Inspiration for the Nation with Yaakov Langer
Inspiration for the Nation with Yaakov Langer
Living Lchaim
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just a guy learning vocabulary
Thank you Naftali for your wonderful music! Your English is really great!
MS-RN 26
Best podcast!
Love love love your podcast! I’m so happy u finally interviewed Baruch Levine! I was waaaaaaitttinnnnggg for that! Thanks so much for your awesome podcast! Keep up the fantastic work!
Love ur podcast!
Fantastic Podcast
Thank you for inspiring and teaching. And for sharing content that just keeps getting better and better! Hatzlacha Raba!!
Shidduch “crisis”
The fear tactics are unnecessary. Conflating a non violent societal issue with the Holocaust is wrong on so many levels. Very disappointed with the tone, the content, and the message. These are real people with real feelings. They need encouragement. The negativity is unnecessary. Do better. Be better.
Savannah Grace 👸
This was inspiring
The more I listen to this podcast I become more disenchanted with it. The host has these preconceived expectations and stereotypes that are so not prevalent or true and he repeats them every so often. How about ask the guest all these questions instead of being surprised when he dismisses it out of hand.
Ashi from monsey
Love this Podcast
Thank you for this incredible podcast week after week! I wait for the new episodes to come out which are always original, inspirational and uplifting! Much Hatzlacha
Lakewood Follower
WOW R’ Yakov Danishevsky
I just listened to this pod and I feel elevated, inspired, and uplifted. Here’s my takeaway: ‘what you get out of a relationship is the relationship itself’. Keep going Yaakov & Yakov!!
Republican passionate listener
Loved it!
Really enjoy listening
Thank you!
Yaakov Langer needs to drop the word “like” in every other word
Even as I listen to his interview with Shmueli Unger who has a thick accent, he is so articulate and uses nice high level vocabulary while Langer as a podcaster struggles constantly using fillers “ like” or “ you know”
Great podcast with great and useful information. Keep the good work!
Awesome podcast
A gold moutain
Bob Hough
Please upload the video version on podcast . By far the best podcast kicks other the ones on the market by a long shot
ואהבת לרעך כמוך
It is a pasuk in parshas kedoshim and is a Mitzva, see ramban
gr8 pod
This hits home
I’m a Jewish 26 year old girl who was born with a rare disability. I’ve been thinking about myself finding someone who would be willing to go out with me. But you know what I don’t care what people say about me dating. If it’s meant to be then it’ll be.
Yaakov is amazing I love listening to these episodes !! Thank you!!
Wow. Kudos!! Fav pod
Shimmy Kanner
Wow! I have absolutely no words! Yaakov, you should be gebenched! Each episode is so thought provoking and meaningful and really makes an impact on me! Thank You
What a great podcast!!! Wow! Real inspiration
Loved this last episode from Russia ♥️♥️ Rostov Rabbi had such great stories
Great podcast, but do not take ads from jowma they get paid to promote things like the COVID shmax.
Yackov does it again I’m just wowed so special!! It’s bringing me to tears 😢
Super enjoyable podcast. Yaakov feels like such a natural interviewer and his guests are incredible people. Thank you!
Yaakov, you are incredible at what you do. Keep it up!
True inspiration - relatable
Real life stories and real life people who teach you so much about life and turning experiences into Growth opportunities. Love how much depth there is in the content here.
Awesomee 231
Truly Inspirational!
These podcasts are gold you will enjoy every minute of it!!
Yaakov is really special
The Langers in general are super talented, as someone who grew up a block from them- I just never knew just how gifted they are. Yaakov is really unbelievable, I started traveling a lot and I make sure not to get on a plane without ensuring his podcast is downloaded. I really enjoy his guests and the questions are super smart. Kudos!
Yaakov Langer Does it Again
I discovered this podcast a few weeks ago and am hooked. Yaakov does a great job finding highly inspiring and impressive people, and facilitating the conversation in the right way to draw out lessons and anecdotes in a real way. I’ve learned so much already and am excited to see what else is down the pike.
Love the content, always entertaining and full of substance!
Worth your time to listen
Authentic and real!
Awesome and heart-warming podcast
Jack Langer’s podcasts are great, they keep me entertained and provide great food for thought for my long car rides
I love listening to Yaakov Langer’s Inspiration for the nation podcasts. They are informative and inspiring! Sharon Klestzick
Sharon Klestzick
Super inspiring
I could listen to this show for hours.
משיח בן אשר
Best Podcast - Highly recommended
For all cultures in the world, this podcast is a must listen!
Getting higher and higher
A truly special person interviewing truly special people. I love it.
A chossid
The best
pinny 0657
Just listened to the Lipa Shmeltzer interview and wow! So inspiring
Yaakov Langer always gives us the best content
Nails it
Yaacov is the master of finding fascinating and inspiring people, and curating beautiful conversations with them.
Ah Pashiter Yid
Best pod
My fav show
libby d 1979
Great Podcast!
Always interesting and inspirational. Great guests and host. Highly recommended!!!!
Very inspirational (and funny)
I found myself crying throughout these episodes because of how inspirational they were. Surprisingly I also found myself laughing alot. Yaakov is really funny
Keep on inspiring and making us Smile!!
Yaakov… Much continued success in all your creativity Together with your wife Gitta & adorable son!! You’re talented and so enjoy watching & listening to all your podcasts!! Best of all… A close friends of our boys are close friends of ours… And you called me MOM…WOW!!
I can’t wait for the episode to drop!!!
Truly Inspiring
By far the best podcast out there. the Langers put out out a bunch of podcasts, but this one stands out. Tremendous interviews with really inspiring guests. If you have a few minutes check this out. You will not regret it.
Abraham Lincoln Woods
Ear Candy
This podcast is great. Easy to listen to. Humorous yet serious. Always a great personality being interviewed. Yaakov does a great job as host.
Du dupe
The most amazing podcast
If a person really wants to better him or herself sometimes by listening by example no better place to do that then with Yaakov Langer’s podcasts. They are interesting, fun and educational.
abba moish
Epic podcast!
As a podcast host myself I’m amazed by Yaakov’s ability to create Authentic, interesting and fun conversations with his guests. Self care starts here with this podcast.
Meir Kay
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