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Enjoy the podcast, but don't like hearing the “f” word, Emily. So you think it makes you sound cool?? Wonder what your parents think....
A Middling March
After hearing Joe plod through his second (or was it third?) application of the ‘no vs. some “there” there’ trope, and finding myself irritated with Emily’s flattish delivery and standard-issue observations, I determined the remainder of my morning would be better spent practicing rare bird calls, despite expressions of disapprobation by our cat. After all, that’s only his opinion, and I’ve got mine.
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Faustian Bargain Basement
Thank you to Emily Jane Fox
You two are the best. Your podcasts have meant a great deal to me during this period of isolation and restriction. Am a loyal listener. Katie Chambers Haskins
mohawk street
How the mighty have fallen
How did we go from Bob Iger and Prof. G to talking about Trump (every week) and reality TV. Today’s episode proved that this showed is steeped in only wanting to be about sensationalism and tabloid fodder. I’m packing prior to Bess Levin becoming the next host and taking this dumpster fire to the next level.
I enjoy your podcast, always engaging and interesting! I wish you were on daily!😊
Liberal Bubble Podcast
These people are quite bright and pleasant, however, they are so subsumed in progressive politics that they’ve become very predictable and boring. How Emily Jane could even stand to be in the presence of a sleaze like Michael Cohen is beyond belief. Nevertheless, I like her.
Emily Jane Fox, Joe, and Michael Cohen please do a podcast show TOGETHER. Would be sooooo good!
Enough about Trump already
I used to like this podcast, but it’s become the Trump show. There are other topics and activities going on in the US and the world.
5 stars
Look forward to each one.
Emily Jane Fix
Please limit your time to Social Society. Referencing “things” in regard to law and politics is stunningly annoying.
Great Podcast
Conversation with AG Josh Shapiro was inspirational. Love hearing how our Democracy held with the hard work of true Patriots.
A Wondernugget of a Podcast
I have been listening to Inside the Hive for months now and it has not only kept me informed on the latest insanity coming out of the White House, it has also given me great insight and even glimmers of hope. The interviews and conversations are frank, honest, eloquent, sometimes funny, and always heartfelt. This show has been my anchor during the reign of He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named. And I know it will continue to be as the history of our beleaguered nation unfolds. I am so grateful for this show! Mira Bartok
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Mira Bartok
A weekly favorite
I look forward to the weekly podcasts, especially now that its difficult to gather with friends Its like meeting with my friends again and visiting with a new one every week I enjoy both Joe and Emily
jon 100001
Darn , Vanity Fair
Came across a podcast I was interested in listening too, then noticed it was Vanity Fair. Why listen to a podcast that’s full of fake news and falsehoods .
gleeson is a loser
Emily Jane Fox
Please limit your discussions about your birthday, charities - it’s nice, but I would prefer more interview, less of you- no offense
Too bad
Too much talking, go to the point.
Please, Jump Right In
I like this podcast, but I don’t love it. It is not a “must listen.” Only if the topic really interests me am I willing to listen to a 10 minute introduction of the hosts talking about their lives. My favorite podcasts limit introductory chatting to about 3 minutes, max. These folks need to learn “Let’s jump right in.”
The moderators
Many interesting guests like Jake Tapper, but Joe Hogan’s obsequious talking around every subject and question drives me nuts.
Was much better with Nick Bolton as host
The current team is pleasant enough but pretty pedestrian. I used to listen no matter who was the guest but now only listen selectively.
Very good
This is not just a rehash. They discuss aspects of the big stories you haven’t thought of yet.
Sunny side of the street
This episode is the most hopeful bit of encouragement I’ve received in so long. Treat yourself to a moment at the end by listening to the song!
I really wish you both would remember to meet people where they are. The latest podcast was so alienating. If you want to bring real change, you need to really take a look at why Trump appeals to some people. Of course you clarified your statements by saying we aren’t saying people are ignorant, but with that statement we all know that’s exactly what you were saying. As someone who works to bridge divides, I’m disappointed. Because we aren’t really coming together, this cycle is going to continue.
