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Andy Wang, Runnymede Capital Management
Masterclass Series: Advanced Watch Collecting Techniques
1 hour 7 minutes Posted May 2, 2024 at 3:00 am.
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Show notes

Welcome to Episode 32 of the Masterclass Series, focused on "Advanced Watch Collecting Techniques." Join us as our expert panelists, Christian Zeron and Tony Traina, thoughtfully discuss the world of horology. Christian Zeron brings a wealth of creative vision from LMFNYC Consulting & Creative, coupled with extensive historical knowledge from Theo & Harris. Tony Traina, from Hodinkee, enhances our discussion with his profound expertise on collectible and vintage watches.

Exploring Advanced Watch Collecting Techniques

"Advanced Watch Collecting Techniques" unveils the complex aspects of watch collecting. Our esteemed guests discuss the technical precision, historical significance, and artistic beauty that define the horology landscape.

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🕒 Episode Insights
  • Turbillion and Gravity Effects on Watch Accuracy: Discussion on how turbillions mitigate gravity's impact on watch accuracy.
  • Personal Watch Preferences of Panelists: Our guests share insights into their personal watch collections.
  • Trends in Watchmaking and Collector Preferences: Examination of current trends influencing collectors and the watch industry.
  • Evaluating Limited Edition Watches: Analysis of what elevates limited edition watches in the collectors' market.
  • Watches as Cultural and Historical Icons: Exploration of watches as markers of cultural and historical significance.
  • Artistic Significance in Watch Collecting: The role of artistic design in the appeal of watch collecting.
  • Impact of Collaboration in Watch Industry: Discussion on how collaborative efforts shape watch design and collectibility.
  • Challenges of Market Accessibility for Collectors: Identification of the barriers collectors face when acquiring rare models.
  • Brand Heritage and Its Impact on Watch Valuation: How a brand's history can enhance its watches' value.
  • Mastering Authentication and Condition Assessment: Strategies for authenticating and assessing the condition of collected watches.
  • Transitioning from Hobbyist to Strategic Watch Investor: Guidance on shifting from collecting as a hobby to strategic investing.
  • Balancing Passion and Investment in Watch Collecting: Tips for managing the emotional and financial aspects of watch collecting.

Deep Dive into Advanced Watch Collecting Techniques

This episode serves as a resource for anyone deeply interested in or currently engaging in watch collecting. The episode not only includes detailed mechanical insights to the broader emotional connections with timepieces, our panelists  also talk about luxury spending trends and the need for personal budgeting.

Join the Conversation

Dive into this comprehensive discussion on "Advanced Watch Collecting Techniques." We welcome your thoughts, questions, or suggestions for future topics. Connect with us and expand your horological knowledge and appreciation through this detailed exploration.

Meet Our Guest Panelists Christian Zeron is the Creative Director and Partner at LMFNYC Consulting & Creative, known for his strategic vision and deep-rooted expertise in luxury watches. He began his illustrious career at Theo & Harris, an educational and entertainment hub in the horology sector.   Tony Traina is a leading editor at Hodinkee, specializing in the niche of collectible and vintage watches. His background as a corporate attorney combined with his passion for horology provides a unique perspective to our discussion.