Intelligence For Your Life The Podcast
Intelligence For Your Life The Podcast
John Tesh
Hosted by John Tesh and Gib Gerard, 'Intelligence For Your Life' is a weekly, fast-paced discussion delivering the latest cutting edge tactics, tools, and routines for health & wellness, personal development, dating and relationships, fitness, weight management, and sleep. Each episode features timely, curated intelligence along with interviews with PhD's, MD’s, authors and world-class performers. Favorite topics include brain hacks for better memory, most effective morning routines, cutting edge exercise habits, the latest research on getting a better night’s sleep, job hunting intelligence, time-management tricks, first date body language and more.
Don't Pay Retail For College with Andy Lockwood
Our guest this week is Andy Lockwood, independent college admissions counselor. We discuss the recent college admissions scandal, how to get yourself or your kid into the best college, and how to pay as little as possible.
Apr 13
40 min
Quiet Mind Epic Life with Matthew Ferry
Our guest this week is Matthew Ferry, Quiet Mind Epic Life. We talk about the importance of a quiet mind and how to apply the techniques of quieting your mind to achieve an epic life.
Apr 6
45 min
The Self-Employed Life with Jeffrey Shaw
Our guest this week is Jeffrey Shaw, author of the new book The Self Employed Life. We talk about how to apply the entrepreneurial mindset to your life.
Mar 31
46 min
The Primal Method with Gregory Koufacos
Our guest this week is Gregory Koufacos, author of the new book, The Primal Method. We discuss his work with troubled young men and how to apply it to your own life, parenting style and mentoring.
Mar 23
35 min
Relentless Courage with Tana Amen
Our guest this week is Tana Amen, author of the new book The Relentless Courage of a Sacred Child, we talk about her inspiring journey through adversity to a life of joy and peace.
Mar 16
33 min
Eat Smarter with Shawn Stevenson
Our guest this week is Shawn Stevenson, author of the book Eat Smarter. We discuss the importance of our gut bacteria for weight management and the science behind why and how to keep it healthy.
Mar 2
1 hr 4 min
From Habits to Reality with Jen Sincero
Our guest this week is Jen Sincero, author of the new book Bad@$$ Habits. We talk about how to figure out the deepest desire of your heart and develop the habits to turn that into reality.
Feb 9
45 min
Backable with Suneel Gupta
Our guest this week is Suneel Gupta, author of the new book Backable. We talk about how to create an "IT" factor in your own life and what traits make people want to take a chance on you.
Feb 2
47 min
Finding a Sanctuary with Holly Christine Hayes
January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month, so we are ending our month with our guest this week: Holly Christine Hayes, founder and CEO of Sanctuary Project, a nonprofit that provides meaningful employment and job training to women who have survived trafficking. We talk about how to protect your kids from being the target of traffickers and how to help women who have been trafficked.
Jan 26
35 min
Becoming the One with Allana Pratt
Our guest this week is Allana Pratt, author of the book Finding the One is Bull***t. We talk about how finding "the one" is the wrong mindset, but instead doing what you need to do to become the person that you need to be to attract the person you want to be with. We also talk about how to apply these principles to a relationship you already have.
Jan 19
51 min
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