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Dulce de leche
If shows were food this one would be Dulce de leche. Listening to Emily’s soothing voice is like have a deep massage. Tension knots gradually unwind as she shares her thoughts. Good interviews, the one with Stuart Stevens was great! Maybe future ones could look at government ‘checks and balances’ and how close to that ragged edge did we really get? The only downside was where Emily shared that she doesn't vote on ethical grounds! The soothing dulce de leche suddenly turned to broken glass. Emily please please vote! Or at least get an guest on your show who can explain to you why your wrong not to vote. (That’d be kinda fun show).
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Fighting the good fight...
If I have to listen to Fox talk about her fiancé one more time.... smh With that said anyone who is trying to speak truth to power right now are true heroes in every sense of the world and word.
Today with Jon Lovett was Exceptional
Thanks for this incredible episode!!! As one who is obsessed with the Spelling Bee, please reveal on the average how long itbtakes your Bee Cult to complete the puzzle! BB in Denver
My Friday ritual
I love waking up on Fridays!!! I grab my coffee and I buckle up for a great time with Emily and Joe. Thank you so much for your great work!
Congressional Democrats
I have subscribed to Vanity Fair since 1984. I have listened to the podcast since Nick Bilton was started doing it. I have seen Emily Jane Fox on MSNBC and supported her book. I have seen her “have her moment in the sun.” The jab about the discipline of congressional Democrats remark really hit me in the gut since a transnational crime syndicate has run out of the WH for four years. Do you think it will be ten years before we discuss all the treason? Democrats don’t know what to do. Why should they? And why are they the saviors. Frankly it is patriots and traitors right now. I am very turned off.
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Yes. You ARE therapy
Thank you so much for your reporting. When I’m about to feel completely overwhelmed by the constant stream of horrors coming from DT and his cronies, I find your conversations and analysis helps me to find some context and enough perspective to catch my breath. Many thanks
Please bring back Nick. Not getting much value or entertainment out of the new hosts.
New hosts
New hosts are not good, it seems as if there is no prep or they are just shooting off the hip when they chat...I’m interested in learning (maybe something you researched for an article?) not your uninteresting takes on life. Unsubscribed.
Bring Back Nick
This podcast has lost a lot of quality - both that of interview content and general audio quality. The energy level is lower, the interviews less compelling and the latest episode sounded like Emily was in a different room than her microphone. Unsubscribing and moving solely to Pivot.
I Love EJF - Bring back Nick Bilton
I love The Hive. Dedicated listener. But come on, Nick Bilton! Please come back permanently! Emily Jane Fox you are awesome. Always loved when you were a guest and now it’s nice to hear you every week.... not a fan of Joe... sorry. I will always be a fan of the show but just not the same passion for it without Nick B.
Love this!
Loving MJF is so delightful
Could be better
Emily Jane Fox is a terrible host- her voice is annoying and her material is unfocused
Thank you for your brilliant work!
Thank you for this update. The level of blatant corruption is tragic for our country. Please keep your voice loud! Thank you very much.
Emily Jane Fox should be the only host
Joe Hagen and Nick Bilton: To have a good podcast, you need a good voice (good delivery) in addition to good content. No one wants to listen to someone stammering, stuttering and basically taking 30 seconds to say something that can be said in 5 seconds. Because of you two, I never listened when Nick was hosting and I rarely listen today. You need to up your game. Not everyone behind a microphone can do a successful podcast.
