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Inside the Disney Vault
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One of my favorites
This show is truly funny and a great binge distraction during Covid-19. I love hearing the deep dives into these movies, plus it gives me an excuse to rewatch all of my favorites and check out a few movies I've missed. Rachel is legit funny, nerdy, and delightful. I love when she goes off on a tangent about the disney parks or cruises, or working for freeform.
For Disney Fans
This show is awesome for Disney fans. Love Oscar’s laugh!
The hosts are so much fun. Disney is the perfect distraction. Thank you!!
TV fan this name is taken
TY for the Covid binge listen
Came here from newcomers and am OBSESSED! I’ve been absolutely binging while working from home and this consistently makes me laugh out loud. I especially love the bad movies and oscars reactions but also love when y’all have the same opinions as me!! Ty for bringing me joy in these times
Love the pod love the vibes
Yes thank you for this pod. Binge town.
The perfect Disney lover’s podcast!
Love this pod so much! Just started listening from the first episode and my husband and I are slowly watching along (shoutout to Disney+ for making this so much easier). Love the three hosts and their diff personalities and perspectives blend together great. Thanks for an amazing podcast!
I love listening to these three chat about Disney movies and basically re-living my childhood is exactly the comfort I need in these trying times! I’m plowing through episodes so fast!
Samantha Heller
You’re simply the best!
Better than all the rest (Disney podcasts)!!!
Just the podcast I’ve been looking for! I’ve been wanting something new to listen to plus I am pretty obsessed with Disney (since I was a little kid during the Disney renaissance AKA the 90s) so this checks off my boxes for what I want in a podcast. Plus Oscar, Rachel and Clare bring in the perfect amount of humor about these movies and shows. Would highly recommend to anyone who grew up a Disney kid like me.
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Got here from newcomers. I didn’t realize you could podcast at the level of energy my life is but apparently you can and this is it. All the stars.
tabitha barrs-albeitton
So I first heard of you today listening to newcomer, then you said you started watching every single animated Disney movie and then you started on Disney Channel movies I started one can of worms loved it keep up the good work I will continue to elicit a new listener. PS then you started talking about goop from ghost rider and power rangers, my wig dropped I’m definitely listening got a long-time listener new fan
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xcxcxcxvxv not my name lol
Disney lovers must listen!
I love this podcast! Whether your a classic animated fan, Pixar fan or even just a fan of the DCOM this podcast is for you!
Love it!
Such a fun podcast! Love hearing Claire's fun facts and Rachel's great knowledge of the parks. And Oscar's laugh makes me smile everytime! :)
favorite podcast!
i love disney stuff and i absolutely love this podcast! oscar, rachel, and claire are so charming and fun and it always makes my day better! i love all the tattoo times and imagineering w/ rachel. the facts are always interesting and listening to the podcast is both entertaining and educational, but not too educational, which i like. keep making more episodes!
i wamt to be anonymous plz
These three are the perfect podcasting trio. They are down to earth on some of their hot takes and also have a love for the Disney movies with a genuine curiosity and knowledge about the parks. Clare singing, Oscar laughing and Rachel’s humor are always a highlight to each episode. I find listening to them offers a level of comfort like hanging out with old friends. Such a good dose of fun to every morning commute.
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Jacob Bean13
Love These Three And All They Have To Say
I am so happy that I heard Oscar plug this podcast on another podcast. I knew I needed more Oscar in my life but did not realize I was missing out on the amazingness of Clare and Rachel. I started listening to this during Quarantine and it has become my Comfort Cast. I have been binging and falling even more in love with the hosts and their discussions. It’s led me to rewatch so many old favorites I haven’t seen in years. I feel like I have three new best friends and it’s amazing. Much needed right now, love everything about this ❤️
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Escapism at its best
If you grew up with Disney and hold any special memories to its films then this is your podcast. I discovered it about a year ago and have binged for 3 seasons now. At a time when life can feel heavy, this helps pulls me out of it. The hosts are a great combo of varying Disney knowledge providing 3 distinct viewpoints. They manage to hit interesting facts while keeping it fun and flowing. They’re genuine and shine at being themselves reminding you it’s cool to embrace your inner uncool kid and make you want to join right into the conversation. Keep it going guys!
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Fan of the Vault
Delightful Disney Binge Companions
After Disney+ was released, I was needed a podcast for my journey down memory lane. Well, I hit the mother load. Love these three funny people and I never learned so much Disney history. Watching every movie along with them makes my workday fly by!
So entertaining and I love when they sing. Can’t wait for the album, gang!
Andrea Shapiro
Almost 100% Magical
The Good: I’ve been through about 7 episodes and truly adore this podcast! The analysis is light and fun and the structure of each episode is well organized. There aren’t any dead moments! Not-so-good: The hosts do a great job engaging with each other, but I find myself getting frustrated with Rachel. She doesn’t really add anything substantial like the other hosts do. Of the episodes I’ve listened to, she mainly says how much she likes the movie and then shares the plot after another host has already explained it. It seems like she’s unprepared. I don’t think the negative should deter you from listening. It really is a great podcast, especially if you start with your favorite movies!
