surely is real. Now, which of the two realities is more fundamental? This podcast, conducted by a superb scientist, is about our imagination and how imagination shapes our world. But imagination is a first-person reality concept. Science is unaware of the existence of any imagination. Science is not even conscious as far as we know. Yet, Science is intelligent. We always thought intelligence was what made us human and superior to other species. Now that computers are about to become way more intelligent than us, it is time for us to use what truly makes us human and conscious, which is our reality-building imagination, to consciously build better and better realities for ourselves and others. This podcast, with its questions and deep conversations, is a great contribution to helping us become more insightful, open-minded, consciously aware and fundamentally better human beings.
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Worth a Listen
Brian makes complex topics accessible and interesting. I always learn something new and walk away feeling a little smarter.
Great topics!
I really like the topics covered by Dr. Keating. I always learn something new and am challenged to learn more.
One of the Best
Dr. Keating has a great way of extracting interesting and in-depth information from his guests. He makes the content interesting and relatable for all, no matter your background. In a world of many (great) science and philosophy podcasts, Dr. Brian has found a way to stand out and make this one different and engaging.
The brightest minds discuss interesting science
This is a great podcast for anyone interested in cutting edge science results! Dr. Keating takes each guest on a deep dive of the subject that guest knows best. If you are a scientist or a science fan, this podcast will stretch your mind. I am an astronomer, and I enjoyed learning about different fields—particularly the episode on consciousness with a recent Nobel winner.
AMONG BEST OF THE BEST in current science, cosmology, studies of the universe
I rarely review podcasts, but I’m an avid listener. Dr. Keating is the absolute BEST among hosts of current science, tech, cosmology, physics, and science-related news. Lex Fridman, Eric & Bret Weinstein, Carroll, Strogatz, even dare I say Lightman, deGrasse Tyson, Shermer, and Rogan: step aside. And many of these people were guests on Dr. Keating’s podcast, and vice versa! He’s wonderful to listen to, he’s funny without being snarky, he’s unbelievably smart without being smug (ever), and above all, he has that uber rare quality of never being afraid to be himself. Dr. Keating is the genuine article; the smart best friend you wish you had growing up (but even better, you have him now); the excited professor you never had (either because, like me, you never studied cosmology, physics, or astronomy, or because Dr. Keating is the only one!); he’s the trusted voice of reason, rooted in science, without being afraid to explore novel concepts or openly discuss audacious theories. If you’re still here, what are you waiting for? His FIRST guest was Freeman Dyson… That says it all. GET TO LISTENING!!!
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Incredible communicator!
Just a quick note to say thanks for what (and how) you communicate information to the public!
Right wing politics
Every topic on this podcast ends up being a setup to bemoan the current political landscape. The long winded diatribes into the right wing’s victim fetish take up way more talking time than most of the topics covered.
Just Wonderful
Dr. Keating’s podcast is among the best for anyone interesting in science and technology, or for anyone who is simply curious about the world. Brian himself is engaging and thoughtful, and has an incredible selection of guests. I look forward to each and every episode!
Wiser Tomorrow
Eric Weinstein???
Really??? Why are you giving air time conspiracy theorist/ nut case. See the Decoding the Gurus about him.
A valuable use of time.
Dr. Brian Keating’s podcast has never failed to teach me something interesting about our world and universe. Dr. Keating’s curiosity, intellectual integrity, and good moral nature are always reflected in the podcast, and in this crazy world he’s rapidly becoming a voice I can trust to give me interesting and valuable content.
The host basically fawned over Ben Shapiro for over an hour, someone that doesn’t belong on a science podcast to begin with, all while saying he likes other points of views on the podcast while playing Ben’s fanboy the whole time. Just gross. “In my house we always ask what Ben Shapiro would do!”… get outta here… no patience to listen to someone that claims to be a smart person that can’t tell if someone is a heaping dumpster fire or not. Ben Shapiro has been very clear that his view of the universe is predicated on religious dogma all while spreading hate to those that don’t follow his narrow religious views… and this podcast gives him a platform? Not even a spirited debate but literally fanboying over him the whole time? Sorry, but you lost me. Any scientific mind would have challenged him on his ridiculous ideas and hate he spews in order have a conversation to put forward in front of their audience but Brian just fanboy’ed over him the whole time. I’d also like to add that Brian trying to extol (read: force) his academic background on everyone the whole time while being a 3rd tier academic is really annoying and he is involved in Prager U(niversity) which is basically a fake university that rips people off for their money under the guise of selling them American conservatism. He had Eric Weinstein on his pod for f*** sakes. Can’t take someone that sells themselves as an academic seriously when they rub elbows with garbage like this. Listen to “Daniel and Jorge Explain The Universe” if you want to actually learn something.
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Into the amazing
Incredible Podcast.. love it.
Recently found this podcast and I am hooked already! Highly recommend!
Brilliant, Entertaining and Captivating
“Into the Impossible” is the modern equivalent of the Algonquin Round Table — if the members of the “Vicious Circle” had been composed of the world’s leading thinkers in science, humanities and technology instead of editors, playwrights and denizens of Broadway. Oh - and if they recorded their conversations to share with the world. Fortunately for us, Dr. Brian Keating’s fascinating conversations with leading visionaries and thinkers are accessible as a podcast. His show is down-to-earth, funny and helps those of us without hard science backgrounds contemplate and grapple with ideas as far flung as quantum mechanics to cosmology, AI to NFTs and Galileo to the Galileo Project. No idea is too big for Into the Impossible and no sacred cow is safe under the scrutiny of Dr. Keating and his guests. Subscribe, listen and learn. If the soul survives death, then you’ll be in good company as Dorothy Parker
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Isle of Lucy
A brilliant insight into the universe
I just recently came across Into The Impossible and can honestly say I have become fascinated if not borderline obsessed. The guests, the information and the insight the podcast provides are amazing, needed and surreal. I don’t always understand much or a lot of the conversations but it is always fun, intriguing and leaves me wanting to learn more. Thank you Dr. Keating!
I love these topics and people presenting
Such thoughtful, challenging and interesting conversations. I learn a lot every time I listen.
One of my favorite podcasts ever
Absolutely amazing
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