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Bring Back Nick Bilton
This used to be one of my favorite podcasts. Nick Bilton has such enthusiasm, he’s a joy to listen to. Now the podcast is simply boring. Joe Hagan puts me to sleep.
this used to be a great podcast
I’m updating my review on June 27th. I decided I’d look to see who was hosting this week and who the guest was and decided to give one more week a chance. I am still so utterly disappointed and disgusted with EJF’s interview with Nunberg and her gushing over him. Nunberg is despicable. I almost always enjoy Nick’s shows, even with Emily on, but with the immense amount of great podcasts, I will delete this again the minute Nunberg is on again or anyone like him and if Emily can’t interview with a lot more substance. I am a long time listener and when Emily Fox took over I thought, ok, I’ll give it a try, but each week it got harder. After yesterday’s horrible podcast and with her gushing over Sam Nunberg I am deleting this podcast and taking my time to write this review. I find Sam Nunberg to be disgusting and Fox’s gushing over him nauseating. Thank you to Nick Bilton for the last number of years, but this podcast is dead.
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Bring Back Nick!!!
Joe. Lacks. Passion. And interesting opinions. With Nick, I would’ve give the podcast a 5-star rating.
Needs another revamp
Aw man this podcast is declining fast. The interviews are meandering, the new hosts seem really inexperienced, the guests are questionable. That unfettered Sam Nunberg diatribe was an off the record/background gossip dump, not a serious interview for air. Sorry....there’s too many good podcasts in the world to spend valuable time on this one.
Curious About.......
Gag, Nunberg, you could have interviewed me; retired grandma in Pittsburgh for the same info he spewed.
Thanks for making me dumber
Terrible interview of a terrible guest
Delectable Matt Revie
How could you?
Very disappointing that you would give time to that coked up self promoting Sam Numberg. He & trump have so much in common. Had to shut him down half way through, made absolutely no sense.
Brett Goldsmith
Sam Nunberg
Horrible interview. Or was it a soapbox for Sam Nunberg to proclaim his genius? Unchecked.
Completely one sided
I am listening to multiple sides of the media. Your initial guest explained her view with intelligence and passion. Although I don’t agree with all she stated, my mind opened to many of her arguments. Your second guest had only one objective. To discredit as many people as she could name. Her argument felt like a spoiled little girl who wasn’t getting her way. So she’s going to make everyone she disagrees with suffer. It’s not an argument with details and constructive criticism. It’s just finger pointing. Your host simply perpetuated her whinnying and not once challenged her statements. Shame on you.
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I Miss Nick!
I have great respect for Emily Jane Fox and Joe Hagan, but neither one has the wit and charisma of Nick, which is so disappointing. I’ve always enjoyed the banter between Ms. Fox & Nick and think she’s now the bright spot. But poor Joe—he is just not a polished radio interviewer. I’ll stick with it for a while longer to see if it gets better. But this show going to the bottom of the pile if it doesn’t improve.
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My Favorite Podcast
Previous review: I love the variety of guests and topics. I consider myself to be well informed but with this podcast I am learning so much about topics that I had no idea were important and impactful on our world. I enjoy the way he (Nick) weaves together issues such as the environment, technology, government, politics and others in such a brilliant way that you begin to see the interconnectedness of all these really complex issues. My favorite podcast by far. I wish there was a new episode every day!
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What’s up?
I have listened to every episode of this podcast and see that you have replaced Nick Bilton. Although I am certain that you had very considered reasons for this change, I must say that Bilton carried the show with charisma and charm. I believe that your new hosts are fine as interviewees providing desired information on current issues but do not have the personable cache that Bilton has. I regret this change. As they will most likely improve over time, I found the delivery of this most recent episode lacking in passion and panache. So there. But contrary to the other responses on Chris Matthews, I found his experience applied to his take on our present to be fascinating. I listened to it twice because of the content. Also, agree with the review that stated that the guy who interviewed chris Matthews was less than stellar. Again as above, Nick was the effervescent zip and I’m no longer engaged the way that I was. He was the podcast. The podcast is now humdrum. Signed a visual artist and a New Yorker
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May 8
What a crash and burn of an episode. You all sound like republicans.
Where’s Nick?!!
Wow. This pod went from an entertaining, smart listen to something that has the same tone as In the Limelight. Not good. And ugh...the uptalk.
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