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This podcast is truly the best!! It’s my favorite and I am always listening and re-listening! The hosts are so fun and easy to connect with, so it always feels like I’m with friends when I listen. They’ve inspired me to start my own journey into watching all the Disney movies now that Disney+ has made it more feasible! I’m definitely more of a parks girl, but it’s great to just be immersed in all facets of Disney. I look forward to listening every time a new episode is posted and hope the podcast will continue (support it on Patreon!!) for years to come! ✨
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Great Podcast For Adult Disney Fans
Listening to this encouraged me to renew my Disneyland annual pass and to watch all the films in order, despite how painful a few are. I appreciate the way they honor animators and voice actors, in addition to not skipping past the dark side of Walt and his company. I will say that your favorite films will not necessarily be your favorite episodes. Do yourself a favor and listen to them in order. You’ll be surprised at what you’ll discover. Personally I had to skip the episodes when Disney took a dip after the Lion King, then caught Lilo and Stitch and skipped again till Tangled. Outside of not wanting to relive that era, I’d say this is a pretty informative and entertaining podcast.
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Best Disney Movie Podcast!
I love this podcast so much! I love all the hosts and the little segments they each do. Now that I have Disney+ I'm on my second listen-through as I follow along with the movies and it makes it even more fun! If you listen to the first few episodes and aren't into it, keep listening! It takes a few episodes before they start to get into the swing of things and get to more interesting movies, but once they do this podcast is so interesting and hilarious! I can't wait to see where they keep going from here!
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💯 Charming
I would listen to Mouseketeers review everything! They are so charming, funny, and offer interesting insights. I started at the beginning and have been watching the movies in order and then listening the podcast. It’s the best!
I love the concept, but the execution is way off for me. Some of the guest hosts have been funny, and I like the tattoo segment in each episode. But a little more research would go a long way, and it's really boring to constantly hear how racist some movies are and how "craaaaaazzzyyyy" some characters are. A lot of the info they give is misinterpreted or flat-out wrong. After listening to the "Sword in the Stone" episode, I wasn't sure I would continue downloading this podcast because it was so poorly done. If you've never read the book, don't act like you know the story. Here's a clue: Sword in the Stone is King Arthur's origin story leading up to him becoming king. Plus I automatically distrust anyone whose favorite Disney movies include Hercules and Peter Pan.
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Fresh As Daisies
I’ve found my tribe
Thanks to Oscar’s appearance on Nicole Byer’s “Why Won’t You Date Me?” his quick mention of his “Disney podcast” made my ears perk up and I quickly went and listened to the first episode and binged the entire series in a few short weeks so I could catch up! Rachel is my Disney geek spirit animal, Clare always has the fun facts and Oscar is just along for the ride and discovering so many movies he had never seen before. So great re-living all my favorite movies through new eyes and the episodes that have the hosts gushing usually have me rewatching the movie and then laughing at new observations they made during the episode. Can’t wait to see where else the vault leads!
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A Good Disney Film
This is a pretty good Disney movie podcast. Right now they are reviewing the Pixar movies, which is great since the other Disney podcast I listen to is still reviewing the Disney animated films. There are times during the podcast when I tune out, but I love Oscar's "Tattoo Time" segment and "Imagineering With Rachel".
Rachel is the best!
I just love listening to Rachel. She is so funny and knows so much about Disney. She is the BEST!
A must listen for Disney fans!
I’m a huge disnerd and when I listen to Inside The Disney Vault, I feel like I’m listening to my friends talk about my fave movies and theme parks! I get excited whenever a new episode is released.
You’ve got a FAN in me!
These 3 hilarious hosts and their guests take me on a nostalgia journey through all the Disney and Pixar films I have loved over the years. By the end of each episode I always feel like my brain is glowing as it absorbs wildly fun facts and trivia, genius ideas for imagineering, and visuals that are charming enough to become tttttttattoos. Thanks for making this show, for letting me join your José Carioca fan cult, and for Oscar’s stunning rendition of “I AM MOANA”, which I wish could be my ringtone. See ya in the vault!
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Start from the Beginning!
I heard about this podcast from another podcast. I started from the very beginning and it is amazing. It’s allowed me to go back to some of my favorite, and not so favorites, and relive them. Also with the “bear necessities” segments I learn a lot about the history of the film. If you want to learn about Disney films and all their secrets this is the podcast for you!
Best. Podcast. Ever.
I truly adore these three people and their amazing podcast. I’ve listened to many Disney related podcasts and this is the only one that I have stuck with. There’s so many amazing and iconic episodes that I have listened to over and over because of just how much fun they are, it feels like I’m hanging out with a group of fellow “disnerds” just talking about Disney. Thank you to Clare, Oscar, and Rachel for making my commutes to work (or just hanging out at home) so much more enjoyable!
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Yes please!
I had just finished buying every Disney Animation Studios movie when I discovered this podcast existed and it made my adventure through all of them all that much more enjoyable (aside from Victory Through Air Power.) I love these guys so much and even if you’re not big into Disney they do a great job at explaining and analyzing them all. I recommend them to everyone. Thank you guys so much.
