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Russian Propaganda
Jeremy Scahill is a Russian fascism shill. Pure scum. May the victims of the Ukrainian war never forgive him.
handsome glen
Scahill is BACK!
I am back to upgrade The Intercept back to 5 stars. The return of Jeremy Scahill has reinvigorated the pod and his laser focus and erudite conversation with guests are the best part of my podcast listening week again. I genuinely can’t think of any other journalist who is able to factually convey such vital history of corruption, abuse of power, and other criminality and show so definitively how it links firmly back into the rotting firmaments of today’s world of failed governments not serving the People. Scahill is a brilliant mind and spellbinding voice of truth and integrity in journalism. The education the listener receives is invaluable and leaves one better equipped to see through the pantomime political figures indulge in daily. Mr. Scahill, please never leave us again. You are the definitive voice of professional, responsible, and truthful journalism for all generations.
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Back, listening to INTERCEPTED again! 🙌🏼
..And that’s all because of discovering (by accident) that Jeremy Scahill is BACK! Doing what he does BEST: Sophisticated, yet unassuming factual Political analysis based on evidential data and most importantly TRUTH! His BRILLIANT mind, exceptional ability to write the most relevant and concise analysis, discuss/argue his points while respecting others, and finally the best part: his unparalleled delivery (in that Awesome Voice) are ALL amongst the reasons why his return to his brainchild #intercepted is most welcome by his fiercest fans, myself included! To no more (long) hiatuses & MANY years of JEREMY’s analysis & success 🫶🏼✌🏼👍🏼🥂
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Great Journalism
Excellent podcast from an excellent investigative journalism team. More people should subscribe to their stories.
Learning so much
I always learn something from this Podcast; something that I wouldn't even know how to go about researching or coming acoss on my own. Keep up the good work!
A great look into the Supreme Court, state legislature, and how scary rights and legitimacy are being undermined.
Jordan Smith’s episodes covering the Supreme Court have been fantastic! Great interviews and a fun listen on topics that are so incredibly important to get out to all American citizens. Look forward to more episodes.
Because I’m a white person who went to a PWI, it doesn’t make sense to me that you would choose to not cover affirmative action cases but I guess I’m not the expert :)
Just unlistenable these days
This show was excellent in its inception. I’m not sure where Scahill’s been for the past couple of years but he is sorely missed. Scahill has his obvious biases but he’s charismatic and most importantly, he’s generally correct. The folks who’ve recently come on board in his stead are just intolerably overzealous SJW types and the material no longer inspires me to listen. If I ever get word that Scahill has returned I’ll do so myself, but until then I’m an unsubscriber.
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Perfect Name
“The Intercept” perfect name for an organization whose initial goal was to “intercept” the Snowden Files from making it to the public. You succeeded. 👏
I ❤️ listening
Where is Jeremy?
This podcast turned to mud when they let Glenn Grenwald anywhere near this pod. Bring back Jeremy and jettison Glenn.
magic mikey
Recent podcasts
Recent guests are obviously knowledgeable about whatever subject they are talking about but the editing, hosting and flow have been terrible lately. The 6/25 episode on Roe/Wade/Dobbs was unlistenable. What happened to this pod?
Suman Vellanki
Another sad casualty of Trump Brain
The drift of the politics and journalism presented on this show, I guess mirroring that of its host publication’s top-level editors and the podcast’s own staff, has been quite extreme over the last four or five years and I can only surmise that it’s yet another casualty of Trump Derangement Syndrome. What began as critical independent journalism, by reporters who if not always the smartest always at least had a grounding in shoe-leather reporting and a real perspective on the imperial history of the US, has ended up with a bunch of obvious climbers and careerists regurgitating the Democratic Party’s political messaging about “the January 6th coup attempt” and other such hysterical, ahistoric nonsense. The people who did real reporting and had real politics seem to have departed en masse and what we’re left with is just another liberal hack organ like many others. Unsubscribe!
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Always interesting analysis that goes way beyond the superficial.
This is activism not journalism
Shame on you sycophantic cocktail party beltway spook weirdos. Glenn Greenwald was all you ever had
I don't need anything
Loved episode with Dr. Murray on the Ali to leaked decision!!
A Standout
There are only so many topics to discuss and whether I am reading print or listening to podcasts, the goal is to find another layer, a deeper insight or a perspective I can’t find elsewhere. The Intercept is my go-to. This is a no nonsense deep dive into whichever topic they are looking at today. The whole team is superb.
Honest, unbiased and knowledgeable
I find this podcast covers national and international issues without the self-censorship that corporate media practices. Amazingly when my local US house campaign descended into unfounded homophobic allegations, it was the Intercept, not local media, that exposed the Massachusetts ol boy Democrats who orchestrated it.
Hard hitting journalism
Unfortunately the intercept is a rarity nowadays. A media outlet that is willing to look at the hypocrisy of its own government. They aren’t cheerleaders or apologists for the military industrial complex. And they have no problem exposing the horrors committed by them.
Where is Jeremy?
I’ve been listening to this podcast for years. I’ve also been waiting for Jeremy Scahill’s return for (what feels like) years. How long has he been gone again? Last update I remember was them saying they were deciding the future of the show and would be back with an update. Yet, no update ever arrived. The new pieces are interesting, but lack the depth and context the older iteration of the show had. If this is what the show will be from now on, I wish they would say so explicitly. For now, I’ll tune in occasionally but I’ll be listening to Deconstructed regularly instead.
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Where is Jeremy Scahill?
Big fan of podcast but where did Scahill go and when is he coming back? The newer episodes are short and very niche and undeveloped.
