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Forgot I followed these traitors
Until I watched the movie Reality. I don’t know how anyone could ever trust these traitors.
Such an Important Resource!
We need more investigative journalism like this.
From 5 stars to 1 in the past 2 years
Used to love this, listened to every episode for years. It’s now slowly slipped into trashcast land. Officially done with this.
One of the few western sources to trust re: Palestine
Like the title says. Most western sources are unforgivably biased against Palestine, but The Intercept continues to stand for journalistic integrity. Informative, thoughtful, responsible. Thank you for your efforts. In all episodes, the Intercepted provides excellent journalism and reflects a dedication to journalistic integrity rarely found in western media. Thank you for your work!
Out of echo chambers
Includes people from outside big media bringing perspectives on the less cared for nations
Recycled grandma
Biden is a “COWARD” towards The Israeli Government! I am an Independent and our nation is “TROUBLE” with the choices we have. For America, this is ABSOLUTELY UNBELIEVABLE!
American Living in Peru
Not really news
This is not news. This is someone’s opinion parading as a news podcast.
Alfr mom of 2
No attempt is made in this podcast to steel-man both sides. This podcast is for those on the far left looking to confirm their previously held beliefs about the world without the dissonance of considering that the other side might be right about important things.
Consistent Unflinching Reporting
Grateful to have a news podcast that doesn’t shy away from telling it like it is.
Clear analysis of current events
I can rely on Intercepted to provide facts in an articulate and fair way. It is a world away from main stream media and podcasts. I learn so much.
Important independent news
Excellent journalism, in-depth interviews, essential and comprehensive coverage.
Fearless journalism.
The podcast deal with the most pressing issues of our time. It is diverges from mainstream news sources and does incredible investigative journalism.
Diana Buttu
“This is Israeli society.” So I’m sure that you would - correctly so - say “Not all Palestinians support what Hamas did on October 7th.” So how can you sit there and make the claim that Israeli society is bloodthirsty and actually wants Palestinians slaughtered while being used by Hamas as human shields. Got it.
Randall Hunt
A Fan Since Episode One
I have been a grateful and enthusiastic listener since this podcast started. It is still the only one of my subscribed podcasts which I have set to download automatically, because I know that I will never want to miss an episode. So glad that Jeremy is back on a regular basis after a long absence where his presence was missed. Keep up the great work, Intercepted team.
Darling Tonia
Fierce and informative
Great podcast and episode for in-depth justice truth seeking journalism. Thank you Jeremy and Team for cutting through propaganda
Cold In Syracuse
TY. Informative show. Rami Khouri would be a great guest to explain the historical background of the current problems in Palestine. Just a thought. Keep up the good work!
Cold In Syracuse
Get Scahill off the podcast
Jeremy is such a blowhard. Great guests with very interesting views that don’t get a chance to talk tbecause Scahill just talks, talks forever.
dede. aly
Great reporting/opinion.
Their stance and reporting on the genocide in Gaza, as well as other issues is excellent. Very dry and analytical, the best form of journalism imo.
Thoughtful reporting.
It takes a great journalist to do great reporting. Jeremy and Moz do both well. When I want insight into the most important issues of the day, Intercepted is where I listen.
It’s Always Better when Murtaza Hussein is NOT doing the Show!
One sentence from Amal Saad brought me to the brink of writing this short review.. I don’t know whether is his abject ignorance or personal enmity towards certain regional powers (particularly Iran) that makes one less enthused about any episode that Murtaza Hussein opines or questions the guests which nine out of ten displays his prejudicial viewpoint right off the bat! But on this episode of January (Where #Amal_Saad and Saleh Kareem were present) I am glad it was Ms. Saad that decided to throw Murtaza’s willful ignorance to his face, asking him to STOP naming every resistance group as #Proxy of this or that, as if those people standing up to the most vicious powers have neither the strong WILL nor the #courage of their own as if l they’re bunch of puppets that are controlled by an evil mastermind! Dear Murtaza, hopefully Ms.Saad thought you a valuable lesson.. please either educate yourself or show your true colors when you’re invited to CNN, Fox or MSNBC to pander their viewpoints!
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reporting on Hamas Israel conflict
Very biased coverage of conflict. Would not recommend to anyone looking for truthful unbiased reporting. I was very disappointed in the conversations.
Excellent show
So refreshing to hear a real analysis without the bias of mainstream media.
Great Journalism
Jeremy and his guest are bringing an in depth analysis of the recent events. Thank you.
Prince Wali
Incredibly helpful reporting
I appreciate the POV of this podcast, as almost all other news sources seem to be parroting Israeli propaganda.
Just tuned into this podcast. Amazing work with so much depth. As I’m listening to your latest episode it gave me pause to know you’d be featuring Tanehisi Coates and his trip to Gaza thru PalFest. Since his piece on reparations I’ve been extremely critical of him and how he framed reparations in relation to Israel. I was so happy to hear how much he’s changed since this important work. I feel redemption that I’ve been hating on him for years about this and he finally acknowledged his mistakes. Keep up the good work and thank you for all you do.
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Vanilla Sheet Cake
Always relevant
For progressives not liberals or conservatives. Listen if you want to learn.