Love love love!!
This group is golden! I love going through each movie with them, so fun!
so so so so good especially for disney lovers
The three hosts are incredibly funny, each bringing something different to the table. Right now, they are going through Pixar movies. i grew up more with pixar than i did Disney, so listening to the new episodes brings a welcome wave of nostalgia.
Alex Hompesch
Great Podcast
I love listening to the Inside the Disney Vault podcast! Oscar, Rachel and Clare are so great to listen to! They make it fun and I always look forward to the next episode! Keep Up the Good Work!!!
Facts + Fun!
I’ve always loved Disney, but never listened to a Disney-related podcast – until now! The hosts of Inside the Disney Vault give you both the light-hearted fun of a comedy movie podcast, as well as the facts and history of a more factual one! It’s the perfect listen for anyone even a little bit interested in Disney.
A Magical Podcast
Growing up as a Disney Fan, I absolutely love this podcast! They have brought up things I’ve never noticed in a Disney movie before and I love that they talk about the parks! One of my favorites!
Nikki Jane L
Best Disney Podcast
As a huge Disney fan I have to say THANK YOU SO MUCH! The whole gang does the best job at delving into each movie in the vault and giving in-depth analysis, facts, and great jokes. It alway s makes my day better when a new episode comes out!
Love Disney
I love Disney (and the theme parks) and thoroughly enjoy listening to these three friends watch and discuss the movies in order. I haven’t watched the older movies from my childhood in many years and now I am going to have to dive in again. Keep up the good work
Oscar’s Laugh
I live for it.
Love it!
Just found the podcast and I love it! I feel like I’m watching these movies with friends! I love hearing everyone’s take on the Disney animated movies. Favorite segments are tattoo time with Oscar, Imagineering w/ Rachel, & bear necessities w/ Claire. The guest are all fun! My only little note is if Rachael would talk about film recognition in parks around the world? Thank you for this podcast 5 stars!!!!
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Love this podcast!
My wife and I love Disney movies and love listening to this podcast together! We've had a great time re-watching older movies and then listening to the podcast episode afterwards. Looking forward to more episodes in the future!
J Joines
Love It
As a connoisseur of both Disney animation and the theme parks, I feel like this podcast was made just for me. Funny, smart, relatable hosts. Hope they cover the Pixar catalog next!
Great Idea, Awful Execution
What a great idea! Right!? Talking about every animated Disney movie! Alright, I'm hooked! BUT then we meet the three hosts... Wow are they rough to listen to. Claire is the easiest of the three but you may as well Google whatever movie they are watching and the top facts that come up are basically everything that Claire talks about. Oscar is funny but he goes on these cringy tangents about race and politics... Get off your high horse! No one wants to hear about your political beliefs, we come to listen about the movies. Also, you're lucky if he's even seen the movie once. Most of these movies he hasn't seen before. Rachel... She's definitely the toughest to listen to. She is basically the child that you can't bring anywhere. She has a very whiny voice and needs to feel validated. She will constantly repeat herself over and over again, talking over anyone until they acknowledge whatever it is she has said. The guests they bring on are one of two things. They're either a woman or a gay man. Alternating between the two. Like we get it, you hate men. But come on, get a little variety occasionally switching it up and having a straight white man on the show will not kill you! As the title states, great idea but awful execution!
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Vault Disney
I am so incredibly grateful for Oscar, Rachel, and Clare for taking me along the journey of Disney from 1937 until today! I recently began a job that requires me to drive a pretty far distance and the only reason I’m surviving is because of these three Diz-nerds who feel like my best friends. This podcast is a great listen if you are even remotely interested in Disney. We all have a little secret Disney fan inside of us and we all connect to different movies from the canon. Through their exploration of all 56 films, you soon become obsessed with Disney and want to talk about it with anybody who will listen. The only problem with the podcast is that you don’t have Oscar, Rachel, and Clare in person to talk about everything! They are incredibly gracious, passionate, and intelligent hosts. Their guests are fantastic, hilarious, and offer a lot of insight. Give this a listen!! I recommend starting with a few of your favorite movies and then starting from the beginning!
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Inside The Disney Vault is crazy entertaining
I’m in my 40s and I LOVE listening to Oscar, Rachel, and Clare. Oscar, your laugh is awesome. Every episode makes me laugh out loud. Your insights are relevant and hysterical at the same time. I’ve been a Disney fan since I was a kid. Talking with you guys would be such a hoot. Keep up the work. You’re doing a great job!
Enjoy it, but...
I have really enjoyed this podcast, but please fix your microphones or edit sound in post. Claire is always hard to hear and Rachel’s mic is always louder than the others. Guests are always difficult to hear.
So good for binging!!
Entertaining and way better for the soul than listening to another murder mystery podcast, amirite?
Under-Researched, whiney
Casual young people - give it a go. Do you like pointing out every instance where traditional roles have changed in the past 80 years? Valley girl voices? You like? Try it. Film fan? Don't bother. Sloppy and grating.
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