ANTIFAs media arm
Once a decent left leaning podcast turned into antifa propaganda. After listening to the episode regarding the Rittenhouse verdict, I found myself surprised (yes surprised) at how bent out of shape they saw the case. No fn nuance to save their own lives. When bringing up Jacob Blake they had the nerve to withhold the fact he was violating a restraining order for sexual assault! This podcast can f itself forever lol. I used to love this podcast but I can’t express how much i despise it now.
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Biased and political
I used to love this podcast. Used to seem pretty thorough and informative when reporting on foreign policy. More and more I find them very misleading and trying to push obviously slanted and political narratives. Doesn’t seem like facts are the main course here. It’s no wonder Greenwald left his own organization after being censored
nov 24 pod
also i am skeptical of the daily caller saying he screwed up the video that wasn’t clear. it’s the daily caller!
When will we stop stretching so thin to protect what CNN says
The latest episode is just garbage regarding the rittenhouse verdict… completely opinion driven and void of facts from the trail. It feels like we are stretching to far to protect a losing narrative. I’m lost, this is trash and not fact based. You are no better than tucker Carlson if you are going to make the case convenient by leaving out or embellishing details of a case that is open and clear and the facts are out there.
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Good show but I miss Scahill
Sad, but now just a corporate mouth piece.
Sad, but now just a corporate mouth piece. There are way better info out there
JimV 1
Let’s get over the coup attempt before we criticize the new administration. Also let’s say the entitled push the elite for certain policies
Can y’all at least delete “with Jeremy Scahill”?
Where’s Jeremy Scahill? Jack Disadoro is a producer, not a voice. Bring back the host please, or at least address where he went?
Public Citizen number 5
Used to be my favorite podcast
Intercepted used to be the first podcast I would listen to whenever a new episode came out. However, it has devolved into Jack D’Isidoro’s personal play space and I cannot understand the speakers anymore. I have a hearing issue and the music he insists on playing over the speaker gets blended in so I cannot make out the words. I brought this basic access issue to his attention and he dismissed it by saying I should just read the transcripts. That is like telling someone in a wheelchair that instead of providing them a ramp, they should just go home and listen to a record. I love the interstitial music but let the speakers speak!
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This needs to be on YouTube! Brilliant and informative wish I could share on social media to those who don’t have access to podcast!
Bollywood Fanatic
When we hired an in home caregiver, she was a full time employee and treated so with a contract, days off, healthcare benefits etc. However, both our gardeners and house cleaners who come once or twice a week, these are part-time employees. However, all of California is an ‘at will’ employment and that provides little job security for us all.
I learn a lot
Terrific journalism in the finest muck-raking tradition. For the moron right, moaning about fair and balanced in these reviews, TRUTH does not involve finding nice things to say about the crooks and charlatans who prop up your twisted world view. Keep rocking it Intercepted.
Propagandists for the planted admin.
Lost its way
Smelling private citizens dirty laundry is a long way from keeping a watchful eye on Big Brother. You’ve lost your way and I won’t go any further with you on this journey. I’m out!
"little brother"
Supporter but where is Syria coverage?
Jeremy, kids and moms and dads need some adversarial journalism. How can Intercepted stand-by while Harken, Mackey, Reed throw them into the waste bin? I realize you can’t change that but stiffen your neck or get out.
Raise a glass today to Sean.
Remember Sean Kealiher
Govin Ra
Great podcast, love it in all its forms. I look forward to the shows and listen immediately after dropping.
Stiv C
Really disappointed in the lack of quality and length in recent episodes. Plus the host has seemingly disappeared and there has been no communication to listers regarding the change. Time to unsubscribe.
SSun 413
Fake news
What a joke.
Ok from time to time
But way too much Antifa sympathizing. And with the whole Glenn Greenwood thing the Intercept has definitely jumped the shark. It shows in the reporting and on this podcast.
Velvet Jones81
Quit playing that idiotic music throughout the show
Really people, you’re artificially amping the emotions of your pieces with the spooky, sad soundtracks. It’s adolescent, manipulative, and irritating. The stories are great; don’t bring down the production quality with the silly weepy music.
Chuckles Marx
Truthful, but at what cost?
I have been a semi-regular listener of this podcast and appreciate the progressive and historical perspectives shared here. The episodes add truthful context to left-leaning policies and politicians, whereas strictly Liberal media are self-aggrandizing and strictly Conservative media are presumptuous at best. However, the truth-telling can be overly ominous, gloomy, and discouraging. Certainly, this is an acknowledgment of the fact that the current state of U.S. domestic and foreign policy is gloomy, but it’s also a critique of how the truth is presented here. Too often, there appears to be no hope or recourse based on how the problems are presented. For example, in the episode “The Democrats’ Long War on Immigrants,” useful historical context is provided, but the “abolitionist view of a world without borders” that Harsha Walia supposedly presents is dedicated only two sentences of a 25 minute episode, and is totally void of a restorative policy discussion or a plan to make that view a reality. I greatly appreciate all that I’ve learned from this podcast, but I knock it down a star because it too often falls victim to the same fear mongering that is present in other media without offering opportunities to be hopeful of the future.
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Greetings from the Left
Screwing Greenwald is Inexcusable
An through with The Intercept’s corp shilling
DER MotorSports
Sort of!
Stop saying “sort of”
Bert Shurch
The episodes with Ruth Wilson Gilmore are gold. Thank you!
Good pod, long and weird intros though
Interviews are good but it’s annoying to skip through like 10 minutes of lame and weird intros to get to it every time
Jeremy N 268
I love it. I just wish it was more timely. Like I want to hear things sooner about what they think! I just listened to the interview with Daniel Jones and his investigation into the CIA torture coverup. I’m in. This was a great interview. Very thorough and informative.
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