Eww.. 10 min was enough for me
I enjoyed their podcast “American IsIs” which seemed balanced for most part, except the final episode where the host referred to an American isis terrorist who died in Syria a “chill guy” who just wanted to live his life by Islam and suggested American intolerance was the reason he was radicalized. I wanted to hear what else they have to offer but the first 10 min made me sick
Review of Interview of Mairav Zonzsein
I want to open with an apology that my first review of this podcast is a negative one when I’ve listened to every episode for years and have valued the content and reporting immensely. I didn’t intend to write a review, but this interview stuck under my skin. The interview with Mairav came across as apologist. Even allowing Mairav to claim, “the Hamas attack on the 7th could be considered a genocidal attempt” with no pushback from the host on the history of Hamas (and Israeli support for their rise or the self-defense aspect of Palestinians being under occupation and apartheid) or concerns for the actual definition of genocide. Beyond that, giving a platform to a voice speaking to the seemingly mild discomfort of being in Tel Aviv, where bomb shelters exist (even private or semi-private ones it seems according to Mairav?) at a time when such a brutal massacre is occurring in Gaza came across as insultingly tone deaf to the current moment. And lastly I’ll say, Mairav even explicitly said she’s never experienced antisemitism, but is generally concerned about its rise given current events. I don’t think if you’d interviewed a Muslim in the OPT they could possibly say they’ve never experienced discrimination. The focus on an Israeli-American for this episode was a mistake. I have never experienced this kind of outrage and shock at an Intercepted podcast prior and I truly expect better. I’m still giving 5 stars because overall your reporting is invaluable, but I do hope you rethink platforming a voice like this in the future. Apologies for any typos as this was written on a phone. Thank you for taking the time to read my feedback.
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Maeve Ter
Doesn’t seem biased to me
This is the one podcast I can rely on.
Biased reporting
Used to love this podcast. But the biased coverage and misinformation of the war in the Middle East is next level.
Massacre on Israel Soil
How can you give any air time to a terrorist, what kind of answers did you expect, you knew he was going to lie, so why give him an opportunity to place them out in an interview… Shame on you for giving him legitimacy!!
I appreciate the next level, detailed reporting to help me understand all the nuances of the headlines. I especially like the calm demeanor of the host and the lack of histrionics that other podcasts have.
Essential reading, if you want to understand the news
I have found that I must turn in to Intercepted and Deconstructed to really understand what is going on behind the headlines and mainstream news articles. (And of course you get nothing on the legs of MSNBC.) Today, for example, I wanted to learn more about the Niger situation, and found that episode entirely enlightening, as is typical for these podcasts. 100% credible and thorough. Super interesting.
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Scahil’s return to form
The latest episode on the Israeli protests is a must listen. Mairav Zonszein is a true gem.
The Intercept is a psyop
The Intercept has been co-opted by the CIA. Controlled opposition. Where are Snowden’s files? Where is Greenwald? Where is Manning? Where is Reality Winner? Where is ASSANGE? Where does The Intercept’s funding come from? Pierre Omidiyar, a billionaire.
the real raskol
Can you provide more in-depth podcasts? This show is a fresh start, a new beginning for progressive thought in this country and abroad.
Truth 88
Just listened to the podcast on Pakistan. Outstanding! Will listen more in the future.
Scahill is BACK!
I am back to upgrade The Intercept back to 5 stars. The return of Jeremy Scahill has reinvigorated the pod and his laser focus and erudite conversation with guests are the best part of my podcast listening week again. I genuinely can’t think of any other journalist who is able to factually convey such vital history of corruption, abuse of power, and other criminality and show so definitively how it links firmly back into the rotting firmaments of today’s world of failed governments not serving the People. Scahill is a brilliant mind and spellbinding voice of truth and integrity in journalism. The education the listener receives is invaluable and leaves one better equipped to see through the pantomime political figures indulge in daily. Mr. Scahill, please never leave us again. You are the definitive voice of professional, responsible, and truthful journalism for all generations.
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Great Journalism
Excellent podcast from an excellent investigative journalism team. More people should subscribe to their stories.
Learning so much
I always learn something from this Podcast; something that I wouldn't even know how to go about researching or coming acoss on my own. Keep up the good work!
A great look into the Supreme Court, state legislature, and how scary rights and legitimacy are being undermined.
Jordan Smith’s episodes covering the Supreme Court have been fantastic! Great interviews and a fun listen on topics that are so incredibly important to get out to all American citizens. Look forward to more episodes.
Because I’m a white person who went to a PWI, it doesn’t make sense to me that you would choose to not cover affirmative action cases but I guess I’m not the expert :)
Just unlistenable these days
This show was excellent in its inception. I’m not sure where Scahill’s been for the past couple of years but he is sorely missed. Scahill has his obvious biases but he’s charismatic and most importantly, he’s generally correct. The folks who’ve recently come on board in his stead are just intolerably overzealous SJW types and the material no longer inspires me to listen. If I ever get word that Scahill has returned I’ll do so myself, but until then I’m an unsubscriber.
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Perfect Name
“The Intercept” perfect name for an organization whose initial goal was to “intercept” the Snowden Files from making it to the public. You succeeded. 👏
I ❤️ listening
Where is Jeremy?
This podcast turned to mud when they let Glenn Grenwald anywhere near this pod. Bring back Jeremy and jettison Glenn.
magic mikey
Recent podcasts
Recent guests are obviously knowledgeable about whatever subject they are talking about but the editing, hosting and flow have been terrible lately. The 6/25 episode on Roe/Wade/Dobbs was unlistenable. What happened to this pod?
Suman Vellanki
Another sad casualty of Trump Brain
The drift of the politics and journalism presented on this show, I guess mirroring that of its host publication’s top-level editors and the podcast’s own staff, has been quite extreme over the last four or five years and I can only surmise that it’s yet another casualty of Trump Derangement Syndrome. What began as critical independent journalism, by reporters who if not always the smartest always at least had a grounding in shoe-leather reporting and a real perspective on the imperial history of the US, has ended up with a bunch of obvious climbers and careerists regurgitating the Democratic Party’s political messaging about “the January 6th coup attempt” and other such hysterical, ahistoric nonsense. The people who did real reporting and had real politics seem to have departed en masse and what we’re left with is just another liberal hack organ like many others. Unsubscribe!
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